Best Shoes for Aerobic Dance

Aerobic dance with fast moves and rhythm makes a good full-body workout. It is not only about having fun or reaching a fitness goal, it also requires perfecting your moves. And the best moves come with the best pair of shoes.

Aerobic is such an activity for which you regular training shoes might not be up to the mark for jumping around, gliding, spinning or pivoting. It is essential that you choose a good stable pair of shoes that not only helps in supporting your body but also allows you to have a great time dancing.

Buying Guide

Dance shoes are a bit different than your regular training shoes. They need to be light enough to help you spin and glide smoothly and also sturdy enough so you can dance around for longer period of time. Look into the features for the best aerobic dance shoes provided below.

Know the types

The right kind of shoes not only makes your dance moves sharp but also makes it quite enjoyable. You need a shoe that keeps your feet comfortable and prevents it from sudden pressure and sprains. Here is a list of features that will help you get information on what type of shoe you should get for your aerobic dance trainings. 

Pivot Point: The pivot point is located at the balls of your heels, which allows you to rotate and turn easily. These points prevents you from slipping on surfaces that are even and smooth while you are about to make a quick turn. 

Cushioning: Aerobic dance is a high intensity workout that often meets with sudden shocks and pressure. So that your feet stay safe from these shocks, you need to find a shoe that has the right amount of cushioning and a good arch type as well. Midsoles made of EVA foams are highly recommended because it makes sure your shoe does not become weighty from too much cushions. 

Traction: Dancers train on both smooth and uneven floors and a shoe with a good traction keeps you from slipping or tripping on any such surface. Find a shoe that comes with a sticky sole so that you can slide with ease. 

Support: Shoes appropriate for aerobic dances will have a wider toe and heel space, a proper arch support; soft padding that prevents ankle sprains, and a tight lacing system to secure your feet.






Ryka Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe

Made of 100% synthetic fabric

Has a huge size range, from 5 to 11, also comes in different fittings

The shaft is almost low-top from the arch

The outsole is made of Fuse layers and flex foil for extra support and stability

Midsole consists of a Dual density foam for cushioning and absorbing shock


Reebok Women's Guresu 2.0

Upper made of synthetic mesh for breathability and lightweight

Suitable for workouts, training and dancing

Has a low cut design for smoother movement

Midsole made of full rubber cushioned material for shock absorption


Bloch Boost MESH Sneaker Dance Shoe

Made of 100% leather

The outsole made of rubber that glides easily while working out

The heel measurement is 1 ¼ inches and the platform measurement is approximately ¾ inches

The arch is kept high for flexible movements


Asics MetaRacer Tokyo

This shoe comes with a carbon forefoot plate that fits your feet perfectly

The midsole is made using the GUIDESOLE technology which absorbs shock and pressure

The upper is made of synthetic mesh that allows ventilation and makes the shoe lighter for workouts


best shoes for aerobic dance

Saucony Men's Kinvara 12

The PWRRUN cushioning technology has been used to make the shoe lightweight and suitable for a daily wear

The upper is made thick with a plush tongue so your feet can stay comfortable even after tying it tightly

The synthetic mesh makes movements flexible


best shoes for aerobic dance

Brooks Ghost Men's 13

Contains segmented Crash Pads that absorb shocks while carrying out extreme trainings

The mesh is made using 3D Fit Print which provides the shoe a proper structure for a better fit

Available in four colors


best shoes for aerobic dance

Salomon S/Lab Cross Endurance Running

Suitable for HIIT workouts, cross training and aerobics

The cushioned insole protects the ankles and heels from getting sprained

Has a lacing system made of Flywire cables that gives a close fit


1. Ryka Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe

shoes for aerobic dance

The Ryka brand keeps it mind how a women’s feet form is different from that of men’s. These pairs contain a wider forefoot and a narrow heel space that provides a proper fit for women’s feet.

The upper contains a padded tongue with collar made with comfortable mesh material. This makes the shoe lightweight and allows ventilation.


  • Have options to choose from various width size
  • Overall cushioned insole
  • Absorbs shock and keeps feet safe


  • Laces needs to be replaced often

2. Reebok Women's Guresu 2.0

shoes for aerobic dance

The Reebok Women’s Guresu comes with a huge range of sizes and colors, from bright black and orange to light pastels like greys and whites. They are not only comfortable, but stylish as well.

It is made of a lightweight ortholite material that snugs in your feet and provides cushioning. There is a Turnzone pivot point at the balls of the heels, so that you can spin and turn smoothly.


  • Has a removable sock liner
  • Has a wide range of colors to choose from


  • Might be difficult to choose the perfect fit

3. Bloch Boost MESH Sneaker Dance Shoe

shoes for aerobic dance

The Bloch Boost shoes aims at making shoes for all kinds of dance genres. These shoes are a bit different than regular with a higher arch for smoother heel-to-toe movements. Bloch advises to get a size higher than your regular size for the perfect fit.


  • Outer sole has a pivot point so that you can get a good balance
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Choosing the perfect size might be tricky

4. Asics MetaRacer Tokyo

While looking for a shoe that you can use for intense aerobic workouts and dances, you can check the MetaRacer Tokyo. The shoe is constructed of organic material which allows you to glide smoothly on hardwood floors or concretes without slipping and losing balance.

It contains a perforated upper as well which keep your feet dry and does not make it sweaty even after using it for long time.


  • Comes with all over cushioning on the insole
  • Suitable for intense workouts


  • The arch type might not be suitable for all

5. Saucony Men's Kinvara 12

best shoes for aerobic dance

The Saucony Kinvara has come out with its 12th edition that carries new and better features than the previous versions. It is made to be lighter yet sturdier with the right amount of cushioning in the midsole so you can use it for heavy workouts without the shoe weighing you down.


  • Available in multiple designs and colors
  • Can be used on any dry or wet surfaces


  • Wears out after a few times of use

6. Brooks Ghost Men's 13

best shoes for aerobic dance

No need for concerns regarding sore ankles and blistered feet when trying out a new pair of shoe, because the Brooks Ghost shoes comes with features that provide a good support to your feet.

The insole is made of soft and comfortable material and contains a huge toe space so that you can move without feeling any stiffness.


  • Wallet friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Can be used for heavy trainings


  • The balls of heel need better pivot

7. Salomon S/Lab Cross Endurance Running

Dancers require shoes that can carry them throughout longer workout sessions without weighing them down or covering their heels and ankle with blisters. The Salomon S/Lab serves these features, being light enough so that you can make swift movements and sturdy enough to give you stability and a proper grip.

It has a perforated mesh upper which allows your feet to breathe well and a sole made of EVA compound which keeps the insides soft and cushion like.


  • Has a weightless design
  • Flat heel with the rubber sole gives it a good traction


  • Not suitable for all weather

Hope the detailed features of each shoe provided in the article will keep your mind at ease while you choose the right shoes for your aerobic workout. Aim for a shoe from the list of seven best aerobic shoes that not only keeps your feet safe, but makes your overall body movements sharper and cleaner! Hope this article was helpful to you.

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