Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing shoes are the source of grip and protection of your feet from the rocks and rough steep. As this sport fills the wanderer's heart with adventurous contentment, it also bears the risks of its own.

Therefore, choose the best gear with maximum grip to ensure a flawless performance while maintaining comfort and safety in mind. In this article, we have given the insight to help you choose the best rock climbing shoes out there considering the construction, closure, and performance in mind.

Rock Climbing Shoes Buying Guide

The athletic specialization and hurdles of rock climbing make it different from other sports and so is its footwear. Therefore, for choosing the best rock climbing shoes you need to keep few things in mind including the fit, comfort, construction for grip, closure, and of course the toe shape.


Fit is a crucial aspect of choosing the right rock climbing shoes as they vary from person to person. Some athletes prefer their shoes with maximum tightness, conformed to their feet. In terms of fit, tightness is a necessary aspect but comfort lies with this preference.

So if you are planning to wear the shoes for long hours of practice, wear the one that ensures comfort along with the preferred tightness. Fit without a dead spot for foot bending on steeps and pockets is uncomfortable as it pressurizes the foot. It is always wise to try the shoes before buying them.

Shoe Rubber

When you edge your foot on steeps and cracks, your shoes need to have a stickiness to hang yourself on a position on the rock. The sticky nature of your shoe rubber allows it to grip the location. There are different types of material available on the sole materials. RS edge, XS –Vibram, and ABD edges are some of the good materials for ensuring durable built and firm grips on steeps.


Lace-up shoes are usually preferable to people for their narrow foot-grip as they greatly conform to your feet. Then comes the traditional Velcro strap closure. They provide a versatile fit and easy on and off from your feet proving a spacious opening to your feet. People with large to small, all kinds feet size can easily slip into them. The Velcro straps provide a tight wrap on your feet. Therefore, it does not come out easily.

The last and comfortable closure is the slip-on system, it comes with a tight and stiff elastic that allows you to open the shoes easily and straps are added to give the highest wrap to prevent the slip away. Choose the one that suits your climbing style, nevertheless, we suggest the Velcro ones for their comfortable grip.

Toe Shape

Toe shapes decide the grip on the feet that assists you throughout the journey while rock climbing. If you are looking for the best rock climbing shoes, make sure to look into your toe shapes needed for your climbing type. There are two types of shapes- downturn and flatter shoes. The downturn shoes are great for hooking your foot on steeps and edges.

The aggressive bend on them increases the grip. However, the moderate ones with stiff rubber are fine for all kinds of rock climbing. The flatter shoe shapes are usually a good option for beginners. However, they are good for novice or advance all kinds of athletes, especially for smearing, longer routes, and long hours of comfort climbing.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes in 2021

There plenty of rock climbing shoes available in the market, in this article, we have assembled the list of best rock-climbing shoes in 2021 available in the market.






Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Miura VS

Quick-pull lace wrap

XS Edge rubber sole consistency

Dentex lining air-circulation


Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Solution Comp

Maximum rubber coverage on the toe area

Faster lace-wrapping system

Soft midsole for broad patch


Rock Climbing Shoes

Carpa Instinct VS

High-quality textile

Durable Vibram XS Edge forefoot

Heel hooking made of Vibram grip


Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Katana Lace

Pointed Vibram XS Edge

Asymmetrical toe box comfort

Laspo flex midsole with P3 technology


Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Men’s TC Pro

Sole made of premium Vibram

Leather built with upper

Lace system closure fit


Rock Climbing Shoes

Butora Endeavour

Stretch sustaining hemp lining

A comfortable footbed and sticky sole construction

Triple fork webbing fit


Rock Climbing Shoes

Five Ten Anasazi Lace

Genuine synthetic built

Traditional lace-up closure

C4 rubber outsole stealth grip


Rock Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond Shadow

Attractive design

Rubber built for maximum steep

Downturned Velcro strap tightness


Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Tarantulace

Combination of unlined leather upper and lined overlay for breathability

Faster lace-up and snug fit

Durably built with Laspo-Flex midsole and  FriXion RS sole


Rock Climbing Shoes

Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco

Sleek shoe design

Eco-leather upper construction

Midsole made of comfortable Talyn


Rock Climbing Shoes

Tenaya Masai

Asymmetric toe-box and optimum shape ensures excellent foot control

Full lace closure fit allows superior grip performance

Microfiber upper and TXT treated cotton lining comfort


Rock Climbing Shoes

Evolv Shaman

Increased balance with collateral Velcro closure

Love bump half-length midsole

Rubber Trax structure friction


Rock Climbing Shoes

Butora Acro

Outsole made of NEO Fuse sticky rubber

Toe hooking with great patch sensitivity

Extended heel rand for power density


Rock Climbing Shoes

Scarpa Furia Air

Very lightweight and foot-sensitive built

MLT tension system with highly elastic toe and foot grip

Bi-component microfiber perforation for ventilation


1. La Sportiva Miura VS – Best Overall

If you are thinking of a versatile and high-performance climbing shoe with aggressive downturn and comfort. With edging support on the rocks for sport climbing and boulders, Sportiva Miura would be an ideal choice for you. They come in a unisex design with excellent rubber construction and durable built.

The upper of the shoe is made of leather that ensures flexible foot bend during rock climbing. The pull-it lace and Velcro strap helps you to slip on the feet easily into the shoe with a firm fit. The overall built quality and durable material of the shoe would make this, one of the best rock-climbing shoes for your next adventure.


  • Snug-fitted foot wrap with faster lace-up system
  • Dentex lining for quick moist-dry
  • Durably built with LaspoFlex forefoot midsole and Vibram sole


  • A bit high toe-box

2. La Sportiva Solution Comp– Best For Sport Climbing

The Solution Comp is a versatile shoe for sport-style rock climbing, which makes your performance agile with its magnificent built.  From edging to pocket pulling, and ensuring smearing, heel-hooking, and toe grip in the steeps it comes in a complete package to serve.

Their sensitive and powerful construction is comfortable enough to wear for a daylong climbing. This shoe offers extended rubber toe patching for toe hooking and gives you a soft midsole for comfort. In addition, its Vibram XS Grip2 outsole gives it an increased sensitivity and smoothens the grip on the go.


  • Resigned rubber toe coverage for highest comfort
  • Vibram's XS Grip 2 rubber and power platform for greater grip
  • Quick pull lacing for easy wrapping


  • The faster stretch may not be comfortable for all

3. Carpa Instinct VS - Best For Power Sensitivity

Scarpa Instinct VS has a great preference for bouldering and is considered one of the best rock climbing shoes you can buy for sensitivity. They offer Lorica synthetic upper leather that prevents over-stretch and gives maximum hooking while hooking onto cracks. It assists on steeps for pitching on rocks with the aggressive downturn shape it provides.

This shoe also provides a customizable tight fit to perform better on stubborn routes. Their lightweight built and attractive design makes them unique. Therefore, you can bang the bucks for purchasing these rock climbing shoes considering their power-sensitive quality and amazing look.


  • Increased Bi-Tension Active randing for toe power 
  • Vibram forefoot for maximum foot grip
  • Durably built and midlength outsole


  • Not suitable for prolonged  hours of usage

4. La Sportiva Katana Lace – Best For Comfort

Rock climbing being one hard of a sporting choice requires a lot of comfort and solid-built shoes, La Sportiva’s Katana Lace is one of the best rock climbing shoes for those qualities. The great design and construction of this shoe make this an ideal choice for crack climbing, slab climbing, and traditional climbing.

One of the advantageous sides of this shoe is they are comfortable for daylong climbing activities, edging precision, and tight wrap around your fit.  Apart from the stretching, their fit and comfort quality is another level. If you are recently into rock climbing and trying to start to find a comfortable shoe, Katana would be one of the best rock climbing shoes for you.


