Best Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Spin-class cycling is a great source of enjoyment while maintaining fitness from indoor workouts. As indoor cycling is a lot different but somehow similar to outdoor cycling, you need to know the features and advantages of the ideal spin class shoes for making your indoor cycling worthwhile. In this article, we have scoured through the best cycling shoes for spin class available in the market.

Best Cycling Shoes for Spin Class Buying Guide

Choosing the ideal one from a variety of options that best suits your preference and makes your peloton cycling smooth is quite a hassle. However, we have inserted some important insights in this article for you to consider before buying the shoes.


For ensuring comfort and reduce fatigue from long hours of pedaling use shoes with good stiffness. For a firm grip on the pedal, buy the shoes with a cleated sole that will lock right into the pedals. 


Use flexible straps and ratchet for closure as too much tightness can tire your fit in spin class cycling. Fit is an important aspect of indoor or any kind of cycling as your workout performance will depend on this. Best cycling shoes for spin class usually provide Velcro straps and ratchet system closure for fit.


During peloton cycling indoors your feet sweats the most due to lack of open area and continuous pedaling. Therefore, choosing a breathable mesh and well-ventilated shoes built is necessary to wick away the moisture from your shoes. 

Durable Built

Durability is another crucial thing to consider while buying the best cycling shoes for spin class. The solid construction of shoes is what makes the riding easier while doing heavy pedaling and regular workouts. For indoor use, investing the same money for spin class shoes again is quite a hassle if the previous one did not last long enough, so pick the sturdy one while purchasing.

Best Cycling Shoes for Spin Class in 2021

There is plenty of options for spin class shoes available in the market offering various features. To help you pick the ideal one that best matches your comfort preference we have created the list of best cycling shoes for a spin class in 2021 in this article.






Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Shimano SH Rp1

2-hole & 3-hole Cleats

Fiberglass Sole Stiffness

Synthetic Leather Durability


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Tommaso Men’s Strada

Comfortable Upper Mesh

Delta and SPD Cleats

Reinforced fiberglass Sole


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Adidas ASMC Tennis Shoes

Uses  adjustable hook & loop

Stylish Design

Compatible cleat system


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Venzo MTB Indoor

SPD all compatible cleat type

Stiff and heat-insulated sole

Mesh Upper


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Road V5

Increased ventilation system

Provides low top arch support

Anti-Bacterial Upper Mesh


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Pearl Izumi Women W All-Road V4

Seamless Twin upper

3-strap anatomic closure

Arch support with dedicated insole


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Gavin MTB Indoor Fitness Shoes

Maximum air-circulation of a perforated insole

Hook & Loop strap and the heel cup support

SPD cleat compatibility


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Loius Garneau Men’s Multi Air Flex

Well ventilated flexible built

Nylon-Fiberglass composite outsole stiffness

HRS-80 retention cup for consistent pedaling


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

TIEM Slipstream

Engineered Mesh Built

SPD Cleats Compatible

Slipstream Technology


Cycling Shoes for Spin Class

Mavic Ksyrium Elite II

1- ergo ratchet system and 2 hook-and-loop strap

Ortholite inner sole for arch & heel support

Lightweight and superior built


1. Shimano SH RP1– Best Overall

Secure fit and comfortable grip are a great combination of cycling shoes for spin class. The Sh Rp1 shoes from Shimano offer both of these qualities with its all-rounder performance built construction.

The high heel cup and lightweight stiff sole ensures maximum pedal pressure and reduces your workout fatigue. It also comes with a dual Velcro strap closure for providing you the maximum support and grip on your foot and makes your indoor cycling soothing. This versatile shoe will be one of the best cycling shoes for spin class if are into regular workouts.


  • Maximum sole comfort with pedaling efficiency
  • Double Velcro straps for a snug fit
  • 5-hole outsole compatibility with clip-in pedals
  • Durable synthetic construction


  • Not suitable for walking around

2. Tommaso Men’s Strada 100 – Best For Comfort

If you are looking for a cycling shoe for a spin class with the excellent built quality and performance-oriented design, Tommaso Men’s Strada will be the best option out there. The manufacture of these shoes is great for indoor cycling, peloton, or fitness riding.

They provide high power transfer and riding efficiency while ensuring your comfort. The 3-hole cleat system enables flawless transition for clipless riding and provides maximum stroke from pedaling. Velcro straps on it offer great adjustability to your foot on the go. The stiff fiberglass-reinforced sole ensures the power under your fit with stability.


  • Comfortable synthetic leather snug fitting
  • Mesh upper ensures great ventilation
  • Maximum sole stiffness for power transfer
  • Durably built and high cleat compatibility


  • Less preferable for wide feet

3. Nike Super Rep– Best for Flexibility

Nike manufactures some great quality shoes for indoor workout and their Super rep is one of the best cycling shoes for spin class. This Nike pair comes with two Velcro straps, one allowing you great tightness in the side of your feet and one over the foot.

They also provide mesh built for proper breathability during long hours of practice. The outsole with compatible cleats assists your feet for maximum grip to the pedal and allows smooth power transition. Your feet will get decent closure with its Velcro closure and get an easy foot in and out option.

Therefore, we can conclude that this pair would be a great choice for its flexibility and breathability built for you.


