Best Badminton Shoes For Women

Badminton is an energy-consuming sport that requires sprinting, jumping, and smart movement in different directions. Therefore, the extensive sport not only requires a high-quality racket and shuttlecock but also demands speed and agility which is ensured by a good quality pair of badminton shoes. A well-designed pair will provide support, deliver cushioning, and prevent injuries on the court. Let's find out some Best Badminton Shoes For Women.

With a myriad of options available in the market, it's quite overwhelming to choose a pair of badminton shoes, especially for women. To help you out, we have curated a list of the best badminton shoes for you that will deliver both functionality and aesthetics. 






Salming Women's Viper 5 Indoor Court Shoes

XR110 outer sole that enhances quick movements

Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus design that prevents falling over


Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX2

Constructed with high-quality synthetic and mesh

Dynamotion Groove for maximum flexibility


YONEX Eclipsion Z Women Badminton Shoe

Power cushion technology for enhanced stability

Ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort


TSIODFO Women's Athletic Shoes

Full mesh upper for maximum ventilation

Anti-skid outsole


Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z5

Has EVA midsole

Diagonal Flex groove for quick movements in any direction


ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Shoe

Made of high-quality synthetic

Tough rubber outsole


YONEX Aerus 3 Women Shoes

Double Russel Mesh for maximum breathability

Power cushion for better momentum transfer


YONEX Power Cushion 65X

PU leather construction

EVA midsole for shock absorption


Babolat Shadow 2 Women’s Badminton Shoes

Ariaprene fabric upper for breathability

EVA midsole


K-Swiss Gola Women's Badminton Trainers

Constructed with imported materials

Has breathable cotton linings


Salming Women's Viper 5 Indoor Court Shoes  – Best Overall

Best Badminton Shoes For Women

Here’s a multifaceted pair of badminton shoes for women from Salming that is constructed to meet every possible need on the badminton court. From its design and construction to details and fit, it’s an excellent option for a wide range of sizes. When you wear this pair, you don’t have to worry about tripping thanks to its Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus design. 

The 3 layer construction ensures a snug fit as well. Overall, it’s a great pair of badminton shoes for women which can also be used for other indoor sports.


  • Midsole is made RUNlite2 foam that ensures better energy return in every step
  • Supports quick lateral movements using the Lateral Movement Stabilizer design
  • Has an ergo-shaped heel
  • Rigid construction with a combination of microfiber, mesh, and TPU film


  • Expensive

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX2  – Best For Comfort

Best Badminton Shoes For Women

This pair of badminton shoes for women from Mizuno is the ultimate stop for comfort lovers. The cushioning system in this pair ensures stability even during high-impact landings while its Dynamotion Grove feature absorbs shocks. Due to its Dura Shield, you can easily make quick movements across the court. Plus, the non-marking sole of this pair helps you in that area as well. 

High durability has been covered by a combination of premium-grade rubber construction and seamless upper. Therefore, you must grab this pair if you're inclined towards durability and comfort. 


  • A combination of high-quality rubber and Dura Shield ensures amazing traction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Suitable for multiple indoor sports


  • Expensive

YONEX Eclipsion Z Women Badminton Shoe  – Best Looking

Best Badminton Shoes For Women

Here’s a highly appealing pair of badminton shoes for women from Yonex with a black body and bright pink/navy accents. The sturdy construction of the pair is ensured by a combination of tough rubber outsole, PU leather and polyester mesh upper, and impact-absorbing midsole. 

When it comes to traction and cushioning, this pair has got it covered as well, allowing you to make quick footwork in the court. All in all, it's an amazing-looking pair of badminton shoes that is robust yet lightweight.


  • Hexagrip sole pattern for maximum traction
  • Outsole made of high-quality tough rubber for added durability
  • Breathable mesh top that ensures sufficient ventilation
  • Uses ToughBrid technology that maintains the ergonomic shape


  • Comes in only one color

TSIODFO Women's Athletic Shoes  – Best For Breathability

Best Badminton Shoes For Women

If you're looking for a cute pair of badminton shoes at an affordable price, this one from Tsiodfo has to be it! Not only does it look great on your feet but it helps to keep them dry and cool even after long hours of wear as the whole upper of the pair is lined with high-quality mesh thereby allowing maximum aeration. The outsole is designed with hollow carves which makes the pair stable and anti-twist as well. So, grab this pair if you want a fashionable and comfortable pair of athletic shoes.



  • Anti-abrasion hollow-carved sole design
  • Ideal for multiple sports and physical exercises including badminton, tennis, volleyball, running, jogging, etc.
  • Anti-skid groove outsole for extra grip
  • Comes in multiple neutral and fun colors


  • Not suitable for competitive plays 

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z5  – Best For Indoor Court

Here’s another pair of badminton shoes for women from Mizuno that is designed to work great in indoor courts. It allows you to make quick movements in multiple directions with the help of its D-flex groove technology. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the shoe coming off even during sprinting, thanks to its 360-degree DynaMotionFit. 

