Best Waterproof Cycling Shoes

Winter can easily be quite resilient and robust and if you think about it, black boots don’t really go out of fashion. They will help you through several reasons and it’s well worth investing in one, especially if numb toes are becoming a consistent problem for you. Find out the best waterproof cycling shoes that we could sort. 

However, with the number of options available, it can be hard to make your decision. That’s why we’re here to ease your search.

Best Waterproof Cycling Shoes






Fizik R5 Artica

Fizik R5 Artica

Fits to your foot shape accurately

Offers an easy to clean waterproof outer

Allows maximum power transfer


Mavic Ksyrium Pro

Mavic Ksyrium

Provides great comfort

Has an easy to access BOA

Can be worn with socks


Lake CX 145-X

Lake CX 145-X

Sturdy build quality

3 bolt cleat compatible

Fiberglass injected nylon sole




Offers entry level waterproofing

Has a fleece liner for warmth and comfort

Allows both SPD and SPD-SL cleats


Sidi Frost Gore-Tex

Sidi Frost Gore-Tex

Offers a premium quality

Gives a comfortable fit

Has a reinforced heel


Northwave Extreme XC

Northwave Extreme XC

Has a lightweight sole

Provides a lot of stability and flexibility

Gives you maximum comfort


1.  Fizik R5 Artica

Fizik R5 Artica

If you’re a road cyclist who wants a comfortable shoe but you don’t want to give up your style for it then the Fizik R5 Artica is definitely the one for you. It allows your feet to still be able to breathe while keeping the rain out with its fully waterproof membrane.

It also comes with a layer of foil insulation which ensures that the cold stays out without making the shoe too bulky. 

It distributes pressure evenly over your entire foot with the speed lace system which is adjusted with a tug and is underneath the waterproof zipper.

To create a rainproof seal, the section of the top is produced with neoprene with a high cuff of ankle, and it also has a Velcro closure. It does a great job at muting the road noise and offers sturdiness with its carbon composite sole.


  • Has a mylar insulation
  •  Has a lightweight design
  • Provides max power


  • It can feel a bit restrictive with the high cuff

2. Mavic Ksyrium Pro

Mavic Ksyrium Pro

In the Ksyrium Pro, Mavic uses some design features that they borrowed from the Nordic ski boots in order to make sure your feet stay dry and warm while you’re pedaling. For the ease of making adjustments, when everything is sealed up, the single BOA dial that reigns in this shoe remains uncovered. 

The rear of the ankle gusset is made from neoprene while the upper is featuring a water resistant fabric on every forward facing part of the shoe. To ensure your feet stay comfortable even in subzero temperatures, they also offer plenty of insulation.

The Energy Comp outsole that Mavic has gone with is made from fiberglass and nylon, and for the added visibility in low light conditions, there are reflective accents.


  • Comes with a Gore-Tex membrane
  • The size chart is very precise
  • Very comfortable for both uphills and on plain roads


  • The ankle gusset might be a bit loose

3. Lake CX 145-X

Lake CX 145-X

The Lake CX 145-X is made from a mix of leather and waxed canvas and these winter cycling shoes also offer a waterproof membrane to make sure your feet stay dry.

You can easily adjust the fly even if you have cold fingers just by using the the dials to cinch shoe tight and also the ankle cuff. The sole is produced with fiberglass injected nylon sole where they have slots for two and three hole cleats. 

It offers plenty of stiffness for when you’re pedaling and it also does a great job at absorbing buzz while also featuring bumpers for both heels and toes. You should keep in mind that most shoes by Lake run a bit small, however, there are separate lasts for women, men and wide feet.


  • BOA closure lets you make faster adjustments
  • Comes with multiple last options
  • It’s great for road cycling


  • The waxed canvas face fabric may keep the water out but in torrential rain it may lead to cold feet



The SHIMANO RW5 is most likely one of the best winter cycling shoes you can get to keep your feet warm.

However, the similarities all end there since the RW5 comes in with a fleece liner and a Dryshield membrane to make sure the cold and wet stays out. 

The sole can go with both two and three bolt shoes and it is also one of the very few that has the mounting hardware for both included. To provide you with a bit of stiffness right under the pedal, the sole comes with nylon and a carbon plate. The waterproof membrane ensures that your foot is properly encapsulated to let the sole be vented.


  • Includes both two and three bolt shoes cleat hardware
  • Comes with a carbon plate under the cleat mount
  • Offers a ventilated sole


  • Can have a fiddly closing procedure

5.  Sidi Frost Gore-Tex

Sidi Frost Gore-Tex

These shoes by Sidi look somewhat like the brand’s moto boots. To keep the rain from soaking through it has a Gore-Tex membrane underneath it while the upper is made from a mix of microfiber mesh and synthetic leather.

