Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

CrossFit programs are intense workout programs for workout enthusiasts. If you are one of those enthusiasts, then you are must ride the CrossFit wave. The shoe requirements for CrossFit are much different than the ones used for a regular workout. If you are thinking of getting a pair, you might be confused about which one to get. Fear not because we have listed the ten best CrossFit shoes for men to help you find the one that suits you.

Possible Alternatives

You might be thinking that why get a unique shoe for CrossFit training? Why not use the regular one? Well, that is because there are a few requirements for a CrossFit shoe that regular shoes can't fulfill.

Athletic Shoes

A regular athletic shoe might seem like the perfect substitute for a CrossFit shoe, but that is not the case. It is because one of the crucial features of CrossFit shoes is durability and lightweight. If you look at any regular athletic shoe, you will see that it is not the case for them.

Running Shoes

To any runner, his running shoe is the perfect shoe there can be. It is conveniently designed for forward movement. This is why they are not suitable as CrossFit shoes because they don't support the multi-directional movement.

Basketball Shoes

In a basketball court, the shoes that are used are made for multi-directional movement. But this results in heavier and bulkier shoes. That is why even the best basketball shoes are not suitable for CrossFit training.

Court Shoes

The shoes worn by gymnasts or volleyball players in court are lightweight and flat to aid agile movement. But the soles used are not tough enough for multi-terrain movement. That is why you need to think twice before wearing them for CrossFit training.

SneakersThe core feature of sneakers is their looks.  They are not built for rough usage. The material used for them is not durable at all. That is why using one for CrossFit training is not advisable.

Cross-training Shoes

The Swiss Army Knife of the footwear world is a Cross-training shoe. They are versatile in almost every sense imaginable. But the only defect they have is that they are not a comfortable wear. That is why using them for CrossFit training is sure to result in sore feet.

Buyer's Guide

As you can see, it is wise to get a new pair of shoes for CrossFit training instead of using any regular old shoe. But what should you look for when getting one? Well, here are the essentials,

Cushioning & Heel Drop

The feeling of a CrossFit shoe is essential. That is why while getting one, look for comfort and a natural sole feel from the shoe.

Rigid Sole

Get a shoe that has a rigid sole if you are thinking of doing harsh training. For this purpose, get a pair that has cushioning and rigid plastic or non-compressive TPU sole.

Wide Toe Box

While training, your toes need room to relax. That is why it is suggested to wear a shoe which has a wide toe box for breathability.

Lateral Support

The probability of spraining your ankle during training is pretty high. That is why while choosing one, choose one that has lateral support for your ankles.

Durability and Lightweight

If the shoe you use is not durable, then there is a high chance that it will break in the middle of training. So, choose one that is durable while being lightweight.

Best CrossFit Shoes for Men






New Balance Men's 410 V6

  • Half and half Synthetic and mesh upper
  • Injection-molded EVA midsole for flexible support
  • Lightweight sole a
  • AT Tread outsole for multi-terrain traction

$44 to $144

Reebok Men's Nano X

  • Recycled durable material
  • Designed for comfort and style
  • Lightweight EVA sole for proper footing
  • Flexweave woven textile upper
  • All-purpose sportswear

$64 to $229

Under Armour Men's Charged Engage

  • 100% synthetic upper and sole
  • Low-top shaft to arch measure
  • Breathable and lightweight upper for maximum comfort. 3D screen-printed upper for higher durability
  • Cushioned midsole for greater response and durability
  • Full rubber outsole for multi-directional traction pattern

$60 to $100

New Balance Men's Minimus 20 V7

  • Comfortable fit due to molded foam
  • Complete synthetic build
  • Vibram outsole for a natural feel
  • Knitted upper made of nylon-infused yarn
  • Lightweight cushioning for maximum comfort

$61 to $185

Reebok Men's Speed Tr Flexweave

Mesh and synthetic upper for breathability

Patterned outsole for maximum lateral traction

Shaft measures low-top from arch for ankle room

Comfort doesn't reduce performance

$65 to $170

Under Armour Men's TriBase Reign 2.0

  • 100% synthetic body
  • UA TriBase in the outsole to allow maximum traction with the ground
  • External heel counter for increased stability and heel lock-in
  • Micro-G midsole for maximum responsive cushioning
  • Full rubber outsole wrap for greater durability

$73 to $137

Nike Men's Metcon 4 XD

  • Haptic print for durability and stability
  • Flywire technology for a locked-down fit
  • Drop-in midsole to provide stable fit and feel
  • TPU heel enables greater lateral traction for lateral movement
  • Tri-star pattern in the outsole allows easy multi-directional movement

$100 to $276

Invo-8 Men's F-Lite 235 v3

  • Mesh and synthetic upper enables flexibility and breathability
  • Snug and comforting midsole fit for proper stability
  • Rope guard technology upper for better durability and protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for multipurpose use

$69 to $237

adidas Men's Fitboost

  • 100% fiber built
  • Tongue and padded heel, both are molded
  • Synthetic outsole for greater traction
  • Lace closure for proper fit
  • Mesh upper with TPU overlay for breathability and durability

$97 to $150

Nike Metcon 5

  • Low, flat, and wide heel
  • Hyperlift insert for improved stability
  • Textured print for lightweight and durability
  • Outsole wraps with directional traction
  • Firmer foam under the heel for a more secure feel and footing

$94 to $199

1. New Balance Men's 410 V6

New Balance is fully dedicated to making sure the athletes get the most out of their products. With its AT tread rubber outsole, the New Balance 410 V6 is perfect for off-road and on-road training. The sleek upper with ACTEVA midsole will ensure that your feet fit perfectly while guaranteeing the maximum comfort level.


