Best Commuter Cycling Shoes

There are plenty of reasons to choose a cycle over a car. A cycle costs less, helps you in maintaining health, gives you the sporty look, and last but not the least – it is eco-friendly. So when you choose cycling as your way to commute, you need a pair of commuter cycling shoes.

Commuter Cycling Shoes Buying Guide

Now that you know about the best products in the market, you are good to go. But it is always better to remember a few notes such as,

Multipurpose Usage

Usually commuter cycling shoes provide greater importance on steps than pedal strokes. The reason is commuter shoes are designed to help you move in the hectic daily routines. Surely your shoes have better grip than walking shoes as you need to keep your feet on the pedals. But you have to walk as well from park to office, or to other places. So get the shoes that do not stiff your movement. You can go for less carbon soles as they will help you in walking.

Fastening System

When you buy commuter cycling shoes, it is advisable to choose the pair that allows traditional lace fastening system. There are plenty of options available in the market that will offer you velcro or slip-on systems. But, they do not hold your feet like the lace fastening shoes do. Moreover, you can experience feet lifting as you climb steeper roads. So it is better to choose a pair that has lace-fastening closure.


Most of the time, you will be going to your workplace rather than on adventure trips wearing the shoes. So choosing the funky shoes can gain you negative points. Try to choose a pair with muted color and casual look for regular wear. 


Many shoes have mesh material that allows super breathability. This feature will allow you to wear the shoes long enough so that your feet do not look for escape options. So buy a pair that offers you proper ventilation.

Best Commuter Cycling Shoes in 2021

Not just any shoes, you need the best commuter cycling shoes. Therefore, we present the best options available in the market now.






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Five Ten Men’s Sleuth Slip-On Biking Shoes

Collapsible heels

Canvas and mesh uppers

Cushioned insole

Dotty outsole that offers pedal gripping performance


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Giro Rumble VR Men’s Cycling Shoes

Breathable synthetic suede and mesh upper

Lightest closure system available

Injected nylon plate

Die cut EVA foot-bed


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SHIMANO CT500 Everyday Cycling Shoes

Sneaker style

Hidden inner shank

Shock absorbing EVA midsole

Optimized for SPD and Shimano CLICK’R pedal system


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Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace Wms Bike Shoes

Rubber sole material

Hook and loop closure type

EVA tongue with mesh overlay

Textile lining


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Rockport Men’s Slayter Bike Toe Oxford

100% leather fabric

Synthetic sole material

Classic lace up or slip on

Light weight


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Etnies Men’s Marana Mid Crank Mountain Bike Shoes

1000% leather fabric

STI evolution foam midsole

Mid top shaft height

Tongue pouch to tuck laces


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Bontrager SSR Multisport

Rubber outsole

2 cleat SPD Compatible Interface

Nylon plate

Comprehensive mesh inserts


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PEARL IZUMI X-Alp Flow Men’s Cycling Shoes

Traditional lace closure

Performance rubber compound

PinLoc tread pattern

One piece midsole and outsole


Commuter Cycling Shoes .DOCX

Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On (Checkerboard) Skate Shoes

Canvas outer material

Slip on closure type

Soft and grippy sole

Looks fashionable


Commuter Cycling Shoes .DOCX

Five Ten Women’s Freerider

Leather and textile upper

Stealth S1 rubber allows superior friction

Classic dotty tread offers great pedal traction

Made with recycled content


1. Five Ten Men’s Sleuth Slip-On Biking Shoes – Best Overall

A pair perfect for casual styling, these shoes from Five Ten offer you the slip-on feature. With the muted color and overall design, these shoes are convenient as urban daywear. The non marking stealth marathon classic dotty outsole will provide pedal-gripping performance. Canvas and mesh uppers with twin goring feature allows you easy on and off. You will get the superior comfort from the cushioned insole which will add an extra layer of support for your easy rides.


  • Easy to put on and off
  • Casual shoes with pedal gripping soles
  • The superior post-ride or climbing gym comfort
  • Collapsible heels and regular fit


  • The no lace or strap feature can create foot movement on steep climbs

2. Giro Rumble VR Men’s Cycling Shoes – Best Comfort

Do you want to have the all-in-one pair of shoes that will give you the activity vibe with casual comfort? We present the Giro Rumble VR Men’s Cycling Shoes to you just for that.

The shoes are made to offer you great rides. With the clip-less pedal compatibility and supportive fit, these shoes are perfect for cycling on paths, roads or trails. They also offer superior walk-ability and high traction with the full length molded vibram eco-step rubber. This product features a die-cut EVA foot-bed with medium arch support for the most comfortable support and stability.


  • Comfortable foot-bed
  • Powerful pedaling with the injected nylon and steel hardware
  • Laces offer unrivaled fit adjustment
  • Breathability allows the product wearable although the year


  • No heel loop available

3. SHIMANO CT500 Everyday Cycling Shoes – Best Casual Look

These shoes are deliberately given a casual sneaker look, so that it is perfect to wear them everywhere. You can easily blend in at a coffee shop or grocery store wearing them. To maximize the comfort level, the clip-in styling shoes include hidden shank that transfers power to the pedals. With the shock absorbing EVA midsole, you will have the best walking comfort.


