Best High-Impact Aerobics Shoes

If you are an aficionado of high-impact aerobics, frequently engaging in sports or workouts that can ensure a healthier lifestyle for you, a good pair of shoes is crucial to add to your closet. However, it can indeed be daunting to find the right fit amongst the innumerable choices for this specific purpose.

The best high-impact aerobics shoes need to have commendable features to protect you at all times and to give you the comfort you deserve without requiring you to spend a fortune. We will help you find this perfect companion to get rid of your toxins during aerobic exercises. 

Buying Guide

Before picking your pair of high-impact aerobics shoes, you should be aware of the factors to consider. We are here with a few tips for you- advising you to closely pay attention to the following aspects before committing to your shoes.

There is a huge range of choice available in the market, promising on style and adhering to your needs, but you need to be wise to choose the one that feels more like what you need.


The material plays a crucial role since they determine which properties your shoe has. When you know the material, you can deduce how long it is expected to serve you, how heavy it is and which can suit your skin.

Usually, textile, mesh and rubber, and even leather, provide the shoes with the breathability and properties you will wish for water aerobics. Again, canvas, synthetic and leather is other highly durable materials that can assist in this purpose.

Cushioning and Soles

When talking about high-impact aerobic shoes, you need cushioning in the inner soles and heels of the shoes. This is because, these areas connect your feet to the shoe when you are in motion. This cushioning system needs to be of the top grade. 

You will often move your feet sideways during intense aerobics and this will need proper outsoles, and comfortable cushioning when you are moving. The outsoles must be wide enough and round in shape so that they can make your motion steadier and provide added comfort.

Midsoles are another important part of the aerobic shoes, given the fact that they control the excessive movements. They will ensure a good arch support to your feet, heels and toes.

Arch Support

You must be aware of the fact that your feet has three distinct arches- 2 longitudinal and 1 rear or transverse arch, formed by the foot bones and supported by foot ligaments and tendons.

The arch allows you to act like a spring which can carry the weight and absorb the shock during motion. Hence, your shoes must be able to provide excellent arch support to ease the exercise during the high-impact aerobics.

Best High-Impact Aerobics Shoes

Considering all the different aforementioned aspects, we have scoured the market and narrowed down the list of best high-impact aerobics shoes to the top 5.






Best High Impact Aerobics Shoes

Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit

Made with the Nike React Technology

Consists of pattern in sync with high traction

Has a low cut collar

Classy design

Super lightweight


Best High Impact Aerobics Shoes

K-Swiss Women’s St329 CMF Sneaker

Made of 100% synthetic leather

Sole is made of rubber

Consists of upper made of leather

Comes with textile lining in the collar

Has molded EVA for midsoles

Super comfortable


Best High Impact Aerobics Shoes

Reebok Women’s Hi Fashion Sneaker

Made of 100% leather

Sole is constructed from rubber

Extremely comfortable

Has EVA foams for midsoles

Consists of terry cloth lining

Provides good support to ankle


Nobull Men’s Training Shoes

The guard plates are made from SuperFabric which allows a highly flexible base for engaging in high-impact aerobics.

Super lightweight and highly breathable

High carbon on the sidewalls ensure increased protection of your foot

Made up of abrasion resistant materials

Functional and practical design

Versatility: High


PUMA Women’s Vikky Sneaker

Sole is made of Suede

Ensures snug fit given the lace closure

The outsoles are made of rubber

Puma cat logo is included both on the side and on the heel

Only available in Grey


1. Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit

Best High Impact Aerobics Shoes

This pair of shoe is the topper of our recommended list given its exceptional lightweight and classy outlook, comprising the Nike React technology. We call it our topper in the list of shoes for high-impact aerobics because it is one of the best amongst the best trail running shoes for men. The super lightweight construction of the shoe also ensures increased flexibility and exceptional traction support during the daily workouts.


  • Pretty soft shoes and yet super easy to take off
  • Comfortable fit
  • Decent support for grip and traction
  • Enhanced arch support


  • Somewhat tight in the forefoot
  • The midsole areas do not have enough support available

2. K-Swiss Women’s St329 CMF Sneaker

Best High Impact Aerobics Shoes

This pair of sneaker is one of the toppers in the list for the high-impact aerobics shoes because of its classical design, beautiful outlook and comfortable features. The materials that make up this shoe consist of 100% leathers in the uppers and extremely durable outsoles. You will not have to worry about the shoes cracking. It is also pretty affordable for the features the shoe comes with.


  • Superior cushioning system integrated with the shoes
  • Commendable classic design
  • Made up of top-notch materials
  • Extremely good value for the price you pay
  • The shock liners are highly praised


  • Arch Support is missing

3. Reebok Women’s Hi Fashion Sneaker

Best High Impact Aerobics Shoes

This is another very stylish pair of high-impact aerobics shoes in our list. Made up of the highest quality of materials like leather and terry cloth, the shoe promises on durability and features some of the strongest aspects out there. These include Velcro straps and lace-up in front.

With all these added features, you can expect extended comfort. You can use this pair of shoe for different activities outdoor without having to worry about safety. Even if you have problems in your feet, they might be a good option to consider.


  • Commendable classic design
  • Made up of top-notch materials ensuring sturdy built
  • Good ankle support
  • Extremely good value for the price you pay
  • The shock liners are highly praised


  • Lack of options to choose for in terms of color (mostly comes in black or white)
  • Does not have a good ventilation technology

4. Nobull Men’s Training Shoes

The brand has been celebrated for cross-training shoes and when it comes to the men’s training shoes, this is indeed a go-to option for ensuring high endurance and easy dry features of the footwear.

The design is also pretty commendable with the logo flashing in the right place, whilst the super fabric construction of the shoe ensures steadiness, good balance and perfect weight handling during the different aerobic exercises.


  • Premium traction support and medial rope grip
  • The sidewalls consist of high carbon
  • The toe region is wide enough to allow increased maneuverability
  • Extremely good value for the price you pay
  • Classic design


  • Might be a little expensive
  • Soles can feel a little stiff

5. PUMA Women’s Vikky Sneaker

Be it for gym workouts or for runners, Puma is an all-time favourite in the market with the classiest of designs and most comfortable fit options. This pair of Puma comes with a quick-dry mesh construction which makes it a top choice as well. The foam choker ensures a high quality fitting for users as well.

The shoe is one of the top players in the market and yet quite reasonably priced with some of the best features out there. Be it in terms of cushioning or comfort, the shoe gives a good competition in the market.


  • Extremely stylish and classy in design
  • Very good value of money
  • Comfortable fit
  • Highly suited for workouts
  • Soft foam inserts available in the shoe’s plush
  • Lace-up closure included


  • Not recommended for wide feet
  • The shock absorption level is questionable

We have given our verdict on the best shoes for high-impact aerobics out there, considering the aspects in relation to the support, material constructions, longevity and the best value of money. It is your job now to choose what syncs most with your preferences. You must choose versatile footwear for the purpose, without having to compromise with quality or comfort. In order to enjoy aerobics, you need to enjoy the experience and a shoe, which allows you to feel safe and at ease, is going to be the best option. 

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