Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

In the sports world, wrestling is one of the oldest games, which has gained popularity among both professionals and youngsters. Choosing the best wrestling equipment helps you to give a better performance and enhances your confidence level. In this case, the importance of selecting a good quality wrestling shoe is no less. The best wrestling shoes are designed with better traction, breathability, essential comfort, ankle support, and stability.

However, it’s tough to find the right pair as the market is loaded with several options. Plus, it’s also challenging to choose a perfect pair for young boys and girls. Don’t be tensed. Our article has attached the eight best wrestling shoes for youths to help them make an appropriate decision. So what are the best wrestling shoes for youths. Let's see.


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Buying Guide

You need to appraise some essential features to find a suitable pair. It would be a great decision to go for quality and performance rather than the price.

Comfortable and Flexible Fit

For a productive output, wrestling shoes should have a flexible fit. You should choose one that perfectly fits your toe size, not so loose or not much tight. A proper fit shoe can help you improve your speed and motion, so it will be better to measure your feet size accurately before purchasing a perfect one.


The material which is used for manufacturing the wrestling shoes determines the overall quality of the product. Thus, you pay more attention to product construction. Usually, wrestling shoes are manufactured from mesh, nylon, and synthetic leather. Based on these materials, the footwear may vary in different features. Hence, try to pick a good quality product.

Ankle Support

Before buying, you should check if this wrestling pair can support your ankle. A good quality wrestling shoe can provide proper support to the ankle. If you notice that it feels tight at the first moment of wearing, then it’s not right for you. You should purchase one that offers flexible ankle support.


It’s much essential to choose lightweight wrestling shoes, as it helps you increase your speed and move conveniently without any hassle.


Traction is an essential feature that can affect the overall performance. Though most wrestling shoe brands offer traction ability, these may differ. Two types of tractions are generally used on wrestling shoes-circular and V-shaped. V-shaped traction is suitable for a heavyweight player, resulting in a firm grip. On the other hand, if you’re a lightweight wrestler, circular traction is your thing.

Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths






adidas Mat Wizard 4 Youth Wrestling Shoes

Comfortable and lightweight

Superior grip

Solid one continuous outsole

Excellent flexibility

$59.99 – $95.00

ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe

Spacious toe box

Full-length rubber outsole

Upper mesh lining


$$49.99 - $79.99

Adidas Wrestling HVC Youth Laced Wrestling Shoe

Synthetic Suede and leather ensure durable construction

Integrates elasticized lace cover system

Light in weight

Single piece outsole design


ASICS Snapdown 3 GS Youth Wrestling Shoes

Best for beginners

The midsole is made of suede leather offer durability

Circular shaped grooves to improve grip

Comfortable footing

$41.90 - $65.00

Day Key Youth Lightweight Wrestling Shoes

Made of synthetic material

Breathable mesh layer

Lightweight and comfortable

Built to withstand any damage


Nike Kids' Speed Sweep VII Wrestling Shoes

Features shoelace closure

Flexible enough to handle a rough workout

Soft padded EVA foam

The outsole is built with gum rubber

$72.25 - $85.23

ASICS Dan Gable Evo 2 Wrestling Shoes

Anti-slip performance

Excellent stability

Made of a soft EVA midsole

Easy to fit with sock

$119.95 - $259.95

Adidas Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Shoes

Lightweight shoe

Solid two-piece outsole for a better firm

Breathable upper area

Genuine to suit the size

$33.95 - $220.96

1. Adidas Mat Wizard 4 Youth Wrestling Shoes - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

Adidas, a famous brand in the sports world, offers Mat Wizard 4 Youth Wrestling Shoes a perfect combination of comfort, performance, and style. The upper area is made of breathable mesh fabric, keeping you dry and cool during all times.

It features TPU stripes to support the upper with enough comfort. Plus, the midsole is EVA foam engineered, which will keep you always ready to reattack the opponent. The outsole comes in solid fabric construction, which ensures a firm grip with superb flexibility.


