best rock climbing shoes for women

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Women

Gone are those days when rock climbing was considered a “Men’s” sport only. Women climbers are dominating this activity. But one this that is a headache for many women climbers is finding the right shoes for them. However, nowadays, most rock climbing shoes are unisex, which is a praiseworthy move for the shoemakers for not making … Read more

best rock climbing shoes for wide feet

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Regardless of your experience level in climbing rocks, you need to know which shoes fit you better. Many climbers prefer snug-fit shoes, but you will not find the right shoes easily if you have wide feet. However, we have got you covered! With a little bit of research and scavenger hunt, we have found the … Read more

best beginner rock climbing shoes

Best Beginner Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing is a popular sport where participants climb or go across natural formations or artificial rock walls. This sport is not any ordinary sport. It needs mental and physical strength. The shoes are the most important gear of a rock climber. As there is a wide range of rock formations you need to have … Read more

best indoor rock climbing shoes

Best Indoor Rock Climbing Shoes

If you are asking yourself constantly that whether or not you should go for a pair of indoor rock climbing shoes, then we shall recommend you to go for it and buy a good pair. Although your regular sneaker may seem to work for climbing now, but it cannot take you further which a pair … Read more

How to Clean Rock Climbing Shoes

How to Clean Rock Climbing Shoes

Climbing essentials and climbing shoes are the two most important things climbers need to aware of on their adrenaline rush trip. If you think the condition of your climbing tools and your climbing experience is the reason behind your success, then you are mistaken!Your shoes lay an equal contribution to your climbing success. The hygienic … Read more

Rock Climbing Shoes

Should You Wear Socks with Rock Climbing Shoes?

Newbie rock climbers often get confused about wearing socks with shoes. You might have seen some climbers constantly wearing socks while others mocking at them. This brings us to a conflicting option – should you wear socks with rock climbing shoes?Now worries! This article will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wearing … Read more