Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Whether you’re a male or female, having wide feet hasn’t really ever been convenient for anyone, this is even more so for cyclists. You’ll need the right pair of shoes if you’re aiming to be the best cyclist out there. It can, however, be hard to choose the right cycling shoes that are fit for you. This is why we are here to make this choice much easier for you by sorting out a lineup of some of the best shoes you can get for wide feet.

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet






Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Lake CX 241

Comes with a carbon fiber sole

Has a dual IP1 BOA closure

Provides you with abrasion leather


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Sidi Men's Alba 2 Mega

Provides you with abrasion leather

Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole

Wire velcro and BOA closure


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet


Offers a synthetic leather upper

Has a fiberglass reinforced nylon sole

BOA L6 Dial closure system


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Bont Vaypor +

Comes with carbon sole

Dual Dial Retention System closure

Has a Durolite upper material


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Sidi Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA

Breathable and vented design

High stress areas have double stitched seams

Offers a premium quality


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet


Compatible with SPD cleats

Comes with a rubber sole

Carbon fiber lightweight design


1. Lake CX 241

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

When it comes to making high quality cycling products, Lake is pretty well known, and they are also one of the few brands that actually makes cycling shoes that also fit people with wide feet.

The CX 241 offers you two different color options to choose from and it offers a very stylish design with a three hole SPD. They feature carbon soles and a full grain leather upper which all gives it a very sleek look. You also get to fine tune the snugness of their fit with the BOA closure system. 

These shoes don’t sacrifice any durability for being wide either. You get a durable and outstanding premium grade shoe due to the leather and carbon fiber. You also get proper cushioning in your feet with the Nufoam lining inside.


  • They are long lasting and durable
  • Amazing stiff soles for better power
  • Ensures an improved performance


  • Comes with a bit of a price

2. Sidi Men's Alba 2 Mega

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Sidi is one of the few brands that make shoes for cyclists with wide feet under a specific label to cater their needs with more ease. The Alba 2 Mega by Sidi is definitely a great choice for a wide feet bike shoe. You’ll know it’s a wide fitting cycling shoe if you see a shoe from Sidi with the name Mega at the end of it. 

The shoes are made from top quality materials and feel very high quality. For excellent snugness at the top, the Alba 2 features Velcro straps and BOA closure setup. The Alba 2 lineup also has available options for women. Thanks to the strategically placed ventilation holes, these shoes offer amazing breathability.

The airflow is provided just at the right places where your feet may get hot. This shoe has a great durability due to the solid polytex upper material and for putting the power down on the pedals perfectly they also have Millennium 4 Carbon Composite soles.


  • Offers a durable construction
  • Comes in many styles and sizes
  • Has a good amount of ventilation


  • They don’t offer a walking sole


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

The durable synthetic upper on the SHIMANO RC3 gives you a durable and sturdy build. The toe box area is properly ventilated and to let air flow through, it also features air vents underneath. This shoe makes micro adjustment fittings a lot easier with the BOA L6 dial. 

With the featured setup of fiberglass reinforced nylon soles, these shoes provide adequate stiffness. The rubber XC pattern on the soles of the RC3, offers an extra grip for walking around. They are compatible with 3 bolt cleats and with these shoes you’ll be making a more cost effective decision.


  • The sole stiffness is excellent
  • It is constructed with durable materials
  • They come at a very affordable price


  • Only comes with a BOA closure system

4. Bont Vaypor +

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

If you’re a serious cyclist who is looking for a high quality, top grade cycling shoe you will love the Bont Vaypor +. Bont makes sure to pay close attention to the pro cyclists and they pack everything that you would need in a shoe.

With the featuring liner that has ventilation holes in all the main areas and the Durolite upper, the Vaypor + will surely be with you for a good while.

The tapped heat is released providing excellent airflow out of the shoe, and you also get air inside when you’re riding with the vent holes in the sole toe area

 It is a very lightweight and comfortable shoe and it also reduces water retention with the high density memory foam paired with the dry cell technology. For better comfort you can customise the shoe’s fit further with the fully heated and moldable carbon construction in the sole.


  • Offers easy maintenance
  • Comes in with multiple styles
  • Can easily model to the shape of your feet


  • Comes in on the expensive side

5. Sidi Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

The Dominator 7 SR 17 by Sidi is an amazing pair of shoes that is very durable and can take almost anything you throw at it. These are the shoes you’re looking for if you want something that will fit you comfortably, provide lots of stability and also be lightweight.