The outsole is constructed with durable rubber that will last for years. So, if you're in search of a durable and comfortable pair of badminton shoes, you may look into this one


  • Snug fit ensured by 360-degree DynaMotionFit
  • Designed with EVA midsole that absorbs maximum impact
  • Made of high-quality synthetic
  • Ensures amazing cushion and ankle support


  • Not the best option for wide feet

ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Shoe  – Best For Daily Wear

Best Badminton Shoes For Women

Here's a pair of badminton shoes for women from Asics that will be perfect for daily wear as you'll hardly see any wear and tear even after months of use. The durable construction of this pair makes it suitable for not just badminton but also multiple physical exercises, running, jogging, gym, etc. 

The midsole is designed with sufficient cushioning that can withstand hard landings without putting stress on your knees. Overall, it’s an affordable pair of athletic shoes that you should own if you’re not too inclined towards one that stands out in terms of appearance.


  • Constructed with all imported materials
  • Supports impact absorption with soft cushioning in the inner sole
  • Outer sole made of tough rubber
  • Thin sole that promotes flexibility


  • Basic design

YONEX Aerus 3 Women Shoes  – Best For Control

Here’s another pair of badminton shoes for women from Yonex that is ideal for indoor courts. With a combination of lace and Synchro-Fit technology, this pair will fit your feet like gloves. Plus, the Hexagrip ensures sufficient grip even during sprinting or quick movements on the court. The brand speaks for its quality therefore you should get your hands on this pair if you like the appearance of the pair.


  • QuattroFit design for a snug fit
  • Features a power graphite plate that supports weight perfectly
  • Has a power cushion in the midsole for impact absorption
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with asymmetric lacing


  • Expensive

YONEX Power Cushion 65X  – Best For Cushioning

This pair of badminton shoes from Yonex is perfect for rigorous badminton matches as the EVA midsole ensures perfect cushioning, making sure you do not hurt your ankles or knees during hard landings. Also, the polyester mesh upper provides enough breathability keeping your feet dry and cool even after long hours of use. So, get this if you’re looking for a stylish pair that ensures amazing cushioning and ventilation.


  • Amazing power cushion system in the midsole that prevents stress on the knees
  • HexaGrip technology on the outsole for added grip
  • Designed with polyester mesh for proper ventilation
  • Sleek and stylish


  • Comes in white, requires regular cleaning

Babolat Shadow 2 Women’s Badminton Shoes  – Best For Stability

This pair from Babolat is perfect for competitive badminton players as the design of the sole enhances stability and comfort. Constructed with a combination of rubber and EVA, this pair is built to last. Plus, the micro-perforated insole ensures ventilation while keeping your feet cool and dry all the time. So, get your hands on this to obtain stability and comfort in the court.


  • Uses HTS technology for added stability
  • Ensures excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes in a fun color


  • Not the best cushioning

Gola Women's Badminton Trainers  – Best For Casual Wear


Here's an ideal pair of badminton shoes for casual wear. Even though the appearance has been prioritized in this pair, the cushioned midsole and breathable cotton linings make it suitable for badminton matches as well. It has a durable construction with a combination of high-quality leather and suede. So, grab this pair if you are looking for one that is fashionable yet functional.


  • Cushioned footbed for impact control
  • Ensures secure fit with lace-up closure
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not suitable for professional matches

Badminton Shoes For Women Buying Guide

Power Cushion 

Well-cushioned shoes are mandatory for the player to perform quick reverse movements in the badminton court. It acts as a shock-absorber while performing specific poses during the play as well as during landing impacts. Not only will power-cushioned badminton shoes enhance performance but they will also provide comfort and stability. Therefore, go for a pair of badminton shoes that are well-cushioned. 


Depending on the type of court you'll be playing in, choose a pair of badminton shoes that ensure maximum grip. This is crucial because while playing badminton you'd need to make sudden movements in different directions so if the sole of the shoes does not provide the best grip, you can injure yourself easily. You should also opt for shoes with deeper groves while playing on slippery grounds. 

Moisture Control 

A good pair of badminton shoes will ensure breathability and moisture control. In this rigorous game, shoes that have double russel material or any high-quality mesh will be perfect. The former helps to absorb moisture up to eight times more than regular shoes while the latter still delivers overall enhanced breathability. So, go for a pair that is designed with either of them so that your feet remain cool and dry even throughout long hours of practice. 


Stability for the toes and forefoot area is essential for playing badminton therefore you should go for a pair that is ergonomically shaped to ensure that. A good ergo-shaped pair of shoes should contour your feet at the right places thereby enhancing comfort and the ability to perform well on the court. 


As badminton requires swift movements in different directions, the pair of badminton shoes that you choose should ensure high traction which is the friction between the floor and the bottom of the shoes. With sufficient traction on the sole of your shoes, every movement on the court will be fluid. Plus, a high-traction shoe ensures balance and stability during sharp turns. 

Final Thoughts

While badminton shoes with thin soles are ideal for cement courts, rubber-gum ones are perfect for PU and wood courts. Our review portrays a variety of badminton shoes for women tailoring to everyone's needs based on styling and features. The in-depth review with added pros and cons should be able to help you select the ideal pair of high-quality badminton shoes. Every pair featured in this article surely ensures comfort. 

With that being said, if you had to suggest one pair that we believe is the best out of all of them, it has to be Salming Women's Viper 5 Indoor Court Shoes because it’s ergonomically shaped, durable, and comfortable!

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