Best Cycling Overshoes

Choosing the best cycling overshoe can be quite the painful task since you have a huge number of options to go through. To make this painful process somewhat easier and bearable for you, we have brought to you some of the best cycling overshoes you can get, so let’s get right to it!

Best Cycling Overshoes in 2021






Best Cycling Overshoes

veloToze Tall Road

Has a lightweight design

Made from flexible materials

Gives you a good fit


Best Cycling Overshoes

Endura MT500 Overshoe II

Has a durable design

Provides a snug fit

Has a hard wearing rubber sole


Best Cycling Overshoes

USHTH Overshoes

Constructed from high quality PVC materials

Has a sporty design

Provides great weather protection


veloToze Short Road

veloToze Short Road

This shoe is aerodynamic

Offers great water resistance

It has a lightweight design


 VAUDE Unisex Overshoes

VAUDE Unisex Overshoes

It has full length velcro closures

Has a very breathable design

It is an ecofriendly product




Offers both unisex use

Constructed from light materials

Has a breathable design


1. veloToze Tall Road

Best Cycling Overshoes

If you are looking for something that offers you the best quality at a cheap and affordable price range then the Tall Road by veloToze is definitely an option you should consider. The stretchy latex fabric that the Tall Road is made from provides you complete waterproofness and it is designed to be tightly sealed around your calf to keep your shoes and feet dry. 

However, if you are somewhere where you are going to be riding in subzero temperatures then you should probably not get these shoe covers. You will be protected and warm around temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius with its windstopper fabric but anything below that temperature wouldn’t really work. Some of the best features that veloToze offers with the Tall Road is that it is aero fitting, really lightweight, completely weatherproof and it also has tall cuffs. 

These overshoes are designed to be super tight and be worn over cleats and cycling shoes and they don’t have velcro or zipper closures that you have to worry about. However, that also means that it is quite hard to put on.


  • Made from Latex material
  • Has a slip on closure
  • Doesn’t use weak parts like velcro or zippers


  • They are really hard to put on

2. Endura MT500 Overshoe II

Best Cycling Overshoes

If you are someone who likes to ride on flat pedals then these are definitely something you should look into it. You also get a lot of versatility from the Endura MT500 since they are able to work seamlessly with all types of shoes. These shoes keep your feet completely encapsulated and even lets you walk while wearing them and ensures that you get no splashes from underneath with the resistant and solid sole. 

You have nothing to worry about if you like using clipless either, since you can open up the sole and have them clamped to your pedals securely.

These shoes also give you a super tough construction with the added grip from the toe section that uses reinforced rubber and the neoprene fabric which is nylon faced. These shoes without a doubt would easily last you thousands of miles of use no matter how much you abuse them. 

This overshoe can be worn for most types of shoes easily since it features a double velcro closure fit adjustment in the rear.


  • They offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Has a neoprene build
  • Great option for trail use


  • Doesn’t really offer a range of colors

3. USHTH Overshoes

Best Cycling Overshoes

If you want the best weather protection you can possibly get without having to spend a fortune or sell a kidney and you don’t really care about the aerodynamics of an overshoe then this pair of overshoes by USHTH is definitely the one for you.

These overshoes are the best option for someone who travels a lot with their cycle and wants something that’s more on the budget friendly side and offers them a bang for their buck. 

They are 100% constructed from a highly elastic PVC material. They are also pretty tall and easily go all the way up to your knees, meaning that no matter how rainy it is outside, you will get the complete waterproofing. They come with a waterproof zipper that is full length and user friendly, the heels of this shoe have safety reflectors and for a nice and tight fit you get plastic straps on the top.

However, their use is not just limited to cycling, you can also use them if you’re out fishing, gardening, hiking and just any type of activity that you might have to do in the wet.


  • It’s a great option for bikepacking
  • Made using 100% PVC materials
  • Offers a wide range of uses


  • It is more of a daily driver than a professional cycling overshoe

4. veloToze Short Road

veloToze Short Road

The Short Road cycling shoe covers by veloToze are a great pair if you want something to just carry along with you as a safety precaution against unexpected change of weather. You can easily fold them down to be as small as a wallet and just carry them in your pocket or just through them in a saddle bag.

They do an amazing job when it comes to keeping the rain out but during warmer days it does tend to get a bit sweaty on the inside if you have them on. Even if they look a bit hard to put on, the really clingy latex compounds that they are made from make it much easier.

