Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

Finding the best pair of cycling shoes can be quite the chore and difficult to do if you look at the number of options you have available to choose from. To make sure you make a good decision, we have sorted out some of the best cycling shoes for you to choose from.

Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats






Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

Fizik R1 Infinito

Provides amazing power transfer

Offers great comfort

Has a flexible and breathable design


Giro Imperial

Giro Imperial

Dual BOA IP1 closure

3 bolt road cleat compatible

Offers a lightweight design


Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

Betoosen Road

High quality construction

Has a nylon sole

It is ergonomically designed


Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

Sidi Wire 2 Carbon

Has a vented design

Comes with a carbon sole

Lets you replace the heel


 Giro Berm

Giro Berm

Offers an easy fit adjustment

Provides great support and comfort

Comes with a breathable mesh


 Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau

It is completely synthetic

Has a ventilated design

It is easy to adjust


1. Fizik R1 Infinito

Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

This shoe by Fizik ensures that you will have a comfortable riding experience all day long with the Infinito outsoles that will give you a paddling platform that is extremely stable. The footbeds come with arch support and insoles.

Fizik’s increased volume control design that is working together with the Dynamic Arch Support is a part of Fizik’s Infinito Closure System. This is all managed by using two IP1 BOA dials on the side of the shoe. 

To provide good ventilation, the uppers on this shoe are made from a combination of mesh insole and perforated Microtex.

If you’re someone who mostly rides in hot conditions or you just enjoy indoor cycling then you’ll get more breathability out of the knit version.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Winner of the grand touring
  • Has the proper amount of stiffness


  • The sole can get scuffed easily

2. Giro Imperial

Giro Imperial

While it may not be the heaviest one in the lineup offered by Giro, it certainly isn’t the lightest model either. Coming in at around 224 grams with the stiff and responsive soles, they sure do provide a solid platform for pedalling. Even though there is no flex, you can still comfortably spend hours riding with them.

To minimize hotspots, help with support and ensure an even spread of tension, the dials operate through a series of soft lace guides. 

The Giro Imperial’s definitely, without a doubt, feel very high quality and premium, not just in its functionality but in its performance as well.

Even though they’re not much on the lighter side, you are still ensured great performance and feeling on the foot. They can easily mould to your feet's shape and make you feel really comfortable.


  • It comes with stiff soles
  • Offers adjustable arch support
  • Has a breathable design


  • It is not really ideal for winter with the mesh reinforced uppers

3. Betoosen Road

Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

The MTB road biking shoes is definitely one of the best cycling shoes from Betoosen. It is the stiffest on order from Trek’s components brand with a stiffness index rating of 14. They feature a replaceable heel pad, neoprene pads at contact points and twin BOA dials. They are good enough to be used by the very top of the sport. 

However, this shoe does come with a bit of a sizing issue, meaning that when you’re out to buy a shoe by Betoosen, you are required to size up. Although this case is mostly seen for people in the UK.

Apart from the sizing troubles, with their no slip lining in the heel to ensure a secure tight fit, these are definitely one of the more comfortable shoes out there. It also offers you great ventilation.


  • Has a comfortable design
  • Provides a lot of ventilation
  • Has neoprene on the contact points


  • Has a sizing issue

4. Sidi Wire 2 Carbon

Best Cycling Shoes with Cleats

Sidi gives you at the expense of a bit of added weight, a chance to largely customise their Wire 2 Carbon. They are definitely a bit heftier than some coming in at around 630 grams per pair. Since cycling shoes need to be comfortable, these shoes with their upper foot closure strap, an adjustable heel cup and the two retention dials, make sure to give you just that.

They might be a bit of an investment but thankfully with the toe and heel pads being replaceable you won’t have to get new shoes if those parts wear out. 

It provides you great ventilation and airflow with the mesh ventilation holes and the tiny ventilation holes all across the surface.


  • Offers a lot of adjustability
  •  The toe and heel pads are replaceable
  • Has a stylish matt finish


  • It is a bit of the heavy side

5. Giro Berm

 Giro Berm

If you want something within a reasonable and affordable price then the Giro Berm is what you’re looking for.

It may not offer you as much of a high performance as the top tier premium cycling shoes but it does a great job at providing you a breathable design with great protection combined with a sturdy upper. You also get an adjustable fit and for added grip in mud and dirt, a rubber sole with substantial lugs. 