The shoe features a Velcro strap and a Techno 3 dial over the forefront to cinch the toe box and they also come with a neoprene cuff that is secured by Velcro at the top.

It uses the brand’s composite sole which according to Sidi, lets the plate provide you with an efficient power transfer and it is not affected by temperature either. To prevent heel lift, it comes with Sidi’s heel cup at the back. This shoe does come in a MTB and road version.

However, the off road version is preferred due to its added versatility and traction. This also does essentially mean that you’ll end up needing mountain bike pedals which isn’t really that big of a price to pay if you want toasty toes.


  • Offers a dial closure
  • Comes with a reinforced heel
  • Has a Gore-Tex membrane


  • Only allows MTB cleats

6. Northwave Extreme XC

Northwave Extreme XC

Northwave is a brand that is known for its amazing cycling shoes. The XCM GTX, thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane, isn’t just perfectly insulated but also waterproof.

It offers four layer aluminum and fleece construction, with a windproof GoreTex membrane and also an extra thermal coating that has strategically been placed on the toe. You’re ensured proper stiffness with its integrated triple density Speedlight 3D carbon sole. 

You get better longevity with the rubber reinforcements on this shoe, however, since this shoe uses the SLW2 dial instead of the BOA system, it does make putting this shoe on a bit tougher. Due to the lacing system, the XCM GTX may take some time to get used to, but it is one of the best ones out there.


  • It comes with rubber reinforcements that is abrasion resistant
  • It’s constructed with ultra-lightweight materials
  • Offes a Gore-Tex membrane


  • Due to the closure system, it can be difficult to put on

Buying Guide

Cycling is sold on the thought that life is always going to be nice, warm and sunny. Which is why when it comes to cycling shoes, they are also designed to make sure your feet stays cool, which is of course great in the summer. But during winter, it becomes almost an impossible task to keep your feet warm. Keeping your toes from curling up due to the winter cold is an essential feature.

The most common solution to this problem is to put on a pair of overshoes. They are essentially covers that you can just throw over your shoes and it keeps out the rain and also keeps your feet somewhat warm, but the annoying thing about them is that they are not very durable and tend to wear out within a season or two of use. 

This brings us to cycling shoes that are made for the chilly winter days. They are completely waterproof; offer extra protection and better insulation. Most of them have an extended gaiter around the ankle to better resist the water from creeping in and they aim to stop the breeze rather than letting it in.

They can however, often be a bit chunky looking compared to regular cycling shoes but with the range of options it is quite possible to find models that are tailored towards your style of riding. 

If you’re going to buy a pair of waterproof, winter cycling shoes, you need to consider a few things beforehand to make sure you don’t make the wrong purchase. 

The Sole

Winter cycling shoes mostly feature fiber reinforced or nylon soles. An uber stiff sole isn’t really necessary during the winter, and moreover, they are not really as hard on your feet. 

You can, however, find winter cycling shoes that are carbon soled, but they don’t really come at a fair price and cost a lot. 

Cleat Holes

There are lots of winter cycling shoes that come with two hole cleats, however, the best road cycling shoes generally come with three bolt cleats, even four, if you get into Speedplay. If you’re looking for winter mountain bike shoes, you should definitely consider a two bolt cleat interface since road shoes can often be slippery. 

With the snow, puddles and even rain, the extra rubber going on the bottom of your shoes can definitely provide you with much more safety. An added benefit with mountain bike cleats are that they are considerably better than road cleats and pedals when it comes to clearing the slush, mud and snow that you’re most likely to come across during the months of winter.

Apart from the little added weight, mountain bike shoes are just as good an option these days, however, you probably aren’t stressing over grams if your shoes already have an extended cuff, neoprene panels and insulation. 

The High Tops

It is recommended that you buy riding shoes that overlap your leg warmers or tights with cuff and an extended ankle. To help keep rain, road spray and cold from creeping into your boots, the gusset needs to be able to fit tight and track your leg as you pedal.

To make sure that if water was to fall on the fabric, it is suggested for you to wear tights over the ankles of your boot. 

The Retention System

Winter cycling shoes include Velcro, BOA’s and in some cases even the fast lace system which is more commonly found with MTB shoes. Fast lace closures are more preferred for the wet weather riding, since it generally gives you a flap that covers the laces.

Final Words

Protecting your feet from the chilly winter days is very important if you don’t just want them to curl up and get frostbite. That is also why you need the best to make sure you are well protected. Good waterproof cycling shoes will cost a bit more than the regular ones. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to buy a pair of waterproof cycling shoes.

All the winter cycling shoes mentioned above are few of the best ones you can find, pick one that fits you the best and start riding!

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