Best Cycling Shoes for SoulCycle

If you just got a new SoulCycle in your home for those intense workout sessions then you’ll need the right pair of cycling shoes to go with it, especially since any other type of sneakers won’t work with the included toe cage of this bike, meaning it is important to clip in. So to make this daunting process a bit easier for you, we went through the hard part of researching and have listed a lineup of some of the best cycling shoes for you. So now without further ado, let’s dive right into our list!

Best Cycling Shoes for SoulCycle






1. Fizik R5

Fizik R5

Comes with a reflective heel cup

Has an ergonomic padding

Outsole is carbon reinforced nylon


TIEM Slipstream

TIEM Slipstream

Has a very breathable design

Has a slip on style

Provides a lot of comfort


ZOL Predator

ZOL Predator

Comes with a three strap safety closure

Constructed from durable materials

Offers a one year warranty




Provides high performance

Has a comfortable design

Offers a lot of versatility


Best Cycling Shoes for SoulCycle

Tommaso Venezia

Has a very durable design

Offers a two year warranty

Has a synthetic leather upper


Best Cycling Shoes for SoulCycle


Gives you precise adjustments

Provides a snug fit

Great for indoor cycling


1. Fizik R5

1. Fizik R5

If you’re looking for a shoe that has a stylish design and is going to get you some compliments when you go into your SoulCycle classes then the Fizik R5 is your best bet.

However, style isn’t the only thing you get out of this shoe, the R5 offers you all the good features you’d expect to get from a cycling shoe meant for SoulCycles. This shoe has gotten high ratings from many cyclists and also people who go into spin classes. 

The Look Delta cleat system that this shoe uses, makes it compatible with SoulCycles and even Peloton Bikes if that’s what you’re going for. It also offers you a range of seven colors to choose from and the Boa IP1-B dial or the velcro straps help to make sure that your feet are in place.  The R5 strikes a great balance between comfort, style and power. 

Another great benefit is that this shoe fits your feet just like a glove when its closure system is combined with the outsole that is made from carbon reinforced nylon and the MicroTex upper from Fizik.

During your spin classes this shoe will guarantee you double the results and make sure your efforts are maximized compared to using a shoe that is lower quality.


  • Has a stylish design
  • Comes in seven different color options
  • It is delta cleat compatible


  • Has a little bit of a heel lift

2. TIEM Slipstream

TIEM Slipstream

Getting your traditional cycling shoes can surely boost your spinning performance a bit but having a pair of shoes that is tailored for this specific indoor workout is more preferable. The TIEM Slipstream is a slip on shoe with a breathable design and it does a great job at giving not just great comfort but a great style as well.

You also get seven different color options with these shoes so you can pick whichever one you like the most. Compared to other cleated shoes, these shoes make it real easy for you to walk around the studio in them with the recessed SPD cleat compatible design. 

Moreover, while you power through your intense workout sessions, the toe box made from breathable mesh will be keeping your feet nice and cool. This shoe is also very easy to take off and put on with its single strap closure.

You should keep this in mind that they don’t come with any cleats, you need to buy SPD cleats separately for them and since SoulCycle bikes also work with SPD cleats, you have nothing to worry about. 


  • This shoe comes with recessed cleats
  • Gives you great performance with style
  • You can easily take them off and put them on


  • The bottom of the shoe has less support for your feet

3. ZOL Predator

ZOL Predator

If what you’re looking for is a spin cycling shoe that is more in the affordable area but it doesn’t sacrifice quality for the cost then the ZOL Predator is definitely the one for you.

You are ensured of maximum performance from your cycling with the velcro straps made from carbon fiber which wrap around your feet securely. You’re going to get a great bang for your buck offer with this shoe since it is a MTB shoe which can also be used in your SoulCycle bike classes. 

The soles on the Predator are constructed with fiberglass injected nylon and it is also compatible with SPD cleats. It comes with perforated insoles, a front made from mesh leather and a heel cup of carbon fiber. With all those features combined and put together this shoe comes to be not just very comfortable but also a great value for its price.


  • Has a very comfortable and lightweight design
  • It is compatible with SPD cleats
  • This shoe is very budget friendly


  • The metal plate where the cleats are screwed into corrode easily



Pearl Izumi has made a name for themselves with the quality of their shoes that are tailored specifically towards spin cycling. It offers you good comfort and is also very stylish. With this shoe the typical hot spots around your feet are dramatically reduced compared to other spin cycling shoes.

If you just swap the pedals you can the Pearl Izumi’s working on both Peloton and SoulCycle bikes since this shoe is compatible with both the SPD cleats. 

