Best Running Shoes for Marathon

Even if you are a fast runner, you need to choose the best shoe which will enhance your performance. If you choose the wrong shoe, then it will reduce your chances of making it till the end. Another risky issue of you injuring your leg is a huge probability with a wrong shoe. 

If you are someone who has the spirit to complete a marathon, then carefully select your armor which is a great supportive shoe. Your chance of reaching the end will increase just with the correct selected shoe.

Want to know all about it? Keep reading the entire article and you will be able to select the best running pair of shoes for your marathon!

Buying Guide

Before you buy a running shoe for marathon, you need to keep some of the factors in mind which can ensure you purchase the best one suitable for you. Only knowing the shoe number and buying an attractive pair is not an ideal choice. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind before going for a running shoe for marathon.

If you want to know the key factors to consider while purchasing a marathon running shoe, then read the following descriptions carefully.


It is necessary to select the shoe which has the outer sole made up of rubber or synthetic material. Many shoes have a very stiff outer which does not allow any movement for the feet.

So, you have to be careful to select the flexible one. It is best to buy the shoe which is made out of mesh synthetic or mesh materials as they provide air ventilation and exhumes the heat within your feet. 


It is vital for you to check the midsole. If the shoe has a soft and comfortable midsole then it will be the best to provide you comfort while running.

Often while running a marathon, the feet get exhausted so you need to opt-out for the one which can be comfortable for your feet and the skin. If the midsole is cushioned and comfortable, then you will be able to run longer without any ache in your feet. 

Types of Running Shoe

There are 3 categories of running shoes available in the market. They are neutral, stable, and motion control (high support).

Neutral shoes are best for neutral runners or people who tend to roll outward.

The Stable type is suitable for moderate overpronation.

And lastly, those who exhibit moderate to severe overpronation require Motion Control shoes.

These are to be kept in mind to be safe from foot injuries and strains. 

Getting a Good that Fits Well

Buying a running shoe that fits your both feet is extremely important as many people often buy large sizes to save future purchases. It is inefficient for you to do so. Running shoes should be purchased after measuring both of your feet.

When you try the shoe, observe if you can wiggle your toes. Being able to wiggle the toes is necessary for your feet to be comfortable. If you wear insoles or running socks, then try on the shoe after wearing those as they may vary the size as well. Beware of brand sizes as well. Different brands follow slightly different measurements, so you need to be careful while selecting. 

Price Range

Often people are not conscious about the price of the product. Sometimes people buy the pair which is expensive as it has different features which they do not require. Keep the price in mind before purchasing the shoe.

There is no guarantee that if a shoe is expensive, it is supposed to be a good one. When buying a shoe, no matter how much you like it, if it is out of your price range, then do not purchase that one.

As there is no chance of trial while buying online running shoes. We have listed the best marathon running shoes available presently in the market for you to choose from. 






ASICS Gel-Venture 6

100% synthetic 

Available in a variety of colors


Mizuno Inspire 16

Rubber sole

Low-rub from top arch


Topo Athletic Magnifly 3

Running athletic design

Zero drops for better performance


Skechers Men's Go Fast Valor

Synthetic sole



1. Topo Athletic Magnifly 3

The Inspire 16 from Mizuno is the ultimate shoe for a quick and stable running experience. The special engineered mesh upper is all new technology to provide a sleeker look and feel. The shoe provides a breathable fit and lightness for comfort.


  • Non stitched 3D Runbird logo
  • Engineered mesh upper with new technology
  • Updated heel collar for plush feeling.


  • Only recommended for men

2. ASICS Gel-Venture 6

Gel-Venture 6 from ASICS is redesigned to run on any terrain tracks. This shoe is designed with a high-abrasion rubber for the flexibility and agility of the shoe. You can run along with any type of track and feel the rear foot absorbing the running impact without any discomfort.


  • Removable sock liner for medical orthotic users
  • Reversed lugs for running in all types of terrain tracks
  • GEL technology cushioning system for enduring impact


  • Designed only for females

3. Mizuno Inspire 16

Topo’s Athletic running shoes are designed with the best features along with maintaining traditional instinctive human movements. The dual-density EVA midsole is perfect for providing cushioning for your feet and has firmer bottom for a better running experience.


  • Updated zero-drop design for proper movement of the ankle
  • Multiple density midsole with layering for support
  • Sweeping toe rocker for comfort


  • Low arch support for wide feet people

4. Skechers Men's Go Fast Valor

Skechers Go Fast shoes are lightweight running shoes that can be your best choice for other wears too. The cushiony air cool mat is suitable for running and training. The memory foam insoles provide a different level of comfort. You can wear these for other training and athletics as well as they are designed for multi-use.


  • 5GEN cushioning midsole with a breathable mesh outer
  • Socklike collar for the comfort of the ankle
  • Air-cooled Goga mat insole for support and shock absorption


  • Not waterproof


While preparing the recommended list, we tried our best to keep in mind all the necessary features that should be present in the marathon running shoe. We tried our best to keep into consideration the price and quality of the shoes.

The shoes recommended in the list are reviewed by many customers and are mentioned with proper analysis. The given list has all the necessary details mentioned for your convenience. 

Even if you are ordering online, with the standard buying guide and the provided list of shoes, you will be able to find the best one for you. By following this list, if you purchase the most suitable for you, then you will be unstoppable to complete the marathon with great performance and agility. 

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