Are Hunter Boots Good for Gardening?

Here’s where regular boots are a problem – they lose their polish due to blooming, hard to clean, material wears out after a certain period, and of course, no fun at all! Boots after boots you are searching on the internet. And then, you wonder, are Hunter boots good for gardening?  

Being a monsoon boot, Hunter boots carry a lot of features that can provide you edge in gardening. Keep reading this article to learn about Hunter boots as your gardening footwear.

Why are Boots Important for Gardening?

You might have started preparing for the gardening season. After enormous care and hard work, you are able to foster your garden beds full of beautiful flowers. You also started farming vegetables. And now you have to deal with a lot of mess. Let’s discuss how you can cut the grubby work. 

Your outfits are as important as your gardening tools. Especially, we are talking about footwear here today. If you are a regular gardener, you know that sneakers or sandals are quite not compatible with yard work. In this case, boots and clogs are the best choices.

With a pair of waterproof boots, you can protect your feet from muddy lands. Your skin will be safe from the stinky mess. Some brands like Hunter make cute boots. They are perfect to go with all your outfits!

Should You Buy a Pair of Hunter Boots?

So, Hunter boots are exclusively well-paired with any outfit. But does this make the shoes right fit for gardening?

If you are familiar with the brand, you know that they specialized in making monsoon boots. They basically manufacture footwears to keep your feet safe while raining. You can definitely buy a pair to take care of your garden on a rainy day.

However, we think these boots are also great for the dry season. Your garden might get muddy after you have watered all the plants. On top of that, planting, weeding, and deadheading can make the area swampy. 

Hunter is made of natural rubber which is super easy to clean. Unlike any other rubber boots, Hunter ensures freshness even after a long day of gardening. So, no more stinky rubber shoes. That’s what we are talking about!

So, if you ask – are Hunter boots good for gardening? Hell yeah, they are!
Are Hunter Boots Good for Gardening?

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Why are Hunter Boots So Popular?

We have been talking about Hunter boots for a while now. Well, you are searching them as well! Why do you think they are so popular?

Hunter boots are notably famous for their thick padding and water-resistant quality. They are made of 100% natural rubber. Each shoe is meticulously handcrafted. 

The brand is also cautious about shoe care. They have Hunter Boot Shine and Rubber Buffer products that can make your shoes fresh after every use. Not to mention the high durability materials used in these boots. You can make them your everyday boots and they’ll still last for a long time.

Are Hunter Boots Expensive?

With numerous benefits and stylish outlook, Hunter is rocking the boot world. Everyone wants a Hunter pair! But can everyone afford it?

Well, Hunter shoes are a bit pricey. We won’t argue with that! A pair of regular rain boots can cost you approximately from $20 to $50. However, Hunter boots will cost you more than $100.  

Though it’s a little expensive to wear, Hunter guarantees long-lasting materials. You can use the shoes however you want. Wear it on daily basis. Still, they will protect your feet for a much longer period. So, you can rely on these boots without any doubt despite its higher price. 

Hunter Boot Size

So, after confirming - are Hunter boots good for gardening, you’ll probably have some trouble with the foot size. If you have experience in buying Hunter boots before, then you can skip this section. But if you are new to this brand, we can help you to determine your correct Hunter boot size.

To purchase a snug fit boot, you must select a Hunter boot half size smaller. Suppose, if your foot size is 7.5 or 8, consider choosing 7 for you. Or else, the boots will be too big and uncomfortable to wear. 

You can also visit Hunter’s website to order the exact foot size. They have measurements for your maximum calf area and leg height too.

When to Avoid Hunter Boots?

Though Hunter is like an all rounder in the market, you should avoid them in winter. You see, originally Hunter was made for rainy season. In fact, they are now useful mostly for wet muddy areas. 

However, the boots aren’t the best choice for cold and windy weather. Well, for Hunter fans, we have a solution for you. You can use insulated boots from Hunter in the snowy climate. They’ll keep your feet warm up to 23 degrees and provide you comfort throughout the whole time.

Cleaning Your Garden Hunter Boots

You asked, “Are Hunter boots good for gardening?” but didn’t look around for cleaning tips. This cannot be! Your shoes will inevitably get dirty while taking care of your precious plants. That’s why, you must learn how to clean and treasure them just like your any other favorite pair.

For mud or any other remnants, just use some mild soap and water to clean your boots. If they bloom, you can use Hunter boot shine sponge to make them shiny just as a new pair. 

Olive oil with a nonabrasive cotton cloth can glitter your pair as well. However, make sure you don’t dry them under direct sunlight.

Final Words

You might have doubts about Hunter boots previously. Being primarily rain boots, it’s surely confusing if they are a good fit for gardening. Well, now you know how Hunter boots are excellent for your gardening journey. They are flexible to wear and made by high quality materials. You will indeed fell in love with these boots while gardening. 

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