Thanks to their Microfibra Microtech material they feature a breathable upper construction which also allows it to provide good water repellency and minimize moisture. 

You can walk them through any terrain without worrying about the grip due to the amazing treading featured in the soles. To give you the perfect fit, it has a micro ratchet adjuster and two Velcro straps. You also get all the comfort needed with the soft Thermoformed EVA pad.


  • It offers plenty of sizes
  • Provides you with durability and longevity
  • Has great water resistance


  • It can be expensive but it is worth the value


Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

SHIMANO is a well recognised brand in the world of cycling shoes and cycling gear. Their shoes are amazing and that stands true for the SH-XC5 as well. They have a carbon fiber reinforced midsole and are very lightweight.

They also keep your feet cool with the excellent ventilation that they offer. You can walk around in them without a problem due to the impressive sole grips on them.

You won’t notice the cleats when you’re walking around either because of the recessed MTB cleat design and thanks to the reinforced spikes you can walk on any terrain without a single worry.

The lace up closure that the wide shoes offer is also something that’s very different from many other shoes. When it comes down to it, it may not be as fancy but it sure does beat style with functionality. It still does look plenty good on the feet however. To accommodate both male and female riders the shoe comes in with 4 different color schemes.


  • They are able to fit very wide feet
  • You can easily walk around in them with the treads on the sole
  • Instead of Velcro it uses a lace up design


  • Since it has lace it can’t really be adjusted while you’re riding

Buying Guide

Cycle shoes are mostly made narrow and this can affect the performance of cyclists who have wide feet and it can also cause potential injuries to your feet since the shoes are not comfortably accommodating your feet.

But the fact remains that brands generally go for the more “average” individuals since they can have a larger segment of the market and they mostly tend to not pay a lot of attention to the other side of the market.

It has also been proven that in order to improve performance, more contact with the pedals is required so you can transfer power better. Now with all that in mind, we can see how important it is to buy proper cycling shoes for wide feet and ditch the old ones and we are here to help you with that.

When you’re buying yourself cycling shoes, you wouldn’t want to compromise since if you do, it’d be very uncomfortable to you and can affect your performance and your riding.

Getting the best one out there for you can also be very challenging, considering the number of shoes out there. So before you go buy yourself something, here’s a list of things that you should know in order to make a beneficial purchase. 

Style of the Shoe

The style of the shoe is one of the very first things that you should consider when you’re getting yourself a pair of wide cycling shoes. Since there are many different forms of cycling out there that people do, you would want the style of your shoe to match the type of cycling you do. 

For example, while a road cycling shoe needs to have cleats that will work with the bike’s pedals, a spin cycle shoe will be in need of cleats that will be able to align with a machine. 

Type of Material

One of the other things that you need to pay close attention to is the type of material that was used to construct your cycling shoes. You need to keep in mind that your feet are going to get hot when you are cycling.

Your feet get hotter the harder you are cycling and it can end up causing potential injuries on your feet. Not only can overheated feet develop blisters from friction, but you also have the chances of getting athlete’s foot.

The most logical solution would be to buy a pair of shoes that come with a breathable mesh to be able to allow the shoes to stay dry when on your feet and also dry up quickly after you ride. 

Sole and Arch Support

There is actually a lot involved that comes down to your personal preference when you’re talking about sole and arch support.

For this matter, you need to think what works best for you because at the end of it all, we all require different levels of support for the comfort and performance provided by the shoes. 

To make sure your legs don’t get fatigued from all the exertion, you would want to consider getting a lightweight material for your sole. If you need to, try out a couple of pairs to check what works the best for you. 


The weight of the shoe can easily be affected by the material your sole is going to be made out of. The material that the shoe is made of and the cleats as well can affect the weight of the shoe.

A heavy shoe will only cause you more fatigue and if it is avoidable, you should.

Final Words

Getting proper fitting shoes for cycling is just as important as buying cycling shoes so that you don’t wear slippers when you’re riding. You won’t be utilizing all your muscles and power if you’re not wearing the proper footwear. Our lineup above is some of the best shoes out there and we hope you find something of your desire in there!

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