Golf Shoes: Spiked vs. Spikeless

Like all other games, Golf is also a game that requires a solid brain to muscle coordination. Golf is an exquisite sport that might not need frequent movement of the body. However, this sport demands some footwork. If you are an enthusiast or even a beginner, you should know by now the importance of footwork in this sport.  Golf Shoes: Spiked vs Spikeless is a very long going debate between the golfers.  

Few experts have even said how footwork is the key to a game of good Golf. To provide you with good support in the game, you need a good pair of golf shoes.

For Golf, all the gears are important to the golfer, and shoes are no less. Golf shoes are of three types, but they can be categorized into two main groups, spikes and spikeless. If you are wondering which better option is for you, keep reading. 

The History Behind the Golf Shoes

Just as golf clubs have evolved from wooden shafts to more flexible models throughout the 1800s, so too have golf shoes adapted the way in the same manner over time. 

The mention of the earliest golf shoes have been mentioned in an 1857 copy of “The Golfer’s Manual.” The apprentice golfers were suggested to wear plump shoes. 

In 1891, a new type of golf footwear “Screw-in Spikes” was introduced. After 15 years, Saddle Oxford shoes were introduced in 1906. These shoes gained much popularity and are still worn by some of the golfers. 

With the advancement of technology, golf shoes evolved and gained a lot of flexibility. In 1980, a new type of golf footwear was introduced that was “wearer friendly.” 

Difference between the two

As the names go, these two kinds of golf shoes are just with and without spikes. Spiked golf shoes have actual cleats on the outer sole, and spikeless shoes usually have flat soles. The cleats on a spiked golf shoe are made of soft plastic. On the other hand, instead of cleats, spikeless shoes have rubber studs and dimples on the sole. 

Previously, the differences between the two categories were vast. However, in recent times, popular manufacturers of golf shoes have made different styles of the two categories.

What to look for?

Golf is an elite game, and every golfer wants to be spotted with perfect golf gear. If it's time to purchase a new golf shoe, you must consider some factors.


Traction is what matters the most for golf shoes. While buying golf shoes, traction is what golfers look for, regardless of spiked or spikeless shoes. Back in the days, spiked shoes were made of metal spikes. Those damaged the grass of the golf grounds rigorously. 

However, the world is now more focused on creating a better place to live. Thus, plastic cleats are installed on spiked shoes. Some manufacturers also provide replaceable spikes. These spikes give lateral stability as they grip on the ground perfectly. A golf swing is a moment for every golfer; the spiked shoes provide that.

Moving on to spikeless shoes, a lot of new styles are in the market. The spikes-less shoes feature rubber nubs on the outsole. These allow a proper grip on the ground. A fin-like pattern helps the shoes provide traction and support- the basic features of a spiked golf shoe.

In our opinion, a spiked golf shoe provides better traction. Regardless less of the ground and weather, spiked golf shoes give a solid grab on the course.


An ideal pair of golf shoes should be the one that doesn't squeeze your ankle, neither does it fall off. Fit isn't necessarily different for spiked or spikeless shoes. But, we would suggest you wear socks and try out few pairs. This way, you will be able to find your perfect pair of golf shoes-be they spiked or spikeless.


Due to the studs on the outsole of the shoe, spiked shoes might be a little uncomfortable. Our foot balances on the spikes of the spiked shoe. This creates pressure points on our feet, which none of us want.  

In the case of spikeless shoes, these don't have the nubs on the sole. Besides, they are lightweight. The cushion added for supporting the ankle and feet is a plus point. However, due to further advancement and benefit of golfers, manufacturers are incorporating cushions on spiked shoes too. Also, lighter materials are prioritized for making the shoe.

Talking about the comfort of golf shoes, spike-less ones steal the deal.


Since golf shoes are all about traction, durability is a prime factor here. The more you wear and use a shoe, the useful life of it reduces. That is, the cushion starts to lose its shape, the soles become worn out, and the overall look of the shoes falls off. 

Unfortunately, spike-less shoes don't have the privilege of existing for a long time. The sole of the shoe is rigorously used against the turf. The rubber cleats eventually lose traction and fail to have a grip. Once these pairs start losing traction, they aren't of any use on the golf grounds. 

Spiked shoes have all that nubs and come with replaceable cleats too. If something ruins, it's the cleats. You don't have to worry about the sole or cushion of the shoe. As soon as you notice that the grip of your spike isn't firm, replace it.

With the cleat wrench and proper replacement of spikes, the golf shoe should start looking like a new pair. Also, some basic maintenance is necessary, and you are good to go.

Versatility and convenience

Shoes are versatile when they can be used anywhere, anytime. A pair of shoes can be versatile if they can be worn to work or even at a party. 

Spiked golf shoes are solely designed for purpose-playing Golf. These are purchased by golfers only. Professional golfers do not care about versatility. They count on the traction and durability of a pair of golf shoes. 

Here is when spikeless shoes win the show. Spikeless golf shoes are super versatile and can be styled with all casual wear. The style and design of these spikeless shoes are quite friendly. You can easily wear these, play Golf and also have a walk. Such convenience!

Now, let's move on to some common queries that golfers have.

Suitable for beginners

Beginners will probably not rush to have a match. However, it's always better to opt for the better one. In our suggestion, it truly doesn't matter which category of golf shoes is suitable for beginners. But we'd still say, as spiked golf shoes provide a better grip, go for that. The locked-in grip on the ground will help you focus on swinging more.

Professionals wear spiked shoes.

Spiked shoes are traditional wear for playing Golf. Most professionals are seen wearing spiked shoes for obvious reasons. The traction is better, and undivided concentration can be put on the sport. This club and ball game requires the sportsperson to be steady on the ground.

A pair of spiked shoes confirms the lateral stability. Not to mention, if the ground is soggy or there is inclement weather in the turf, a spiked shoe will save you from falling off the course while swinging. 

However, there has been a trend to wear spikeless golf shoes too. Some golfers play their biggest hits while wearing a spike-less pair of golf shoes. 

Which one to choose?

This is really simple and, most importantly, personal. It depends on your personal preference whether you want to choose spiked or spikeless golf shoes. The best way to choose one is to go through the factors we have mentioned. This way you'll find your ideal pair of golf shoes.

But we would like to add our two cents here. If you are a professional, root for spiked ones, and if not, go for spikeless shoes. You'll have a versatile pair of shoes, who doesn't want that?

Does the brand of golf shoes matter?

There are so many brands in the market now manufacturing golf shoes regularly. Adidas, Puma, Footjoy, Nike, ECCO are a few great brands making golf shoes. These brands are maintaining healthy competition in the market. As a consequence, we are having a lot of styles and added features in a variety of golf shoes. 

So, the brand doesn't really matter in the case of golf shoes. You need to look for the quality and purpose of your purchase. 

Final Thoughts

In Golf, shoes play a great role in determining your performance. Thus, it is really important you choose a pair of golf shoes that not only is footwear but also contributes to your performance. After you have read our comprehensive guide on spiked and spikeless golf shoes, please notice all the factors and then purchase. Have a great time shopping for a pair of golf shoes.

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