Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

The kind of shoes you use during weightlifting should be chosen deliberately as your strength and technique entirely depend on your feet and ground connection. For people who do lifting barefoot or people who use classical lifting shoes for lifting, wrestling shoes are perfect for both types of people. Let's look at some of the best wrestling shoes for lifting.

The best wrestling shoes for lifting are flat-soled, creating a great connection between your feet and the mat. Because of this, you will feel more stable. For a powerlifter, it is vital to have a more stable connection between their feet and the ground, which a pair of best wrestling shoes can provide.

Mainly, successful weightlifting depends on two points which are the ankle support and the central area of your feet. And the great thing about these shoes is, they are designed to provide these points ultimate support. Let’s see how these shoes support these parts.

The Ankle

For weightlifting, the ankle joint is the crucial one. Suppose, your shoes don’t have the best ankle support, then injuries can happen. Wrestling shoes provide more ankle support than any other classic weightlifting shoes. These shoes have padded collar and heel which offers ultimate comfort and support to your feet.

The Middle Part

The central area of your feet needs to be as compactly tucked as possible. Most of the wrestling shoes feature a strap that stabilizes this part. 

Buying Guide

For smooth and comfortable training, you need to purchase well-built footwear that contains all essential features. If you end up buying the wrong stuff, it will hamper your match and affect your body. Having the best wrestling pair could be a good decision for superior performance. This section has added some crucial features that wrestling shoes should have for powerlifting purposes.

1. Better Stability

Ideal wrestling shoes should offer the best stability. You need to purchase a pair with non-slip performance. Generally, suitable footwear provides a supportive foundation and makes the path for your feet and ankles smoother.

2. Traction

Some brands offer a full-length rubber outsole for sustainable traction. When wearing ideal footwear with enough traction, you can avoid slipping and deliver maximum effort for better performance. If you desire to give a quick reattack to your opponent, traction is a significant point here.

3. Comfortable and Lightweight

Most wrestling footwear comes with a padded sole to provide exceptional comfort. Plus, some have mesh lining the upper area, which offers enough ventilation. So if you love to play for a long time, it would be best to go for footwear that contains breathable features. It helps you to stay dry, sweat-free, and relaxed during your match.

Compared to bulky shoes, the footwear light in weight extends endurance using not so much energy. It allows you flexible movements as well as improves your speed. For weightlifting, it’s better to pick perfect footwear that comes in a lightweight and comfortable texture.

4. Materials 

Another point that you should prioritize is the quality of material that has been used to manufacture it. Usually, the fabric of your shoes can affect your performance as it determines other vital features. The construction materials are rubber, leather, mesh, or many others. It will be better to have a minimum idea about the product’s quality before purchasing the shoes.

Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting






Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting


Made of synthetic leather and suede

Complete strong and durable

Sole is made of rubber which gives ultimate traction

Comfortable and great for lifting


Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

Asics Matflex 5

These shoes made of 100% textile

A full-length rubber gum outsole.

Extreme breathability

The lace-up fastening ensures that the shoes are secure


Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

Asics Matflex 6

These shoes are very lightweight, which gives a natural and comfortable feeling. 

keeps the feet secure

These shoes have a mesh insole that helps to keep the  feet coo


Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

Adidas  Combat Speed.5

The straps are pretty flexible and also supportive.

It has a good mesh tongue, which provides tons of breathability

These shoes have more extensive mesh panels, and they are made of top-notch materials, which allow the air in and out

The material of these shoes are wholly thin

Sole is made of rubber which is very light and very grips fully.


Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting


These stylish wrestling shoes provide excellent strength and support for weightlifting

These shoes give extra ankle support along with the lace-up fastening

Soles are sewn into place, which prevents cracking and splitting.

Its thin sole provides excellent grip


Adidas Wrestling Shoes 

Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

Adidas offers the best HVC wrestling shoes, which could be an excellent option for weightlifting purposes. This one is available in fabulous designs and colors.

With its rubber-made outsole, this footwear provides long-lasting features. Plus, the construction material is synthetic leather and suede. Overall, these shoes are perfect combination of excellent performance and comfort, which you can get at the most affordable range. 


  • Non-slip performance
  • Great stability
  • Flexible to support hard work
  • Suit truly to size


  • It feels a little tight

ASICS Wrestling Shoes 

Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

The Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoes from ASICS is an affordable option to add as weightlifting activities. These shoes feature a rubber-constructed outsole, offering superb stability and breathability.

Also, it integrates lace garage technology, which keeps laces tucked away in an advanced method. Besides cushioned tongue and collar, these shoes’ design is suitable to offer you a good feel against the feet.


  • Breathable upper area
  • Easy to unlace
  • Great traction
  • Enough stability


  • Fit may be a little wide

ASICS Matflex 6 

Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

The Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes from ASICS is specially designed to keep you confident on the mat. It facilitates your ankles and toes with solid soles to prevent unwanted slippage. Compared to other brands, it comes in durable features thanks to its textile and synthetic material.

For its gum rubber outsole, it offers the best traction. Furthermore, it has a breathable mesh lining the upper area, which is enough to keep you cool and dry at all times. Thanks to its lace garage technology, keep laces safely and don’t cause any obstacle. Also, it features an EVA sock liner, meaning you can stay comfortable while wearing the sock.


  • Solid and lightweight
  • Extreme support
  • Breathable mesh insole design
  • High traction
  • Built to provide a stable connection


  • Not so durable


Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

The Combat Speed.5 is another product from Adidas that are designed to carry high-intensity workout. This pair gives you a balanced grip and comfort that a weightlifter most needs. Plus, the solid rubber outsole with middle-foot TPU straps helps to maintain proper stability.

The Combat Speed can allow you to increase your speed with enough comfort. It comes in a sock-like fit so that you can wear this pair with a sock. With its mesh lining, this one provides you breathability features. These shoes offer a classic design, which is a fantastic blend of silver and black.


  • Provide stable feel
  • Enough force production
  • Flexible enough to support feet
  • Premium quality
  • Facilitates natural movement


  • Slightly expensive
  • May run a little big


Best Wrestling Shoes for Lifting

If you’re looking for a suitable option both for wrestling and weightlifting, the Otomix Men's Stingray Escape could be one of the best choices. Whatever you want to perform, martial arts, boxing, MMA, wrestling, or bodybuilding, this footwear provides a supportive foundation.

The product is made of synthetic and leather material, a lightweight but durable product to offer extreme stability. It features a thin outsole, which gives better grip and ankle support. Overall, this pair is designed with a flat sole for superior strength and support, which provides an unlimited mobility range.


  • Perfect for powerlifting
  • Excellent quality sole
  • Great grip and stability
  • Unisex design
  • Better traction with enough flexibility


  • Fit may be pretty narrow in size
  • Not so good quality

Bottom Line 

Success demands suitable quality gears to perform well in a particular field. In wrestling, choosing the right equipment play an essential role as it requires enough stability and flexibility. So, it can be said, the best pair of wrestling shoes can completely change the consequence of your game. Furthermore, these suitable pairs provide maximum range of motion and an excellent grip between your feet and ground. It is designed to give you better traction and protect you from unwanted injuries. 

While the market is loaded with several options, our article has attached the five best wrestling shoes for lifting to help you make a quick choice. Now choose a perfect one for your upcoming tournament.

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