  • Vibram edge and downturned shape provide great edging
  • Asymmetrical toe-box for increased sensitivity
  • Lorica upper and Pacific lined forefoot ensures tightness


  • Not the best hook heel

5. La Sportiva Men’s TC Pro – Best Value

La Sportiva TC Pro is a great rock-climbing shoe for its edging prowess and rock climbing experience. While hustling with the hooking and trying for progress, there might be times when your feet can stick in a crack. The extended foam padding of the shoe will protect your feet and ankles against such hurdles.

The ventilated tongues and toe shape allows your shoe to maintain air circulation and flat-rest your feet. Thus, the Sportiva TC Pro would be a great choice of climbing footwear for ensuring performance and safety in such a great price range.


  • Stylish urban look
  • Offers Vibram sole durability
  • Lace closure for a snug fit


  • Not preferable for narrow pockets

6. Butora Men’s Endeavour – Best For Edge Support

Butora Men's Endeavour allows all ranges of climbing options for beginner to moderate climbers. Its foot grip and power control ensure great edging support for you while climbing. This provides a natural fit with its triple fork webbing closure with a strap over your foot. For comfort, Butora Endeavour provides a split leather footbed with increased performance and flexibility.

The organic hemp lining on the outer area of the shoe prevents it from stretch and controls the odor. For your climbing companion and long hours of practice, this shoe will be one of the best rock climbing shoes within an affordable range and edging support.


  • Moisture control hemp lining
  • 3D injected ABS midsole for edging precision
  • Comfortable fit and sticky rubber sole grip


  • Bit smaller toe-holds

7. Five Ten Anasazi Lace– Best For Consistency

Five Ten Anasazi Lace shoes are pro-level rock climbing footwear for consistent power performance. They are built to provide great edging support and a reliable crack climbing experience.

Their innovative design and stealth rubber sole provide an unbeatable grip for rock climbing. The stiff and supportive sole makes your climb comfortable in rough terrains. The Velcro closure straps allow precise fit and assist in pressure distribution. Indeed, you can purchase the Five ten Anasazi considering the features of its top-notch built and pro-active design.


  • Features excellent lace-up closure fit
  • Pointed toes ensure a good grip
  • Padded support in needed areas


  • Less durable rubber built

8. Black Diamond Shadow – Best For Fit

If are looking for a pair of rock climbing shoes for agile performance on steep, overhanging walls the Black Diamond Shadow will be an ideal choice for you to pick. It provides a versatile fit with its toe-hooking Velcro strap.

The tongue slip-on system makes the removal of the shoes easy and overcomes the suction at the heel. The rubber built and toe cup design allows it to toe down on small footholds, pockets, and smear at local limestone sport crag with great grip.

The coverage of rubber built and the low-profile heel makes the toe and heel hooking efficient and precision accuracy.  The ideal fit and lightweight nature of the shoe make it an ideal choice for rough climbing.


  • Sticky rubber allows an increased grip
  • Easy adjustment with Velcro straps
  • Knitted textile for great breathability


  • Quite lacks in foot sensitivity

9. La Sportiva Tarantulace – Best For Stability

La Sportiva Tarantulace is known widely for stability and moderate route expertise for rock climbing shoes. The midsole of the shoes provides the necessary stiffness and flexibility. Which also assists in advanced rock climbing with its engineered knit technology. Its asymmetric design and flat sole allow long training and practice at terrains.

Crack hooking with this shoe is easier with its aggressive downturned shape that works fine on steeps and bouldering. The NeoFriction Fuse rubber makes the grip more efficient and optimum for your climbing. In addition, its FriXion RS rubber increases its durability and provides a value-for-money deal for you, making it one of the best rock climbing shoes out there.


  • Amazing line tongue for moisture control
  • Low asymmetrical RN45 build allows great stability on edging
  • Durably built with FriXion RS sole


  • It May feel a little narrow for wide feet

10.  Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco – Best For Trad Climbing

Traditional climbing is the true essence of rock climbing at the same time requires many footwork and safety measures. The Maestro Mid is designed to make the rough patches of rock climbing easier and grips more efficient for you.