Another great feature that these shoes give you is an upper mesh that is anti-microbial so it ensures that there won’t be any weird odour or any kind of fungus in your shoes.

.This helps you pedal through your workouts without a worry since you don’t have to end up worrying about your smelling after a while of use. To make sure you get enough airflow throughout your shoe while you’re spinning, this shoe gives you extra holes for ventilation in the sole. These are great spin shoes that are definitely recommended


  • Ensures that it doesn’t have any odor
  • Comes at a great value considering its features
  • Offers you dual cleat compatibility


  • The size sometimes fit slightly bigger

5. Tommaso Venezia

Best Cycling Shoes for SoulCycle

This is another great budget friendly spin cycling shoe option by Tommaso. The Venezia also comes with recessed cleats so you get to walk around comfortably with these on. It works great with SoulCycle since it works with SPD cleats. You should make sure you know that these shoes don’t come with cleats included, meaning that they need to be bought separately. 

Instead of velcro straps it comes with laces and also has a regular sneaker design. It gives you a lot of comfort compared to most other shoes and you also get a really snug fit with these. It offers you as good of a performance as many other high end shoes and they’re built to last.

Another great thing about this shoe is that you can also use it with a road bike or basically any bike that has pedals and is compatible with SPD cleats and not just for spin bikes.


  • Offers you recessed cleats
  • Has internal padding to support your feet
  • Gives you a lot of comfort


  •  They can be a bit hard to put on


Best Cycling Shoes for SoulCycle

We all know that Shimano makes great shoes and has made quite the name for themselves when it comes to cycling shoes. The SH-IC500 is a great choice of shoes for spin cycling. It is compatible with SPD cleats but you need to buy the cleats separately.

It has a very stylish design and also gives a great airflow through your shoe with a breathable upper made from a sock mesh. You can get more precise and easier adjustments with the Boa L6 dial closure system. 

Just like other Shimano shoes, this one makes sure you get great power transfer to your pedals from your feet. Due to the reinforced plate that is full length you get amazing cycling performance. Since this shoe has a rubber sole you can also walk around in it quite comfortably.


  • Has variety of amazing color options
  • It is SPD cleat compatible
  • Offers you a tight and snug fit


  • The sizes tend to run a bit smaller

Buying Guide

It can be quite hard to choose a brand new pair of cycling shoes, mostly because cycling shoes can be quite pricey, so it is important to make the right decision after doing your research unless you want to make an expensive mistake. It is important to choose something that makes you comfortable and is suited to both your bike and yourself.

Spinning is one of the best workout methods that are even recommended by fitness and workout enthusiasts if you’re trying to get your lower body toned, get a lot of calories burned and increase your endurance.

First off, it is important that you know that bikes from SoulCycle generally come with pedals that are compatible with both SPD and LOOK Delta cleats. So unless you already own a pair of cycling shoes with appropriate cleats, it’s time to go get one.

No matter where you’re cycling, whether it’s at your home where you put up a new indoor bike or even a spin studio, to get the best performance and comfort while ensuring more efficiency, it is important to have the right pair of shoes on your feet. 

The comfort of your feet is an important decision when you’re getting spin cycling shoes since it might cause a potential injury or put unnecessary strain and pressure on your feet. So it is important you consider a few things before you get a cycling shoe for your SoulCycle. 

The Fit

While it may be the most obvious thing but it is the most important thing. You need to make sure your feet stay comfortable since it might affect the way you perform during your spin sessions or even lead to injuries. Having a tight and snug fit with a comfortable design is good. 

You should also keep in mind that having too much of a tight fit right out of the box might not be the best thing since compared to most other athletic shoes, cycling shoes don’t really stretch out as much the more you use it. 


While it may not be the biggest necessity to have a lot of ventilation when you’re riding outside on trail roads since your feet would already be getting a lot of breeze, it can be quite important for your feet to have enough ventilation holes and breathability for proper airflow throughout your shoe so that it doesn’t have any bad odor or fungus infestation. 

You need your feet to be comfortable and cool and not have them sweat inside the shoe when you’re powering through your intense workout. 

The Cleats

Whether you’re at home, the gym or your favorite spinning studio, it’s important to check the type of cleats that are compatible with your spin cycle and your spin cycle shoe. With the SoulCycle home bikes, it uses both the Look Delta and SPD cleats so you don’t have much to worry about. Just make sure you have the right cleats for the right shoes. 

Final Words

There are a lot of amazing options for spin cycling shoes that you can get for your SoulCycle but making sure you get something that is suited to your needs is very important, we hope that this list helps you find a shoe like that!

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