5 Ways to Easily Stretch Sneakers

Signs When You Need To Stretch

Your sneakers. Easy, you don’t have to stretch. We are talking about looking out for the signs when your brand new pair of sneakers needs to be stretched. After getting a new pair of sneakers, you might want to wear them right away. We’d be surprised if you didn’t want that.

Bunched Toes. After working really hard you finally decide to treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers you just online. You wait for the next few days for your sneakers to arrive so you can wear them the next weekend with your friends! After a long wait, you finally get your sneaker and you give a trial.

So, when you wear your new pair of sneakers you feel like your toes are bunched together in one place, that’s a sign. You need to stretch your sneakers to get rid of this issue otherwise your toes are going to hurt till you kick them off and walk home barefoot the next weekend.

Save yourself from such a nuisance and deal with the problem now because it can be fixed. No need to return these shoes. 

Blisters. If you notice any sort of blisters or new bruises after wearing your new pair of sneakers, then that’s another sign for you to stretch your brand new sneakers. To prevent getting new bruises and rely on sandals, Do not wear those sneakers again before you stretch them! 

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How Do I Stretch My Sneakers

The reason behind these signs are clear, your new pair of sneakers need a bit of stretching. In order to get your toes to be in their natural state, you can try some of the commonly taken measures when it comes to stretching sneakers. So, without further ado, let’s get into all the details before you say goodbye to blisters-

When it comes to shoes, the sizes and their measurements vary from one brand to another. You might face problems in finding the right shoe size for you. In most cases, people land different sizes of shoes i.e smaller ones. 

Fun fact: Stretching shoes can actually add some space from a quarter to half size!

Even though the sizes of sneakers are limited and identical from one to another, the sizes of feet are not limited. It is widespread that your newly bought pair of sneakers or any other type of shoe won’t fit the way Cinderalla’s glass heels fit her. To avoid the discomfort from the tightness of your feet, you must stretch your sneakers. 

1. Walk While Wearing Them

It is one of the easiest ways to stretch sneakers. If you feel uncomfortable wearing them at first for being too tight then. Wear them at home and walk for an hour. The consecutive movements might loosen the shoes and your sneakers will stretch up to a quarter inch. 

Make sure you walk wearing the pair of shoes on a rug or carpet. If you still feel discomfort wearing those shoes, you might have to return them. So, it’s better to avoid getting any dirt in your shoes. 

2. Hair Dryer Time

You might be thinking this is some crazy 5-minute craft idea that will lead to an epic fail but believe us, it actually works out. All you need to do is, get two pairs of socks and a hairdryer.

Put on two pairs of socks on each toe. Then wear your sneakers. Now carefully check the place where your toes feel too tight. Then blow-dry those spots for 20-30 seconds (not more than that). This will add some space.

Note that, if your path gets blocked or becomes too congested for your toes to fit in due to wearing double layer socks, just wear one. This is one of the most effective ways to stretch sneakers.

3. The Zip Lock Hack

Here is another way to stretch your brand new sneakers overnight!

Before going through this process just go through the places where the sneakers are tight. Then fill zip lock bags with water. Place them inside those places specifically. Put your pair of sneakers along with the zip lock bags inside your freezer. Let them stay overnight.

The next morning you will see that the water bags made those tight places expand due to added pressure. 

4. Shoe Tree At Rescue

We are now moving aside from the home-based options. In order to stretch your sneakers, you need to buy a shoe tree which works as a tool in expanding both the length and the width of your sneakers. 

Place the shoe tree inside your sneakers and pull your desired measurements. You need to keep adjusting these measurements every 12 hours. Keep doing that till you comfortably find the perfect size. 

5. The Potato Way

You might be taken aback reading the name of this method but believe in us, it’s not as bad as unorthodox as it sounds. This method actually works very well. 

First, peel off the skin of the potatoes. Try to get the bigger ones. Then wrap them with a towel to dry. Later pack the potatoes inside a plastic wrap. Place the potatoes inside the sneakers and let them stay inside the shoes for 24 hours. This day-long procedure will stretch the sneakers that will add more space so you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do shoes stretch when you wear them?
  • In most cases they do but it is a long process. It can take your shoes up to a few weeks to finally loosen.
  1. Should shoes be tight at first?
  • There is no such thing as that but the most ideal shoe fit is then your toes feel snug after wearing a pair of shoes. 
  1. Is it better to buy shoes bigger or smaller?
  • Stick to the comforting fit.

To wrap things up, next time if your toes don’t feel snug wearing sneakers or any type of shoes just try any of these methods to stretch your sneaker or other shoes. These methods are the most effective ones hence, we picked them for you! Keep your feet snug!

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