  • Sleek design and color combination
  • Rubber built on heel and toe for ensuring traction
  • Flexible and breathable upper built
  • Allows both SPD and Delta cleats


  • Only preferable for small feet

4. Venzo MTB Indoor – Best For Construction

Venzo MRB shoes are a multitude of excellent features and great comfort for the indoor cycling experience. They provide versatile fit with three Velcro straps on the upper and coated with microfiber with strong nylon breathable allowing great ventilation.

The low-cut construction of the shoes makes the shoes lightweight and enables faster performance. It also offers stiff and traction-proof movement with its heat-insulated sole. No doubt, this pair has all the good qualities in this price range for giving you the suitable spin class cycling shoes you want.


  • Synthetic material allows fast moist ventilation with breathable mesh
  • Triple Velcro straps for easy closure
  • Removable footbed made of soft EVA insole
  • Multi-purpose SPD compatible pedal


  • Velcro straps are less durable

5. Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Road V5 – Best for Ventilation

If the long hours of cycling and fit of the shoe worries you while purchasing cycling shoes, go for the one that provides great ventilation and secure foot hug. Pearl Izumi Men's shoes provide excellent mesh breathable built with their anti-bacterial upper.

The PE sock liner with Silvadur top sheet material creates bacterial resistance in the shoes and provides durability in the end. The shaft measure of the shoes with low-top heels provides arch support for fast pedaling.

You will get the highest grip during spin class with its three hook and loop dials providing maximum control on the pedal. They come with great design and durable construction indeed one of the best choices for cycling shoes for spin class.


  • Low-top heel built provides great arch support
  • Closed-cell foam padding secures the feet from elements
  • Anti-bacterial mesh upper and insole for breathability
  • Durable and ideal for studio cycling


  • A bit large

6. Pearl Izumi Women W All-Road V4 – Best For Power Transition

The Pearl Izumi women’s shoes provide notable power transfer with their synthetic and nylon composite plate construction. The stiffness of the sole allows the rider to enjoy the cycling with great ease while ensuring pressure on the pedaling without tiring your feet. Its lugged rubber sole on the outer side allows you to walk around freely during a spin class workout.

They are quite affordable considering the features they provide including durability, power, and comfort for the spin class. These Izumi shoes can be an ideal choice for you to pick, as they possess the best features for cycling shoes for spin class.


  • Seamless upper designed for daylong riding
  • Triple strap closure eliminates feet fatigue from pressure points
  • Shaft outer sole for pedaling consistency
  • Lightweight and breathable built


  • Less aerodynamic than other shoes

7. Gavin MTB Indoor Fitness Shoes – Best Value

Novice, pros, and anyone loving indoor cycling would like shoes that are convenient for their performance and comfort factor. The Gavin MTB shoes come in a sturdy construction and stylish package to ensure those requirements for you.

They feature a mesh breathable upper and carbon fiber design with hook and loops straps for stable fit and foot grip. Albeit some notable features of the shoe for a great indoor riding experience.


  • Designed for quick closure with Velcro straps
  • Ensures high performance pedaling
  • Allows free ankle movement
  • Durable and stiff sole


  • Creates little noise while riding on the sole

8. Loius Garneau Men’s Multi Air Flex – Best For Stability

The Loius Garneau Multi-Air Flex shoes are lightweight and flexible in construction. Their sturdy built, multi-air Flex outsole offers good toe flexion while walking, preventing the hill pressure.

Breathable mesh upper and EVA insole provides through and through ventilation that helps prevent overheating. The heel and toe end provide great traction while walking and flexible for off ride movement.


  • Three amazing hook and loop coverages
  • Versatile design for ventilation and fit
  • Flexible for walking around
  • Great ventilation


  • Does not come with cleats

9. TIEM Slipstream – Best For Underfoot Grip

TIEM slipstream is one of the best cycling shoes for the spin class as they allow great clipping in your exercise bike. They are easy to wear for their slip-on built and cross strap upper bond. These shoes allow you to get on with your workout at ease with their SPD compatible cleat and durable nylon cycling shank underfoot.

The rubber outsole allows you to walk around the studio without any difficulty. In addition, these shoes come with a great mesh upper to ensure your foot breathability while working out in the class. Therefore, this pair can be a great choice for your next spin class shoe purchase.


  • Easy movement on the ground with rubber outsole
  • Ensures athletic built and mesh upper for ventilation
  • Single strap slip-on wearing ease
  • Comes in a great design and color variants


  • A bit lacking on strap built

10. Mavic Ksyrium Elite II Shoes– Best For Feature

Mavic Ksyrium Elite shoes offer optimum stiffness with their carbon fiber and nylon sole with consistent pedaling efficiency. They come in lightweight built and plenty of breathable ventilation on the shoe-upper.

The single ergo ratchet system and two hook-and-loop straps provide a snug fit on your feet. They have OrthoLite cushioning around the heel and arch of the shoe to provide support to your foot while riding. This stable and snug built allows maximum power transfer to the pedals and makes it your ideal choice for spin class shoes.


  • Excellent durability and foot comfort
  • Stiff and lightweight
  • Great for toe support
  • Comes in a stylish and trendy design


  • Not preferable for all foot shapes

Considering the hassles and dilemma to invest in the ideal pair of shoes, we have assembled the list of best cycling shoes for spin class for you in this article. Our best pick from this list is Shimano Rp1 for its laudable features of comfort, durability, and of course, the trendy look!

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