  • AT tread rubber outsole
  • ACTEVA midsole for comfort
  • Cushioned NB comfort inserts


  • The shoe is a bit heavier than the alternatives
  • The heel-to-toe drop is not optimized for a natural feel

2. Reebok Men's Nano X

Reebok is a renowned name in the fitness business. They are known for their high-quality and durable athlete products, and the Nano X is no different. With Flexweave upper, EVA cushioning for the midsole, and dense foam collar, these shoes will keep you going all day long.


  • Minimal heel-to-toe drop for ultimate stability
  • Decoupled midsole to enable smoother stride
  • Flexweave upper for durability and breathability
  • Dense foam collar for enhanced comfort


  • It weighs a bit more than the alternatives
  • It costs a bit more than normal

3. Under Armour Men's Charged Engage

Under Armour are known for their fitness gear but not for footwear. That is why one might be skeptical about this one. But this one is an excellent option. The shoe has TPU films and an internal heel counter for a stable fit. Moreover, the full rubber outsole gives it proper multi-directional traction.


  • 3D screen-printed upper for enhanced durability
  • Internal heel counter and TPU films in midfoot
  • Lightweight and breathable upper with webbing


  • Due to the rubber outsole, the shoe feels a bit heavier
  • The heel-to-toe drop is not optimized for stability

4. New Balance Men's Minimus 20 V7

New Balance not only focuses on fitness benefits but also the outlook. That is why Minimus 20 V7 is sure to fit your taste with its full synthetic body and comfort. The outsole is made of Vibram, and the midsole is made of REVlite for you to have the most stable footing.


  • Full synthetic built makes it lightweight
  • Knitted upper for maximum flexibility
  • Vibram outsole for a natural feel


  • Elastic lace fit might not be comforting for some
  • Not ideal for multi-directional movement

5. Reebok Men's Speed Tr Flexweave

Flexweave technology is something that makes the shoe not only flexible but also durable. Reebok utilizes this technology to provide you one of the best CrossFit shoes in the market. With its breathable upper and heel bootie construction, Speed Tr Flexweave is sure to help you train with the most comfort.


  • Flexweave upper with mesh pattern
  • Low-top shaft to arch measure
  • Breathable and durable material


  • The heel-to-toe drop is not optimized for stability
  • Some might find the shoe heavier due to the rubber sole

6. Under Armour Men's TriBase Reign 2.0

The patented UA TriBase outsoles are perfect for giving you the maximum amount of traction. This helps not only for multi-directional movement but also assists in stability. The TriBase Reign 2.0 utilizes this technology to give its outsole maximum durability and stability.


  • UA TriBase outsole for maximum ground contact
  • External heel counter for stability and heel lock
  • Micro G foam midsole for cushioning


  • The shoe is heavier than normal
  • No external guard used for protection

7. Nike Men's Metcon 4 XD

Nike is a name that is synonymous with footwear. This is why it is no surprise the Metcon 4 XD they have a suitable CrossFit shoe. With its higher stability and durability, the shoe will help you drain tirelessly. Not only will you get better, but you will also be efficient.


  • Haptic print and Flywire technology for durability and a locked-down fit
  • TPU heel counter for stability and lateral movement
  • Tri-star pattern for multi-directional traction


  • The shoes are heavier than usual
  • Rubber sole not suitable for multi-terrain

8. Invo-8 Men's F-Lite 235 v3

Inov-8 is a brand committed to runners and training athletes who are willing to push the limit. The F-Lite 235 v3 is one such product that supports that commitment. With fantastic grip and supper custom fit, this shoe will help you push your limit in comfort.


  • Rope guard feature for added protection
  • Snug midfoot fit for stability and toe support
  • Flexible and comforting design


  • It costs a bit more than the alternatives
  • It doesn't feature zero heel-to-toe drop

9. adidas Men's Fitboost

The most important feature for any training shoe is its comfort factor. The Fitboost series of Adidas stays true to this. The mesh upper and fiber built is there to make sure maximum breathability and comfort. At the same time, TPU overlays are there to increase durability.


  • 100% fiber build for style and comfort
  • Lace closure so it is sure to fit
  • Mesh upper with TPU overlays for breathability and durability


  • As rubber sole is used, it weighs a lot
  • Molded tongue and padded heel may seem excessive

10. Nike Metcon 5

Metcon 5 is the most tuned Metcon from Nike. Due to the stability provided by the Hyperlift inserts, it is suitable for heavy lifting and squats. Moreover, the outsole is mattered for increased traction, which helps in training and running.


  • Low, flat and wide heel for stability
  • irectional traction on outsole for maximum maneuverability
  • Firmer foam under the heel for secure footing and feel


  • Textured print on the upper increases the weight
  • No form of guard for protection

Bottom Line

The options for CrossFit shoes are immense. But only one option will be perfect for you. Hope you find the one for you in the list of best CrossFit shoes for Men made by us.

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