Best Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding a pair of biking shoes for wider feet is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is why many riders find this task as something unachievable. But finding the right fitting shoes is undeniably a necessity for bike riders. We realize this concern, so we are bound to step in. 

Biking Shoes for Wide Feet Buying Guide

Buying biking shoes for wide feet can be more challenging than buying any kind of cycling shoes. You have to remember the biking shoes buying guide and additionally some added notes,


Your feet might not fit into the standard cycling size. It is very important for biking shoes to embrace your feet properly. Otherwise you can have problems while riding as your feet can move inside the shoes. So do not go for the regular size of shoes because you need precisely fitting shoes for cycling. Rather you can do a little hard work by measuring your feet and comparing it with the size chart of your favorite brand.


There are only a few brands that offer biking shoes for wider feet. Brands like Shimano, Lake, Sidi are well known for their wide range of sizes. Branded shoes are usually expensive. But it is wise to go for them at last. Although cheap biking shoes may seem to fit your feet at first, but they will soon leave your company, or in a worst scenario they can cause you injury.

Width or High Volume

Shoes that are wider usually have more space in the toe box area. High volume shoes have more upper material. Wide shoes allow your feet to fit in naturally, while high volume shoes allow your feet to spread out. Choose a pair that has wide shoes because high volume shoes will not give you the comfort you are looking for.

Price Range

Good quality biking shoes will surely cost more than the regular ones. But, you’ll be able to find the best ones within affordable price range. Just make sure to look for the ones that fits you well.

Best Biking Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

We have gone through the market of biking shoes for wide feet and prepared this list for you.






Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA (EE) Mountain Bike Shoes

Micro fiber outer material

Instep closure system

Sole made of nylon with polyurethane inserts

Improved traction even on muddy roads


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes

Polytex outer material

Nylon sole with polyurethane inserts

Techno-3 closure system

Filtered vented side and toe area


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Lake CX 241 Cycling Shoes – Men’s

Full grain leather upper

Nufoam lining

Dual IP1 Boa closure

Lake Race carbon fiber sole


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Sidi Alba 2 Mega for Men/Women

Solid polytex upper

Millennium 4 carbon composite sole

Techno-3 Boa and wire-velcro closure

Replaceable anti slip heel pad and toe vent


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoes

Rubber sole material

Rigid carbon fiber midsole

Synthetic leather with proper venting

Reinforced spike mount with 18 mm spike option


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

SHIMANO RC3 Wide Cycling Shoes

Synthetic leather upper material

Boa L6 dial closure

Fiber glass reinforced nylon sole

Traditional 3 bolt cleat


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Five Ten Freerider Pro Men’s Mountain Bike Shoes

Stealth S1 dotty rubber outsole

Urethane reinforced toe box

Quick drying synthetic upper

This product is made with recycled content


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Tommaso Pista Women’s Shoes

Faux leather outer material

Synthetic sole material

2 bolt/ 3 bolt compatible cleat area

Mesh ventilated top, sides and toe box area


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

TIEM Slipstream Women’s Cycling Shoes

Athletic textile upper

Engineered mesh allows breathability

Durable nylon cycling shank underfoot

Original slip on style with single strap closure


Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Bont Vaypor+ Road Cycling Shoes

3.6 mm stack height

Durolite upper and liner

Comfortable fit with memory foam

Anti stretch material


1. Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA (EE) Mountain Bike Shoes – Best Overall

These shoes are waterproof, but allow great breathability. Comfortable inside and tough outside - the thermo formed EVA pad will give your feet the silk touch, while the outsole is designed to ensure solid performance and durability. These shoes are unique with their ‘caliper buckle’ closure system. This micrometric closure is adjustable by lifting the central buckle.


  • This product comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Anatomically carved strap reduces foot fatigue
  • Foot pressure is evenly distributed over the instep area
  • The toe area can be replaced after they decay


  • These shoes are on the expensive side

2. Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes – Best Durability

We are absolutely in love with the wide range of sizes and colors that these shoes come in, and also they are for both men and women. Choose any style of your likeness from the available ranges, and you will get the shoes that are bound to give you the encapsulated comfortable fit with the heel cup system.

The techno-3 Boa and velcro closure ensures the snug fit. You can wear them for a long time because they come up with solid polytex uppers and double stitched seams in all high stress areas.


  • Superior durability with solid upper and double stitched seams
  • Comfortable and snug fit with techno-3 Boa and velcro
  • Replaceable toe insert on the tip of the sole
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colors


  • The size range may seem too wide for many cyclists, so detailed attention while buying is recommended

3. Lake CX 241 Cycling Shoes – Men’s – Best Fit

These shoes are made to hug your feet with ultimate comfort. The heat moldable carbon heel counter and the nufoam lining embrace your feet and give you the glove like feeling.

The carbon sole with drillings for a 3-hole road cleat ensures that you get the best power to put on your pedals. The full grain leather contours your feet, while the Helcor Abrasion provides resistance in toe and heel areas.


