5 Ways to Wear Tennis Shoes With Shorts In 2021

Ways to Wear Tennis Shoes With Shorts: Are you planning on wearing the same old summer clothes this summer too? You might want to throw in some new colors to your wardrobe this year! Bring your a-game to your closet this summer because we are here to help you accessorize from the coolest look to the classiest one. 

If you don’t plan on spending a huge chunk of money then this is the perfect place for you. We are not a big fan of mad money either. We are on the same team. Are you aware of the summer rule?

Summer Rule: Play with colors! 

Summer is all about playing with fun colors. After getting out of the noir mode of winter outfits you should play with colors with you. Bring out the spring inside your heart this summer with your closet.

Summer Wear Tips

What should I wear?

Since we are talking about colors, what can be more amazing than shoes? This summer pair up your coolest shorts with the trendiest and most colorful tennis shoes of this year. We have seen a lot of sneakers pairing up with shorts but 2021 is all about tennis shoes and shorts!

Should I wear the same style?

Now that we have your eyes struck on both tennis shoes and shorts let’s discuss different styles. You should not follow the same color scheme for every event or for daily wear. Bring changes in your combination and style differently for every occasion every day.

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What styles should I try?

From the everyday go-to look to minimalist, we have got all your summer looks covered. Fun fact- you can wear tennis shoes with shorts on most days this summer. So, let’s get into the trendiest summer look you are going to pull off this year-

  1. We will start off with one of the coolest collections of Adidas of all time. This look is for the sports fanboys. We have tried a mixed look for you with both the tennis shoes and the shorts from Adidas. Pair up your ADIZERO UBERSONIC 4 TENNIS SHOES with black ERGO TENNIS SHORTS from your truly Adidas.

    If you are in the mood for going all black then toss up your go-to casual round neck plain black tee! On the other hand, if you want contrast then catch up with one of your clean white round neck white t-shirts.

    You can pull off this look in the night time. Wearing this, you can also head towards parties as well. The tennis shoes got your back! The patterns look more lively for the neon green single tone. Neons are great for nighttime attires and parties. 
  1. It’s time for some Nike wears now! We have picked a pair of tennis shoes and shorts from Nike. Check out the NikeCourt Zoom Vapor X Air Max 95 that comes in a white shade. You can pair that up with Nike Pro Rep shorts with a light grey tone. This is one of the trendiest casual looks for the summer of 21. You can wear this when you have to run errands, after match hangout, to the mall. 

    You can swipe back and forth with the color of the shorts. This color scheme will go well with black shorts too. Wear either a black or white t-shirt as both will go perfectly with this casual wear. On top of that, you can wear a sweatshirt as well. It will look casual.

    On the other hand, for a more put up look, just tuck in your t-shirt and you will be all set to step at the movies as well.
  1. Are you looking for a minimalist look to pull off this summer? Then we have picked a combo for you. Try the NikeCourt Air Max Volley black tennis shoes with the Nike Pro Rep black shorts. This will give you a dark look and at the same time, this is one of the most effortless and minimalist looks of all time. For contrast, switch to a white t-shirt instead of a black one. On another note, what’s better than wearing all black?

    To spice up your look, if you want to have a nerdy look then wear the semi-round semi or entirely rimless glasses. This will give you a more intense look. 
  1. If you want to get a classy summer look, keep reading this section!

    We have picked one of the elite color schemes worn in summer! It contains a palette of beige, black and white. For this look, you will need ADVANTAGE SHOES from Adidas that comes in black color. To pair up with this look and make you look classy, we picked ULTIMATE365 CORE 8.5-INCH SHORTS from Adidas that comes in a beige shade. 

    To top the look, wear a plain black round neck t-shirt and you will get the classiest summer look for this coming summer.
  1. Ladies, we have something for you on our minds too! We have picked one of the coolest looks you can effortlessly pull off for as casual wear. Check out the MARATHON 20 SHORTS from Adidas that comes in a pale pink shade. 

    To make your look cuter we have picked one of the coolest collections of Nike for you. Try these golden rose NikeCourt Flare 2 with the shorts. If you want, you can switch to either a dark grey or a pair of black shorts.

Pro tip: If you still feel like you don’t want to wear too many branded products then you can switch to regular shorts. Just make sure you wear the mentioned color scheme.

To wrap it up, this coming summer fill your Instagram feed with the coolest summer photos with your summer wear. Play around with colors when you will wear tennis shoes with shorts. Have a colorful summer this year!

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