Best CrossFit Shoes for Flat Feet

Best CrossFit Shoes for Flat Feet

About thirty percent of the world population are people with flat feet. What are flat feet, you may ask? To put it simply, people with flat feet are those who have flattened arches on the inside of their feet. The technical term for flat feet is overpronation. While overpronation is a painless condition, people with flat … Read more

Best Running Shoes for Marathon

When to Replace Running Shoes

Most people face serious injuries while running because of their shoes being worn out. When your running shoes lose its shock absorption, cushioning, stability, has worn out treads, you must replace those as sooner as possible. By running on uncomfortable worn out shoes, your joints will hurt very badly. You’ll receive strains on the ligaments … Read more

Where are adidas shoes made

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

In the sports world, Adidas is a remarkable name. You won’t find nearly anyone who aren’t familiar with this brand. It is a German company that was founded in 1949 by a German athlete and shoemaker Adolf Dassler. So, you can tell, the name came from taking “Adi” from Adolf and “Das” from Dassler. These … Read more

Trail running shoes

What are Trail Running Shoes?

What comes to your mind when someone asks you about shoes? Do you see it as a fashion item? A daily necessity item may be! Exercise equipment? Or as tactical gear for survival? Or some other opinion?trail running It is no surprise to see people having different opinions on shoes, which were originally invented as … Read more

What are CrossFit shoes?

Best CrossFit Shoes for Wide Feet

Over the last few years, cross-training style workouts have gathered a lot of popularity. The term cross-training refers to a combination of several workouts in one bout. It has turned into a trend for physical fitness enthusiasts. However, due to CrossFit training’s versatile nature, you need proper footwear to keep up with the exercises. As there … Read more

CrossFit Shoes vs. Running Shoes

CrossFit Shoes vs. Running Shoes – A Detailed Comparison Guide

At first glance, CrossFit shoes and Running shoes look very similar. However, they are not! The rights shoes can have a significant impact on your workout. Wearing the wrong shoe will not only be uncomfortable but will also reduce performance and increase the risk of injuries.So before you buy shoes for working out, it is necessary … Read more

Are CrossFit Shoes Good for Running?

Are CrossFit Shoes Good for Running?

Whether you are planning to expand your CrossFit training to running or you are novice health-conscious just planning to start running, you need a reliable training shoe. Choosing the right shoe for a workout is a crucial part of the training arrangement. If you are wondering if your CrossFit shoes are good for running or … Read more