Best Water Aerobics Shoes

The popularity of water aerobics as a sport has been on the rise given the health benefits it comes with, enhancing your heart health and lungs capabilities. However, while rejoicing the benefits of water sports, we may often forget about investing well on the gears they require to enhance these improvements.

Water aerobics have special shoes which can be extremely useful, improving the safety issues and comfort of users. They will ensure your performance is at its best during you aquatic exercises that need good movements.

Buying Guide

Before picking your pair of water aerobics shoes, you should be aware of the factors to consider. We are here with a few tips for you- advising you to closely pay attention to the following aspects before committing to your shoes.

There is a huge range of choice available in the market, promising on style and adhering to your needs, but you need to be wise to choose the one that feels more like what you need.


The material plays a crucial role since they determine which properties your shoe has. When you know the material, you can deduce how long it is expected to serve you, how heavy it is and which can suit your skin. Usually, textile, mesh and rubber, and even leather, provide the shoes with the breathability and properties you will wish for. You may even opt for waterproof shoes.

Snug Fit

This is another important factor since a good fit will ensure there is least possibility of water entering the shoes at any cost. They should not feel too big for you, or uncomfortable, since you want to avoid blistering at any cost. Mostly these shoes will be slip-on or consist of straps made of elastic to allow your feet to feel right.

Grip and Adhesion

This feature allows you to know how stable can you feel, or how balanced you can be, instead of slipping on dry or wet regions. Usually, rubber soles steal the show in this regard.

Efficient Drainage

In case water enters the shoes, you will want it to get out as soon as possible. This is aided by the effective drainage system that comes with the shoe. A good drainage system allows you to better dry your shoes, preventing built up of odour or foot diseases resulting from damp conditions. In this regard, shoes made out of mesh are the best fit.

Best Water Aerobics Shoes

Considering all the different aforementioned aspects, we have scoured the market and narrowed down the list of best water aerobics shoes to the top 5.






Best Water Aerobics Shoes

Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Comes in 9 different sizes

Available in 12 different colors and styles

Constitutes of 90% fabric

Sole is made of rubber, water grip outsole included

Arch Support: Moderate


Best Water Aerobics Shoes

Dreamcity Women’s Water Athletic Sports Lightweight Walking Shoes

Multifunctional shoes for both men and women

Constitutes of 90% fabric

Quick dry engineering with the drainage holes

Water- resistant and anti-slip design

Sole is made of rubber

Very lightweight


Best Water Aerobics Shoes

Mishansha Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

One of the bestsellers in

Available in 43 different colors and styles

Comes in 14 different sizes

Constitutes of spandex fabric

Sole is made of rubber

Lace locking engineering included in design

Super ventilated


Best Water Aerobics Shoes

Yizer Men’s Women’s Lightweight Breathable Mesh Aqua Shoes

Features synthetic and mesh design

Offers additional support for your toes

Lightweight midsole


Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

Sole is made of rubber

Comes in 3 different colors

You can choose from 8 different sizes

Made of fabric

Lightweight : 10 oz

Anti-slip features

Made up of 100% neoprene upper

High stretchability

Quick drying features

Comfortable fit

Versatility: High


1. Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This pair of shoe is the topper of our recommended list given its exceptional lightweight, and fast drying characteristics. The shoes are excellently engineered to ensure high breathability to your feet, with a non-slip hollow style to allow the drainage holes to keep water out. You can enjoy comfort, style and flexibility all at the same time, which not having to worry about the safety issues. Hence, we did not hesitate to name this pair of shoe our champion of today.


  • Breathability is high given the mesh construction
  • Lightweight midsole included
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Wide range of choices available in terms of colour
  • Known to have a good fit, being true to size


  • They do not keep sand out
  • Not designed for men

2. Dreamcity Women’s Water Athletic Sports Lightweight Walking Shoes

Best Water Aerobics Shoes

It comes with a perfect shoelace design, and well-engineered mesh construction which allows your feet to breathe well in all settings. You are able to ensure quick drying given the exception drainage holes that the shoe comes with. The stretchiness of the shoes ensures extended flexibility and comfort. The Solyte midsole and Water Grip outsole add to the completeness of the design. Hence, this is a great candidate for your addition to the gear list of water aerobics.


  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Constitutes of extremely comfortable materials
  • Highly versatile: you can even walk them as walking shoes


  • Know to not have good arch support
  • Size can be an issue if not checked well ahead

3. Mishansha Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

This is another very lightweight water aerobics shoes option that you can opt for if you are looking for quick dry options in your shoes while not having to worry about the flexibility in their construction. These shoes are known to be your perfect companion outdoors.

The rubber sole ensures extended comfort and premium arch support that can allow exceptional support to your feet. It also comes with superb drainage and flow system. The elastic straps also add to the products plus points.


  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Constitutes of anti-slip soles
  • Excellent traction and grip provides good security on slippery areas
  • Super lightweight and very well ventilated


  • Some models have been reported to have color loss over time or strained feet

4. Yizer Men’s Women’s Lightweight Breathable Mesh Aqua Shoes

This brand is celebrated for the high quality of materials and style it comes with. The shoes have a super lightweight structure, which adds to the flexibility and comfort under water. This pair of water aerobics footwear is also known to be highly durable, with a super-efficient drainage system that can protect your feet from blisters or odors under damp conditions or where bacteria is prone to develop.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Superb ventilation features with the elastic mesh construction
  • Perfect drainage system
  • Easy to slip in to and to take off
  • Anti-slip performance is commendable


  • There are limited options when it comes to color and design
  • They might be size discrepancies if not checked well

5. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

The brand is once again, pretty well known for men’s footwear. Though not available for women, the shoe is a good option when you are looking for stretchable, lightweight footwear for water aerobics, with a well-engineered drying feature and a snug grip. It comes with cushioned soles which help to serve as a protection for your feet. They are also well-known to keep water away and to a superior contact with the support.


  • You can wear it all day without fearing for blisters
  • Perfect traction and grip support
  • Stretchy construction
  • Superior drying facilities available
  • Secure fit


  • No arch support available
  • Durability of material is not high

We have given our verdict on the best shoes for water aerobics out there that are available in the market, considering the aspects in relation to the size, material constructions, longevity and the best value of money. It is your job now to choose what syncs most with your preferences.

You must choose versatile footwear for the purpose, without having to compromise with quality or comfort. In order to enjoy water sports, you need to enjoy the experience and a shoe, which allows you to feel safe and at ease, is going to be the best option. Hope this article was helpful for you!

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