The versatile combination of its incredible Eco-leather patterning and active rand gives your feet protection and enables you to attempt a range of classic climbs. Its Tayln midsole give great edging and sensitivity while climbing fearlessly on rocks. The overall build and design of this shoe make it the best pick for your next athletic adventure.


  • Comfortable upper and closure precision
  • Power edging with Talyn midsole
  • Great upper conform


  • Round toe-shape weakens the grip on steeps

11. Tenaya Masai – Best For Grip Precision

The Tenaya Masai is designed to ensure your climbing adventure an all-rounder trip. The way it assists you in multi-pitch traditional routes, secures you in terrains, and works as the best companion it is a go-to pair to binge on. Its narrow and symmetrical designed shoes increase the efficiency of your edging power.

The soft midsole allows you the highest comfort and provides a snug fit with its low-volume heel. Its unisex design, edge control, and technical features like microfiber and txt lining make it an ideal rock climbing gear. Therefore, if you are searching for a midrange shoe with such comfort and performance precision Tenaya Masai is one of the best rock climbing shoes available in the market.


  • Incredible built for foot support
  • Asymmetric toe-box allows superior control
  • Great fit with a microfiber upper and lace closure


  • Bit expensive

12. Evolv Shaman – Best For Toe Protection

When you are up for a great climbing experience it is always a high score to pitch but securing your feet and yourself requires appropriate footwear. The Evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe is one of the best choices for rock climbing shoes if you prefer preciseness and toe protection. Its aggressive sport climbing built makes it ideal with its toe rubber and strap for toe hooking and coverage.

This also comes with a knuckle-secured toe-box and the Love Bump midsole for comfort in a downturned position. Its rubber construction allows it to perform in long hours of pitching and ensures durability. The synthetic mesh upper ensures its breathability for wicking away the moisture from the shoes.


  • Precise fit with three hook and loop straps
  • Incredible friction with rubber construction
  • High-quality synthetic prevents stretch


  • Proper fit may need a size up

13. Butora Acro – Best For Wide Feet

Butora Acro is a great pair of rock climbing shoes if you are looking for shoes with power control accuracy and comfortable features. This shoe comes with sticky rubber for ensuring the highest grip on places for bouldering. Its superior construction allows it to be an advanced climbing shoe with ABS injected midsoles to help maintain flexibility.

The rubber toe patching is a great addition on it to maximize your power sensitivity and toe-hooking. The high-tension heel and adjustable fork closure give you an enhanced fit and easy slip into the shoe.  Therefore, you can buy the Butora Acro climbing shoe for its great features and built.


  • High tension heel rand allows power control
  • Incredible grip with great sticky rubber toe
  • Breathable mesh and adjustable fork closure


  • Only suitable for small built

14. Scarpa Furia Air – Best Lightweight Pair

The Furia Air is the most lightweight pair on this list and one of the best rock climbing shoes available in the market. This shoe provides great foot sensitivity over the rough surface or steeps of rocks. This allows the highest foot engagement while climbing for its incredibly low weight. 

The perforated upper with microfiber panels provide your feet a snug fit. The rand design and aggressive downturn with flexible midsole ensure great toe and hill support on your fit while climbing.

The comfortable and precise wrap around your feet with adjustable closure and ABS midsole durability boosts your confidence during the trip. Therefore, Furia Air and its lightweight built for high performance and confident grip will make a suitable pair for your next rock-climbing shoe.


  • Great design and lightweight built
  • Microfiber perforations enable nice breathability
  • Flexan midsole power distributes for heel and toe support


  • Not preferable for wide feet

Picking the ideal shoes for rock climbing is a little cumbersome, as you need to consider many things from continuously advancing features and your budget. In this article, we have added a list of the best rock climbing shoes available in the market to guide you with your preference. Choose the one that best suits your taste and type. However, our best pick is La Sportiva Miura VS considering its superior construction, fit and sleek look!

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