  • Sneaker style commuter shoes
  • Fuss free clipless installation
  • Mesh upper allows ventilation
  • Integrated shank offers power to pedals


  • This product contains water ingress issues that make the shoes difficult to wear during heavy weather winter commuting

4. Five Ten Women’s Kestrel Lace Wms Bike Shoes – Best Grip

A big shout out to all the adventure loving ladies out there – we have the best cycling shoes to take care of your feet on smooth roads or rough trails.

The Kestrel lace women’s shoes feature the amazing stiff sole and stealth C4 rubber outsole. This product is bound to offer you the best grip during cycling, thanks to the heel cup that prevents heel lift while pedaling. The clip-less design shoes offer you regular fit with lace closures. The synthetic weather resistant micro perforated upper makes the shoes wearable in all seasons.


  • Stealth C4 rubber outsole for unbeatable grip
  • Perforated EVS tongue with mesh overlay allows great comfort
  • Durable synthetic upper material
  • All weather wearable feature


  • The sole is not as stiff as the original Kestrel Boa

5. Rockport Men’s Slayter Bike Toe Oxford – Best Formal Looking Cycling Shoes

If your office does not allow you to wear casual cycling shoes, we bring you the perfect solution with the Rockport Men’s Slayter Bike Toe Oxford.

Adding professional polish, this product is the perfect choice with your daily formal attire. These shoes allow you the subtle low profile formal looks expected in a traditional office attire shoe along with the cycling appropriates. The EVA outsole allows superb flexibility, while the truTECH heel insert offers you the comfort you desire.


  • Quick wear availability with classic lace up and slip on features
  • Lightweight shock absorption
  • Reduced foot fatigue
  • Stealthy elegance for formal occasions


  • Not appropriate for long rides

6. Etnies Men’s Marana Mid Crank Mountain Bike Shoes – Best Performance

Why opt for only commuter cycling shoes, when you can also have the mountain biking shoe performance in one product?

The Etnies Men’s Marana Mid Crank Mountain Bike Shoes are perfect for both regular commutes and mountain biking rides. The STI evolution foam midsole and the reinforced shank will allow you amazing comfort and stiffness. The marana crank mid is tested and proven for cross discipline riding. Although the shoes are designed keeping mountain biking in mind, but they offer enough flex for a good amount of pedal feel and comfort when walking.


  • Long lasting rubber
  • Amazing grips on pedals
  • 3M thinsulate and scotchgard
  • Amazing for both mountain biking and regular cycling


  • Not too comfortable during hot summer days

7. Bontrager SSR Multisport – Best for Hectic Urban Commute

The Bontrager SSR Multisport is brilliantly versatile with both its performance and fitting options.

A product that is perfect for both riding and walking, the shoes are developed with rubber outsole to provide great grip on the pedals and off road terrain. In addition, they will give you super strength to sun those stairs to reach on time in any appointment. The shoes also offer you perfect fit with the laces that temper a single Velcro strap.


  • Nylon plate resists pedaling flex
  • Great grip
  • The canvas and suede upper is quite durable
  • Affordable


  • The shoes are not well ventilated

8. PEARL IZUMI X-Alp Flow Men’s Cycling Shoes – Best Durability

The seamless uppers of the shoes are designed to keep the shoes light and to protect them from external elements. So ride hard and work hard in these pairs, as they are bound to keep you going.

There is a contact pad in the middle of each sole of these shoes. The pads have different patterns from toe and heel area. The chevron shaped PinLoc tread pattern combined with the rubber compound allows you better grip. The one piece midsole and outsole will absorb shock on hard landings.


  • Traditional lace closure allows precise fits
  • Quality upper material makes the shoes long lasting
  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • Superb shock absorption


  • The shoes are not well ventilated

9. Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On (Checkerboard) Skate Shoes – Best Design

Beginners will love these beautiful shoes.  And the best part is that these beauties are for everyone!

Although these shoes are specifically not for cycling, but they offer you the perfect combination of comfort and grip that you need to keep your feet on the pedal during the rides. We recommend these shoes for beginners. These shoes are perfect for casual rides. At the same time, they will not clip your feet with the pedals.


  • Soft sole gives casual feeling
  • Amazing grip allows riding perfect on flat pedals
  • The canvas and suede upper is quite durable
  • Affordable


  • The shoes are not well ventilated

10. Five Ten Women’s Freerider – Best Eco-Friendly Product in the List

When you buy these shoes, you must feel proud of yourself as you are contributing in recycling many plastic content and hence preventing from letting the plastic waste to grow. Apart from this inner satisfaction, these shoes will allow you superior pedal traction with the classic dotty tread. You will also get the high friction versatility as these shoes have stealth S1 rubber that allows high friction grip on and off the bike.


  • Made with recycled plastic
  • Superior traction
  • Allows high friction
  • Quite affordable


  • The lack of elastic strap for laces may create inconvenience

We know you have no time to waste for anything but the best option, so we have carefully chosen these products to offer you only premium quality. 

We have placed the Five Ten Men’s Sleuth Slip-On Biking Shoes at the top of this list for valid reasons. We highly praise these shoes for their pedal gripping soles, collapsible heels and superior post-ride and climbing gym comfort. Although they do not provide the lace fastening feature, but they will make it easy for you to put them on and off – because we know you have no time to waste. Hope this article was helpful for you!

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