Can Wrestling Shoes Be Worn as Normal Shoes?

Wrestling shoes are carefully engineered to provide stability and support while wrestling. But if you are not a regular wrestler, or you have quit playing recently, or perhaps purchased a pair by mistake, you probably have a nice pair of wrestling shoes being wasted at home. You might be wondering how you can use them to make your money’s worth out of them.

There is a lot of debate on wearing Wrestling shoes as regular shoes. So in this article, we will answer all your queries.

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Wearing the Shoes on the Mat

If you plan to wear your wrestling shoes off the mat, the first factor to consider is whether you are wearing them on the mat or not.

The answer is quite simple. If you wear a pair of wrestling shoes on the mat, you should NOT be wearing them off the mat.

If you wear a wrestling shoe outside the wrestling mat, it will pick up dirt and debris, and when you wear them on the mat, you will track all that dirt and junk straight onto the mat. The mud and rock will not only make the mat dirty, but it can also harm the mat. The wrestling mat needs to be clean at all times, and so dirty shoes will not be permitted.

Moreover, with dirt comes bacteria! When you bring a dirty shoe to the mat, you risk bringing bacteria and contaminating the mat as well. Not only will you get all that dirt and bacteria on your face and body, but you will spread it to other wrestlers as well.

The bacteria getting in your pores can cause breakouts, allergies, skin diseases, and much more. And if it somehow manages to get in your body or through your mouth, you can fall ill as well.

I am pretty sure you or your fellow wrestlers will not want any of those to happen. So, think about it before you decide to wear your wrestling shoes out and hop back in the mat those same shoes.

Not Wearing the Shoes on the Mat

Now, if you have a pair of wrestling shoes that you will not be wearing during wrestling, then it's a completely different debate.

A lot of people will say wearing it as regular shoes is not a great idea. Another group will tell you that they are just shoes and it's more than okay to wear them however you want.  Well, both the groups are somewhat right. 

The main reason a lot of people argue not to wear it as normal shoes is because they are not built for regular use. As comfortable as they are on a wrestling mat when you wear them on hard surfaces such as concrete, you will find them very uncomfortable to walk around in. It is because there is no padding in wrestling shoes and the soles are very thin. The lack of arch support and cushion makes it somewhat painful to heavy use. 

Consequently, it is not wise to wear wrestling shoes for running or playing a sport such as basketball that requires a lot of support and stability. The chances are that you will end up with feet and back pain.

Besides, they are not designed to endure everyday wear and tear. The shoes are not as robust as a regular pair of shoes and will wear out very fast if you use them daily.

On the contrary, wrestling shoes can be a great alternative to gym shoes. With the flat sole and firm ankle support, they make great shoes for squats and powerlifting.

Moreover, wrestling shoes can be useful when working around the house or garage or running small errands. They are much more comfortable and provide more support than a pair of regular shoes or slippers. 

What is even better is they are really easy to dry. It makes it a great choice to wear out on a rainy day or if you are near the water. You can simply toss it in the dryer without wrecking it.

Now, to the novice eyes, a wrestling shoe will look just like regular sneakers. They will probably look pretty good with jeans. Did you know that in the late '80s, wrestling shoes were considered cool to wear as casual gear? 

So if you have a pair of wrestling shoes that you will probably not use on the mat, feel free to wear them as casual shoes. After all, they are your shoes, and you paid for them.

What Everyday Activities Can You Do in Wrestling Shoes?

If you have decided to wear your wrestling shoes for day-to-day use, here are some of the things that you can do wearing them -

  • Wrestling shoes can be a great choice for garage and yard work. Compared to an ordinary pair of shoes, you get stability and flexibility to move around, pick up objects, and twist and turn. 
  • Since they are easy to dry, they make an exceptional choice for when you go fishing. The flat rubber bottom of the wrestling shoes will also stick to surfaces better than a sneaker and prevent hazards of slips and falls on wet surfaces.
  • Wrestling shoes make a good substitute for hiking shoes. They will ensure stability and traction needed to protect your feet and ankles and, at the same time, give you the chance to climb and move around uneven surfaces. 
  • You can wear your wrestling shoes when you have to do usual chores at home. These are durable and will withstand all the stress, giving you a good deal of motion and movement.
  • They are good for use in the gym, especially for weight training and powerlifting.
  • Wrestling shoes are built a lot like the popular skate-style shoes, so you could use them for skating without any worries.

Bottom Line

These are just a few tasks that you can execute wearing your wrestling shoes outside the mat.

Although they might not be the best choice as a regular shoe for everyday use, if you have a pair that you will no longer use for wrestling, don't waste it. Go ahead and use them until they wear out.

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