Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

Wrestling shoes are a must if you’re someone who’s trying to protect his feet while wrestling. No matter where you wrestle, these shoes not only give you an advantage while wrestling but also protect your feet from injuries. Moreover, if you’re someone who likes to capture everybody’s attention, these flashy wrestling shoes are definitely your best friends. As different people have different demands, one shoe cannot cater to all these demands. But don’t you worry! We have made a list that complies best of the bests! So no more asking yourself “which one should I buy?” Check our top picks of best wrestling shoes for boys!

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Buying Guide

Before you buy a pair of wrestling shoes, you may educate yourself about some of the features so you can get the best one for yourself.

1. Material:

Synthetic, Leather or Mesh. Depending on the material, the shoe can weigh differently. Also, Different upper layers can result in different types of ventilation.

2. Outer sole: 

Soles can be made of rubber, leather etc. Also, it is quite an important feature as the grip of the shoes depends on the soles. Some of the soles are designed to act as suction cups for a firmer grip. However, some of these can sacrifice speed due to the traction.

3. Lace-Garage: 

Not all shoes come with a lace-garage. However, if you prefer a more polished look, then this is a must need. Also, this can save you from accidents such as tripping.

Insole: To protect your ankle from shock and injuries, the insoles need to provide cushioning. This also needs to be considered before purchasing wrestling shoes for boys.

Best Wrestling Shoes






Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4-M

Ensures a comfortable ‘Sock-Like’ fit

Leather outsole for enhanced performance

Multiple designs to choose from

Available for both men and boys

$34.95 - $79.95

ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

Includes pocket for tucking lace

Has a classic design

Ensures amazing traction with gum rubber outsole

Ensures sufficient airflow


ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

Comes in a bold red-silver-black design

Mesh upper ensures breathability

Comes in a split-sole design


Asics Men's Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

Has a wide range to choose from

Comes with Velcro straps for a perfect fit

Ensures flexibility


Adidas Men's Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoe

Offers multiple designs

Ensures perfect grip

Ensure a wide range of movement

$56.91 - $149.95

ASICS Men's JB Elite

Made of 100% synthetic

Provides a slim Lace-Garage

The upper layer ensures airflow

Ensures durability through skin suede overlays

$69.90 - $75.74

ASICS Men’s Cael V6.0

Made of Ultrasuede

Comes with rear traction pods that ensures fantastic traction

Rubber outer sole for better grip

$65.95 - $75.67

Asics Unisex Snapdown 2 Wrestling Shoes

Made of synthetic

Comes with Serra dial traction pods for perfect grip

The upper layer (made of single-layer mesh and synthetic skin-suede) ensures ventilation

$43.99 - $147.63

1. Adidas Combat - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

If you’re a sports lover, you already know about Adidas. Adidas is one of the most renowned brands out there. This particular Adidas wrestling shoes for boys has various advantages that can attract anyone. From the diverse color range to the design, all of these are a big plus. These shoes ensure lightweight support. Moreover, the range offers various sizes for both boys and men. Another thing that makes this shoe interesting is the usage of mesh. The mesh material gives more comfortable wear and eliminates moisture. 


  • Made of mesh (single layer)
  • Provides internal midsole wedge
  • ‘Sock-like’ fit, TPU 3-stripes and side panels give ‘Integral Support Strap’
  • The leather outsole is guaranteed to provide suitable grip


  • Choosing the perfect size can be a little bit tricky

2.  ASICS - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

Asics is known for manufacturing various types of sports gear. The wrestling shoes we’re mentioning here are quite reasonable in price and also guarantee a comfortable sock-like fit.Moreover, it also eliminates the hassle of long laces by providing a pocket. As a result, one can wrestle without any fear of getting tripped. Finally, the design is perfect for people who want a more mature look. The black and silver design is an absolute must for people who are into minimalism.