  • Fit true to size
  • Provide ankle supportions
  • Breathable design


  • It doesn’t last long

2. ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

The ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe is an affordable option for young wrestlers. It has rubber composed outsole, offering excellent comfort and stability.

This wrestling footwear integrates lace garage technology, which retains laces tucked away in an advanced way. Besides cushioned tongue and collar, this shoe design is enough to give you a good feel against the toe.


  • Convenient to unlace
  • Breathable upper region
  • High traction


  • Fit may be slightly narrow

3. Adidas Wrestling HVC Youth Laced Wrestling Shoe - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

The HVC Youth Laced Shoe from Adidas brand could be a reliable choice for studly juvenile wrestlers. This shoe is specially designed for high-intense work, much comfortable, and durable to support one who has just started wrestling.

The HVC wrestling shoe is built of leather and Suede, and a full-length rubber outsole provides balanced ground contact with incredible grip. Plus, this one you can get at the most reasonable price.


  • Singlet mesh lining for breathability
  • Superior arch support
  • Good quality


  • Seems a little bit tight

4. ASICS Snapdown 3 GS Youth Wrestling Shoes - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

The ASICS Snapdown 3 GS Youth Wrestling Shoe is an ideal companion for intermediate and starting level youngsters who may be dipping into wresting in this forthcoming season. Thanks to its mesh lining side panels, keeping you fresh and dry through an advanced air-flow system.

This shoe features an excellent tongue design inspired by kimono, which provides a comfortable sock-like fit and better grip. Besides, it includes lace garage technology to keep the laces tagged and concealed.


  • Boost traction
  • Built to handle intense work
  • Better foothold


  • May run small for those with wide feet

5. Day Key Youth Lightweight Wrestling Shoes - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

Day Key is a famous brand that has been involved in manufacturing wrestling products for more than 20 years. Their Day Key Lightweight Wrestling Shoe is mainly made for entry-level players.

It has one continuous layer of mesh for proper ventilation. This wrestling shoe is engineered with synthetic and suede leather, which is enough to give you a strong foundation. Overall, this shoe offers better support, firm grip, and essential comfort, which are the most needed for an athlete.


  • Extremely durable
  • Provide stability
  • Lightweight and excellent breathable


  • It may seem a bit stiff, not so flexible

6.  Nike Kids' Speed Sweep VII Wrestling Shoes - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

Whether you’re a professional wrestler or a new one in this line, the Nike Speed Sweep VII Wrestling Shoes could be a great addition to your journey.

The split sole breathable mesh is used to provide you a flexible movement. So, you can continue your game as long as you want, and even this one is great for an extreme workout.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Increase speed


  • May run small, better to order one size bigger

7. ASICS Dan Gable Evo 2 Wrestling Shoes - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

With its fabric and synthetic construction, it provides the best support to its users. The Dan Gable Evo 2 Wrestling Shoes by ASICS is designed to keep you confident for better results in each championship.

For its non-slip design and proper moisture maintenance, you can make a fast and strategic move against your opponent.


  • Help to stay cool
  • Highly durable
  • High-performance grip


  • Sometimes customers get the wrong size product
  • Slightly cost

8. Adidas Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Shoes - Best Wrestling Shoes for Youths

Adidas offers Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Shoe, which is available in different colors and sizes. It has a lace-up closure system to keep the laces tied.

Plus, it features incredible breathability to offer a stress-free game. You don’t need to worry about slippage as it provides a non-slip design.


  • Smooth and comfy texture
  • More grip
  • Superior built


  • Expensive one
  • Tends to tear up too soon

Bottom Line

Like other wrestling gears, choosing the best quality wrestling shoe is a crucial factor you need to figure out if you want a better outcome. While the current marketplace is loaded with tons of options, we have come up with the eight best wrestling shoes for youngsters. They are specially designed to offer maximum performance with great flexibility. 

We have also added a buying section compiling essential features that you need to consider before purchasing. Now is the time to find a perfect pair for your upcoming tournament!

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