A Guide to Casual Shoes

With time, as casual shoes started getting more acceptance in parties, events, and even workplaces, they’ve become the go-to pick for everyone. Here, we have came up with a guide to casual shoes for different occasions and everyday use. Shoe styles vary vastly from one another, each bearing its own history and identity. Casual shoes have been linked to comfort, laid back, and cozy. But given how many options are available in the market right now, it’s easy to get confused about which pair will suit which occasion the best.

If you’re still getting introduced to the diverse and complex world of shoes, we are here to make your journey a bit easier. Check out this guide to casual shoes that you must simple have in your wardrobe to go with every other look.

A Guide to Casual Shoes for Men:


Sneakers have been a wardrobe staple for ages, and men and women regardless of age have grown fond of them. These shoes were made for daily use and a wardrobe is simply incomplete without them. Although sneakers come in many shapes and style, these four are the most prominent: Basic, sports, stylish, and slip-ons.

A pair of sneakers will go well with any look given someone can style them properly. Make a strong impression in your perfect sneaks.


These shoes are a summer favorite given to how easy they are to wear and take off as well as the guaranteed comfort all day. Shirts, shorts, T-shirts, anything casual can be paired with espadrilles. If your office has no strict dress code, they could be your go-to office wear too.

However, keep the patterns and color in mind while wearing them somewhere “professional.”

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are another wardrobe slip-on essentials, and they bring out the sailor-like demeanor in men. This is how they got their name. These shoes usually feature canvas or leather material and soft, low cut rubber sole with the laces running through the eyelets on the sides and top.

Brown is a popular color in this section, but other shades like grey, navy blue, burgundy, tan, etc. have their own charm.


Another casual slip-on, moccasins are often mixed up with loafers. The style is quite similar to boat shoes and they’re also called home shoes or driving shoes. Moccasins don’t come with heels and the sole/outsole and upper are built from the same material. Rubber pods may or may not exist on the sole/outsole.

Thanks to their super soft construction, moccasins are very comfy to wear. But the lack of heel support and hard sole/outsole shortens its range. If there’s an occasion where you have to walk a lot, these aren’t recommended.


Loafers are probably the most versatile shoes ever; ones that fall under both the casual and formal footwear segments depending on the type and construction.  Majority loafers feature suede or leather upper. Leather loafers can be considered the more formal ones due to their elegant looks and build. Suede loafers fall more under the casual vibe.

Loafers can be worn with any outfit as well as to any location or event.


Well, technically, sandals aren’t really “shoes”, but we’re including them anyway as they’re such a popular choice for casual footwear. Pair them with denim, shorts, shirts, teens, chinos – the possibilities are endless.

However, sandals can’t be worm everywhere as they’re too “casual”.

A Guide to Casual Shoes for Women


Wedge heels give any outfit a sophisticated look without having to put the feet through the excruciatingly painful heels. They’re extremely comfortable to wear, particularly a lower wedge.


When talking casual for women, ballerinas are super popular as not only are they very practical, but they’re very pretty. Ballerinas are a type of slat slipper shoes that are a wardrobe essential.

You can find these shoes is almost every color, pattern, and print imaginable, from classic beige to animal prints and fun neon colors.

Lace Ups

Any shoes that can be fastened with laces are called lace ups. They may be loafers, brogues, ballerina pumps, heels, or any other shoe. These shoes are generally sturdier and provide extra support for the feet. You can also adjust the fastening (tightness of the laces) according to the shape of your feet.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are like the sportier versions of ballerina shoes, but are just as good for a casual wear choice. They’re practical, comfortable, and you can find in them in almost all colors and patterns so there’s one pair that matches with every other outfit. They pair well with a t-shirt and jeans for the laid-back, easy-going, weekend look.

Flip Flops

You can’t talk casual shoes without mentioning flip-flops or sandals. You can probably not even imagine heading to the pool or beach without having a good pair with you. Flip flops for women are usually created from a foam sole paired with a plastic toe support. If you want your pair to really last, consider getting leather ones.

Basic styles generally feature simple plastic straps, but you can find fancier versions with gemstones and woven leather straps to add that splash of oomph to your outfit.


Women’s trainers were primarily made to be worn during training, and that’s how they got the name. However, they’re equally capable of being fashion wear. These shoes support the feet properly and are super comfy in comparison to any other shoe during exercising. 

It’s important to protect your precious feet with the correct cushioning and support.

Gladiator Sandals

Made for the ultimate boho chic look, gladiator sandals are a strappy sandal body with one T-bar down the front. Pair these sandals with a maxi dress and get ready for relaxing. They can also be termed as the perfect holiday sandals. 

Office wear or tailored trousers can complement a strappy, heeled sandal.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days when you could only wear casual footwear while chilling with friends. Modern casual chic is totally in trend right now and with this guide to casual shoes, you won’t be able to miss out, grab your favorite pairs now!

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