  • Made of Synthetic
  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • Includes Lace Garage Technology, which makes laces more manageable and gives a more polished look
  • Gum rubber outsole which ensures perfect grip


  • Does not provide the best protection due to lightweight material
  • Comes in limited sizes

3.  ASICS Men's Split Second 9 - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

Another popular wrestling shoe from Asics is this one. While the previous model was for the folks who love minimalism, this one is for those who enjoy the color red.While this one is also synthetic and comes with a rubber sole, the usage of upper mesh keeps the feet dry by ensuring airflow. In addition to this, this particular pair is known for its great support and also fantastic grip. The only thing about this particular model is that the sizing is a little bit problematic as it doesn’t come in bigger sizes.


  • Made of synthetic which is durable
  • Provides a fantastic grip 
  • Includes breathable mesh


  • Comes in comparatively small sizes

4. Asics Men's Aggressor 2 - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

Another pair from Asics that can make anyone the star of the show. These wrestling shoes for boys have a vibrant color scheme which is perfect for people who like to be different.This one also has standard mesh material and an ideal rubber sole. The additional Velcro strap is quite useful as it ensures a perfect fit. Overall, the shoe ensures an amazing performance, which even beginners can enjoy. No wonder this is the most popular Asics Design!


  • Made of mesh which gives a lightweight experience
  • Sturdy outsole eliminates the chance of getting injured
  • Comes with Velcro straps which ensure the perfect fit


  • Only available in comparatively bigger sizes

5. Adidas Men's Mat Hog 2.0 - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

As we mentioned before, a pair of Adidas can never go wrong. These particular wrestling shoes are suitable for anyone interested in martial arts. Not only comfortable, but this one also provides flexibility. The wrestling shoes are known for their fantastic design which ensures an amazing combination between flexibility and durability. Moreover, the sole is designed to provide the perfect grip. The only negative of this particular model is the design which is not everyone’s cup of tea.


  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • Ensures the perfect grip
  • Comes with a sole that is guaranteed to leave no stain marks


  • Can be too small

6. ASICS Men's JB Elite - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

These wrestling shoes are quite different from all of our other mentions. Why? Because this is the signature show of Olympic and World Wrestling champion, Jordan Burroughs. The shoe has a synthetic sole which also makes it different from most of the shoes in the market. 

If you are interested in buying a unique pair of wrestling shoes, choose this one. This one will definitely satisfy vintage lovers.


  • Made of synthetic
  • Comes with a split-sole design for traction and cushioning
  • The upper layer is made of single-layer mesh and synthetic leather, which provides ventilation
  • Comes with a thin lace-garage which gives a slim look


  • There are not many designs

7.  ASICS Men’s Cael - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

This pair of shoes was designed by Cael Sanderson, who is a gold medalist of Olympics. In addition to this, the shoe is made of a unique material called Escaine which is also known as Ultrasuede. The design has been done in a way to ensure the highest performance which makes this a great option. 


  • Comes with a unique Escaine airy mesh upper
  • Comes with a lace garage that contains an eight-eyelet closure system which can be personalized
  • Comes with Comfort Dry Sockliner for extra cushioning 


  • The sizing can be tricky

8. Asics Unisex Snapdown 2 - Best Wrestling Shoes for Boys

This is the wrestling shoe for people who want something comfortable and breathable. The design of this shoe makes it easier to use as it enhances grip and ventilation. However, it may not be the best for people who are more into colorful trendy shoes.


  • Made of synthetic leather and mesh sides, which ensures a perfect combination of breathability and comfort
  • Comes with integrated Lace-Garage


  • Additional insoles may be needed for cushioning

Bottom Line

Wrestling shoes are quite important for safety as it helps to protect your feet from shock and ensures a grip. A good pair of shoes can cost a little bit more compared to others. However, there are various types of shoes out there that can cater to anyone. So, a perfect pair of wrestling shoes is not a dream anymore. 

Hopefully, after reading our review, your confusion has been lessened and you’ve been able to realize which one is the best for you.

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