It’s a great choice for beginners who are still learning the ropes and the midsole on the Giro Berm makes comfort a priority over stiffness, so it may not be as efficient but it definitely is flexible.

It also uses a dual Velcro closure system. Even though there are some compromises to be made you definitely get a bang for your buck with these shoes.


  • Offers a great value
  • Gives you quite the powerful pedaling
  • 2 bolt cleat system


  • Quite a few compromises to be made

6. Louis Garneau

 Louis Garneau

If you want something with a bit of a recreational use in mind and also a bit of versatility and comfort then you should definitely consider the Louis Garneau. It features a flexible outsole and a supportive heel with a two bolt compatible cleats. You are sure to get plenty of room around your feet while still being sure your feet are protected and kept sturdy throughout your commute. 

To make sure that your feet are nice and cool the Louis Garneau comes with breathable insoles. Also to make sure you stay visible when you are out riding under lowlights like around dusk or dawn, these shoes also come with reflective details on the heels of the shoes.

You can find these shoes available in women’s sizes from 6.5 through 11.5. You can use these shoes on adventure rides or commuting or even just to go on a quick spin around the block if you want to.


  • Come with a heel reflector
  • Has Velcro closure straps
  • Offers you heel support


  • Has problems with the size

Buying Guide

One of the most important contact points on a bike are your feet. It can be quite an expensive purchase, which is why making the right choice is important.

Choosing the right pair means you’ll be offered more efficiency, comfort, power transfer and a lot more, whereas with the wrong pair you can end up feeling uncomfortable in them and even end up with pain. If you’re someone who is serious about cycling, you should know that a good pair of shoes can bring you a long way.

Keep in mind that cycling shoes are designed to help you achieve your goals. To be able to bring the most out of a cycling shoe, you need to first consider the type of cycling that you do and also the kind of terrain you would normally be tackling.

The first step would be to start by picking out shoes that are actually compatible with your pedals, like are you using flat pedals or clipless pedals and depending on the type of riding you do, you can narrow down your search even further.

For example, mountain bikers and road cyclists both have different requirements, same goes for commuters and triathletes

You should also make sure your shoes are comfortable for walking if you are someone who likes to walk around before or after your rides. 

As much of a nightmare as it can be to shop for cycling shoes when you have so many options to choose from, it’s good that you know a few important things to make sure you’re picking up the right one no matter which one you go with.


One of the first things you need to check is the fit of the shoes. Cycling shoes come in many different sizes and many of the manufacturers out there often incorporate half sizes as well, some brands even give you an option for wide fits.

Trying before buying is definitely recommended since there are brands out there that have a reputation for making shoes with wider or narrower fits and some brands even let you custom mold your shoes by carefully heating them in an oven. 

You should also keep in mind the sizes across EU, UK and US vary with different brands, and in some cases the models of the shoe itself vary. For example, a UK size 11 would usually be a EU46 but it does however, differ in a lot of cases. 

Closure System

Nowadays the three main and popular closure systems that are used would be wire laces or Velcro straps with micro adjustable dials like BOA. You even get a combination of both occasionally.

You’ll often see lower end shoes come with Velcro straps since they are cheap but effective and easy to use. With higher end shoes you often get to dial systems like BOA and others since they give you more of a precise control to the fit.

The classic laces are also seen on cycling shoes from time to time and even though you get the classic look, you need to give up on adjusting your shoe while you’re on the bike. 


If you have done your research on biking gears you will know that carbon is the material you should go with even with shoes. Carbon is the ideal material to make cycling shoe soles since it offers the great ability of not just being stiff but lightweight as well. The only downside to this is that it’s expensive.

In order to save money, entry level and beginner cycling shoes often go with glass fiber or nylon composite soles. Compared to full carbon soles they are likely to be a bit more flexible and even if you can’t stretch your budget out to get the carbon ones you can rest easy knowing that even the glass fiber or nylon composite soles are ways ahead of your standard training shoes.

Price Range

High quality cycling shoes will surely cost a bit more than the average ones. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on buying a pair of cycling shoes. Just choose one from the list we provided, and start riding!

Final Words

Choosing the best cycling shoe can be difficult when you have so many options to consider. Choose one that appeals the most to you, not just with the looks but also with the features. You should also consider the type of riding you do to narrow down your choice and buy something that checks all your boxes!

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