They can wear out really quick if you’re planning on walking while having them on since you’re not given any added protection around the toe or heel so it’d be best if you keep these in hand only for emergencies.


  • Compact and easy to travel with
  • Doesn’t have any zippers
  • It is also windproof and keeps you warm


  • They are pretty fragile and might tear as you put them on

5. VAUDE Unisex Overshoes

 VAUDE Unisex Overshoes

Vaude is one of the most famous brands that comes from Germany and they are providing you with one of the best overshoes you use for commuting or touring with your bike. These overshoes by Vaude are one of the tallest ones in the list and they are great at going up over your calves to protect your feet.

This is a great option for bike travelers who are looking for something versatile since they don’t just give you the waterproofing when you’re out riding but also let you go through the wettest tracks by wearing them over your hiking boots when you’re out hiking. 

If your shoes don’t come with a leak proof sole then there are chances of the water coming in from underneath since this overshoe doesn’t come with any soles. This overshoe is actually made using ecofriendly materials and even the water repellent fabric is ecofriendly and it doesn’t contain fluorocarbons. It gives you a warm inner fleece and a technical outer material with the sandwich construction.


  • Offers a lot of versatility with the design
  • It can be machine washed
  • Gives you great protection against water


  • The toe cap under the shoe is not so durable



The C3 is made by the well-known Gore Wear. They are a reliable brand when it comes to cycling shoes. If you want an overshoe that is not just waterproof but also windproof and gives you breathability as well then this is it. Gore Wear packs all those features in one overshoe. They are a great option for cold weathers and they are also very lightweight. 

It also comes with their Active Technology and offers a radiant neon yellow and a back version. It is also open sole and has an edge that is reinforced to be able to protect you against abrasions. You can easily get the right fit with the adjustable velcro strap in the back.


  • Compatible with various pedal systems
  • Can be machine washed
  • Great option for chilly weathers


  • It has a loose fitting

Buying Guide

When it comes to cycling in cold weather it can get pretty hard and challenging and it doesn’t make things any easier if your feet end up getting wet and frozen. Investing in a good cycling overshoe is always a good idea since your feet are the ones to suffer the most compared to your other body parts when you’re cycling, especially since your front wheel might generate a spray which will directly come at your feet. 

Cycling overshoes are made to be worn over your actual shoe and they make sure that your feet stay dry and warm when you’re off riding. They are usually made from a fabric that is weatherproof and they are generally divided in two sectors, windproof and waterproof. One of the more popular materials used to make these overshoes are neoprene as it does a great job at keeping your feet dry and warm. 

If you’re someone who rides or wants to ride no matter the weather condition then you should definitely get yourself a cycling overshoe to avoid any potential injuries and risks so you can stay safe. As much fun as it is to ride around in the summer, you require your feet to stay toasty and dry during the winter.

With the increasing number of options it can get hard to pick the necessary features that you need from a cycling overshoe. But there are some things you should consider before you get any on your feet. 

Waterproof or Windproof

This mostly depends on the area or the condition of weather you ride in most of the time. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain then your best bet would be to go with something that is made from neoprene since it does a pretty good job at making sure your feet stay dry and also keep you somewhat warm.

If you’re riding somewhere you get a lot of wind and it gets cold with temperature drops then getting overshoes that come with an internal membrane is a good option because they are good at keeping your feet warm from the harsh cold winds. 

How to Put Them on

There is a debate on the topic if overshoes should be worn over your tights or under your tights. While the debate rages, the most logical answer would be to wear them underneath your tights since the water usually runs down your leg after hitting on your tights so if you wear them under the water won’t be able to go inside and get your socks and shoes wet. 

And if you decide to go biking in shorts then it is recommended that you don’t wear any socks that are taller than your overshoe itself since most overshoes have a default design of sealing around the skin of your legs but with a fabric in the between the seal doesn’t work well. 

The Insulation

The thicker it is the warmer it is, that is pretty obvious but what you need to consider is how much of your bottom shoe is covered. The underneath of your overshoes need to have holes in them since they need to fit your heel pads and cleats. However, the more your shoe is covered the more warmth you are guaranteed. 

Final Words

Cycling overshoes can be quite an important investment if you want to keep riding no matter the type of weather you’re in. We hope to have helped your search with this list of some of the best ones, choose something that appeals the most to you and start cycling!.

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