Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling shoes

Back in 2010, the Asics wrestling shoe series was all over the market and were very famous. And guess what, it is still recognized in 2021. The impact of these shoes on wrestling matches is vast. These shoes are excellent for wrestling, and it is also perfect for workouts, training of other sports. These shoes are also worn in professional tournaments. There is no doubt that Asics’ latest model, Aggressor 4 should definitely be considered a perfectly comfortable shoe for wrestling. Today, in our detailed article, we are going to discuss what features are brought to you by Asics and why you should go for a pair of Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling Shoes.

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What Asics Aggressor 4 Can Provide You?

Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling shoes

Before purchasing a pair of Asics aggressor 4 wrestling shoes, you should know some facts that only Asics can give you in a better way. These factors will play a great role to let you decide whether you should go for these shoes or not.

A great training performance

These shoes have duo soles which are very popular in wrestling shoes. It gives the wearer more flexibility so that the wearer can move better and faster. And because of this, injuries can be less likely to happen during the game.

The whole shoe is made of suede leather which is a heavy material. But keep in mind that because of their heaviness, the shoe is pretty sturdy. The shoe’s ankle part has extra padding, suitable for individuals who have weak heels and experience heel injuries.

Comfort level

These shoes have air channels at the peak part, and there are many of them, which provide a suitable amount of air-circulation during the high-intense work from the upper region.

And these also permit sweat to release. The insole is molded in a way that can provide great comfort while wearing it. It is best not to remove your shoes after a long workout because wearing them can make your toes less painful.

The outsole is a duo sole which makes it more flexible than the other shoes. It is also technologically more advanced than the other shoes. Also, it has good air passages to increase airflow.

Thus, it can be said that Asics Aggressor 4 is a good choice for a wrestler.


Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling shoes

Wrestlers always need special type of gears. Shoes are one of the most important gears that the wrestlers choose very carefully. A small misstep can cause a near-win and nobody wants that to happen.

For that reason, wrestling shoes has to be of great quality and has to fit perfectly. The soles of the shoes have to be grippy enough and durable to withstand hard hits. To take down your opponent on the mat, you need to maintain proper balance. And for that, your shoes have to support you.

Among several good wrestling shoes, the Asics Aggressor 4 is definitely one of the best which is worth a shot. If you’re looking for reasons for buying the Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling Shoes, then let us tell you that there are plenty.

Most of the professional wrestlers are happy with the Aggressor’s performance and they all loved the quality of the grips of the shoes. The grippy outsole makes it easier for the wrestlers to maintain balance and move as they like. These shoes are stated as very comfortable and one of the most useful footwear by wrestlers.

Design and Outlook

The color of Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling Shoes is way more classic than any other shoe’s color. It is a high-top wrestling shoe and it gives more comfortable and stylish look to your feet.

The shoe colors represent Japan’s symbolism color red and its association with sunrise. And for this, these shoes are way more famous in Japan than in any other country. These shoes keep the feet cool because it has excellent breathability.

Asics Aggressor 4 Wrestling shoes

Top Features:

  • Provides maximum grip
  • The outsole is made of rubber which gives unique flexibility
  • Its color is sunrise red/eclipse black which gives a very stylish look
  • These shoes are engineered with Asics technology for an excellent ankle support
  • Light-weighted shoe 
  • Eva sock liner provides additional support 
  • Its mesh synthetic skin-suede enhances breathability 
  • The unique underside construction provides excellent flexibility


  • Reasonable cost
  • It keeps you light on the floor
  • The upper mesh area ensures breathability
  • It has a strong Velcro strap which enhances the fit
  • Stylish design with available colors


  • Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to wear
  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you and your requirements which shoes you need to buy. Just make sure to assess the features of the shoes you choose against the features you need. You don’t want to waste your money on something that will not help your cause at all. So, do your research, and get the best one.

Asics Aggressor 4 can be a suitable choice for you if you are a beginner at wrestling or exercising for a very long time. In other words, a good wrestler should have the best flexible, durable, comfortable, and solid grip shoe. And all these qualities are present in Asics aggressor 4 wrestling shoes.

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