  • The best dialing in the fit feature with easy to adjust on the fly
  • Push-pull IP1 Boa lacing system with releasable lace guides
  • 15 mm extra space inside to make room for very wide feet
  • The leather upper and carbon fiber soles ensure durability


  • You get only 2 color options

4. Sidi Alba 2 Mega for Men/Women – Best Breathability

These shoes have all the premium features that you can expect from a premium product – they have snug fit, quality material construction, encapsulated comfortable heel cup system, stiffness to put the power on pedals.

Wear these shoes on during any long ride and you are sure to have the most comfortable experience as they allow adequate airflow in places where your feet get hot. We thank the vented mesh feature for its superior ventilation in these shoes.


  • Vented mesh side and toe to allow amazing breathability
  • Double stitched seams in high stress areas
  • Perfect stiffness to put on power to the pedals
  • These shoes are for everyone – men and women, standard and wide feet


  • There are no walking soles inside, which can be an issue

5. SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoes – Best Grip

The SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoes come have come up with the lace closure for amazing fit and comfortable light weight carbon fiber reinforced midsole. But what we really adore about these shoes is that they offer gripping like nothing else.

The reinforced spike mount for extreme conditions allow you to walk on any terrain. The 18 mm spike option is bound to amaze you, while the recessed MTB cleat design will not let you notice the cleats while walking.


  • Perfect range for both men and women
  • Amazing SPD cleats
  • Perfect sole treads to ease your walking
  • Available at an entry level price


  • The lace closure system is not meant to be adjusted while riding

6. SHIMANO RC3 Wide Cycling Shoes – Best Performance

The SHIMANO RC3 Wide Cycling Shoes are unbeatable in terms of performance. Along with the comfortable toe box and micro adjust fit, these shoes feature fiberglass reinforced nylon soles that will provide you the best stiffness to transfer power to your pedals.

The rubber XC pattern allows greater grip while walking. These shoes are bound to work efficiently with road bike pedals due to the 3 bolt cleat feature.


  • Superb performance while riding and walking
  • These shoes are budget friendly
  • Shoes are made to fit very wide feet
  • Durable


  • There is no backup closure system except for the Boa L6 closure

7. Five Ten Freerider Pro Men’s Mountain Bike Shoes – Best Eco-friendly Option

We care about your comfort as much as we care about the environment. So we present the Five Ten Freerider Pro Men’s Mountain Bike Shoes, because these shoes will serve us both. Made with recycled plastic content, these shoes come with stealth S1 rubber that gives you the unbeatable grip. The urethane reinforced toe box will resist impacts to make your rides pain free.


  • Great pair of shoes for flat pedal bikes
  • Amazing grip on and off bike
  • Breathable
  • Affordable


  • The rubber material may wear off soon

8. Tommaso Pista Women’s Shoes – Best Comfort

Your feet deserve the ultimate comfort to make you ride the cycle longer. With the Tommaso Pista Women’s Shoes, you can go those extra miles without feeling any foot fatigue. The adequate breathability of the shoes on tops, sides, and in the toe box area under the soles will keep your feet cool. The velcro straps will embrace your feet, while fiberglass reinforced sole will transfer power with every stroke to the pedal.


  • Unmatchable comfort
  • Super power transfer to the pedals
  • Ergonomic fit with the low profile hook and lock velcro straps
  • Affordable


  • The width range can be limited for many users

9. TIEM Slipstream Women’s Cycling Shoes – Best Color Range

Cover your feet with the colors of rainbow with the TIEM Slipstream Women’s Cycling Shoes that have 7 color options to sprinkle some pigment to your riding sessions. Also, the engineered mesh and athletic textile upper will allow your feet the comfortable and breathability it needs. So, put these shoes on and have a fun ride over the clouds!


  • Wide range of sizes and colors
  • Easy to put on and off
  • The recessed 2 bolt cleat system makes it easier to walk around
  • Feels soft and comfortable


  • The stiffness is not as much as regular cycling shoes

10. Bont Vaypor + Road Cycling Shoes – Best Lightweight Option

We prefer shoes that are ultra light, like the Bont Vaypor+ Road Cycling Shoes. These shoes have everything to worth the high price. They are super comfy, allows generous amount of ventilation, are designed to meet the professional needs. These shoes will allow you to wear them for years, thanks to the anti stretch material that do not let the shoes to get loosen after several uses.


  • The dry cell technology prevents offensive odor
  • The carbon constructed sole allows customized fit
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Light weight


  • These shoes are quite expensive

We know that your unique feet size often troubles you in finding the right pair of shoes for your activity. But it is your uniqueness that makes you amazing. So do not settle for anything less than the perfect pair of biking shoes for your wide feet.

Although we admire all the products listed here, we are in love with the Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA (EE). This product comes in a wide range of sizes and we highly appreciate the anatomically carved straps. So go all out to conquer the world, because these shoes will have your back.

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