Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

People suffering from obesity tends to face a lot of foot problems wearing regular shoes. That’s why companies manufacture special shoes that will solve their problems. In this article, we will answer your question – what are the best shoes for obese walkers. Keep reading to receive the right information from experts.






Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

Removable insole

AHAR Rubber

Gel Cushioning 


Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

Proper arch support


Excellent grip technology


Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

BioMoGo DNA foam

Wide toe-box 

Removable insoles 


Breathable Mesh

SpEVA midsole material

ComforDry sock liner


Durable sole

Removable insoles

Perfect amount of traction


1. Best Shoes for Obese Walkers: ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

ASICS is an all rounder shoe brand which started their Gel-Venture shoes for obese walkers. These shoes are basically running shoes but they are highly comfortable for walking. 

Overweight people tend to walk slow. They need the right amount of cushioning to avoid any foot problems.

Thanks to ASICS for launching their Gel-Venture, especially the 6th edition. These shoes guarantee maximum shock absorption with high-energy return. They come in various width sizes. So, you can be relieved about your wide foot.  

The shoes are excellent in maintaining the foot structure while walking. You can have a comfortable balanced walking journey with this ASICS pair.


  • Adds plushy feel to the heels
  • Contains a removable insole
  • Has reversed lugs on the outsole
  • Has a proper ventilation system


  • Heavy in weight

2. Best Shoes for Obese Walkers: New Balance M990V4 Sneaker

Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

New Balance M990V4 is available for both obese men and women. Most of the time, people with obesity couldn’t fit their feet due to small space in shoes. 

This M990V4 is an exception in this case. The shoes have extra space in the forefoot and heel area. You won’t have to worry about finding bigger shoes anymore!

While the shoes provide extra space, it allows the right amount of snug. This will help people suffering from plantar fasciitis tremendously.

The cushioning and arch support is great. Even if you walk for hours, you won’t feel a thing in this comfortable pair.


  • Flat outsole
  • Lightweight
  • High-tech materials with durability
  • Has exceptional space on the forefoot and heel area


  • The sole is a bit harder than other shoes
  • The rubber can smell bad with the first usage

3. Best Shoes for Obese Walkers: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

Overweight people will love Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18. With these shoes you’ll forget to ask what are the best shoes for obese walkers. Built with BioMoGo DNA foam, this special footwear will hug your feet while walking.

They are extremely lightweight with removable insoles. Even after a heavy walk, your shoes will be odorless. 

You can use these shoes for regular use. They are soft, broad in width, and comes in a sleek, stylish look. 

Brooks Adrenaline is the perfect remedy to your foot pain problems!


  • Perfect air circulation
  • Remains odorless even after a heavy walk
  • Has a smooth heel-to-toe transition technology
  • Provides you a cool, stylish look


  • A little narrower in the toe area
Best Shoes for Obese Walkers

Here, we come with another ASICS product for the second time. The brand’s excellent innovation GT-1000 series is perfect for those who are looking for obese running shoes.

These running shoes are too spacious. The cushioning is at the right amount which will protect your feet with shock absorption. Having a breathable mesh confirms that your feet will be less sweaty and free of odor.

To decide what are the best shoes for obese walkers, we didn’t think twice choosing these pairs. As the brand structured these shoes with high tech material, it’s almost impossible to avoid this obvious choice. Materials like SpEVA midsole, GEL cushioning in the rearfoot, Guidance Trusstic System made this pair extraordinary. 


  • Simple design with high-tech functionality
  • Removable ComforDry insoles
  • Extremely durable midsole and outsole
  • Provides the best cushioning and shock absorption


  • These shoes might be too spacious for moderately obese people
  • Lacks water-resistance material
  • The toe-box can be narrower for extra-large feet

Our final favorite, Saucony started its 9th edition Cohesion running shoes for people suffering with foot problems like overpronation, plantar fasciitis, supination, and even knee problems.

The brand kept re-releasing this series, updating it each time. The technological advancements made these pairs more comfortable for obese walkers. 

It’s a good choice for heavy hikers too! They come with different width options. So, you have to worry less about fitting them perfectly. 

These shoes provide the right amount of traction on all surfaces. You’ll feel a soft plushy feel within every step. Moreover, the lightweight design is absolutely praiseworthy as obese walkers suffer much with heavy weight shoes.


  • Comes with different width options
  • Has a responsive cushioning system
  • Adjustable and removable insoles
  • Durable upper materials


  • Doesn’t provide much grip in rainy environment
  • Bulky structural design

Buying Guide for Heavy Walker Shoes

We have seen a lot of interesting features in the aforementioned shoes. Each brand comes with a unique solution for obese people. These shoes tend to guarantee solving all kind of foot pains and knee problems. 

This brings us to the fact that you can’t randomly buy any shoes if you have such problems. Here are few features which you must consider before purchasing heavy walker shoes:


Obese people tend to face trouble while walking fast. The excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the feet. As a result, the walker becomes slower than an average weighted person. 

That’s why, it’s extremely important to buy lightweight sneakers or running shoes. The lesser weight your shoes will carry, the faster you can walk. It will minimize all the health obstructions while you are on the street. 

Size and Width

Plus-sized people usually have larger feet. They also have wider feet than the average. Consequently, they need shoes with more room to walk comfortably.

You might find some shoes broad in width but narrower in the front area. Be careful while you are purchasing these types of shoes. Your toes can feel congested in the front part and cause you trouble while walking.

New Balance, Saucony, and ASICS are some really good brands which made over spacious shoes. 

You’ll be able to lessen your toe pressure and have a balanced walk within each step. 


As we covered the size consideration for obese walkers, we recommend purchasing shoes that have proper ventilation system. When we walk for hours, our feet tend to get much sweaty. If you wear socks, your feet will perspire faster. 

Sometimes sweaty feet can lead to bad odor. It might happen with a pair of poor-quality running shoes too. That’s why, it’s important to prioritize breathability while purchasing shoes.

Sneakers or running shoes with mesh upper provide a good amount of air circulation. You can also check out the shoes above that have excellent breathable features. 

Arch Support

A very important issue is the arch support. There are so many people with overpronation problems. They require a good pair that supports the arch perfectly.

If you are looking around the internet what are the best shoes for obese walkers, then you should consider this matter heavily. Search for shoes which have a maximum shock absorption quality. Heavy walkers tend to have less shock absorption naturally. 


With each heavy step, your shoes can wear out fast. As obesity leads to putting more pressure on the heel and insoles, the shoes can lose their cushioning. Hence, durability is the most significant factor here.

While searching what are the best shoes for obese walkers, you must lookup for durable shoes too. The construction material must be enough strong to take your weight. However, keep in mind to choose shoes with maximum comfort. 

Bonus Features to Watch Out For!

While we talked about some of the basic features, you should care for some additional features as well. These features can include traction, laces, and collar and tongue padding.Purchase a shoe that will provide you ease on any surface you will walk. Whether it’s a muddy road or a flat ground, the right amount of grip is necessary. If your shoes are made of water-resistant materials, then consider it as a plus point!

Try to buy shoes with long elasticized laces. Or else, you couldn’t tie up your wide feet properly. Finally, some extra padding in the collar and tongue area will help you balance while walking.

Final Words

We tried to provide information of the best shoes available in the market. These shoes are of top-notch quality with high-tech materials. You can wear these shoes with no doubt if you have obesity or foot related problems. Also, try to check out features like size, breathability, durability, and arch support before purchasing the best shoes. 

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