Hacks to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes

You are here because your exclusive pair of leather shoes started forming creases. It is natural no matter how much expensive your shoes are. Don’t let the shoe creases upset you because worries can bring up wrinkles on your face as well. You can rely on us to guide on hacks to get creases out of leather shoes.

Why creases come up?

Being said that it is normal to have creases on shoes, it is undeniable that many other factors facilitate the appearance of creases earlier than time.

Not storing shoes properly:

Maybe you are doing something wrong which makes your leather shoes look worn out within a few days of purchasing them. Storing dirty and uncleansed shoes can form a layer above the leather and starts creasing.

If you are not storing the shoes at a moderate temperature then chances are high that there will be extensive creases. Empty shoes sitting on the rack without a shoe tree or stuffed acid-free paper are obvious to have creases.

The fitting of the shoe is not accurate:

While buying a pair of leather shoes check the fitting once and again. If the shoe doesn’t snuggle around your feet it will have more space between the top of the shoe and the lining of the shoe. The extra space creates more room for the leather to bend. However, the best-fitted shoes will also have creases on the area where the ball moves. A little amount of crease doesn’t look unhealthy.

Is leather quality a factor?

We often have this myth that an expensive shoe is made of good leather and good leather will not have creases. This is not just unnatural, also unscientific. The quality of the leather has nothing much to do with creasing. Surprisingly, most high-grade leather shoes tend to have creases faster than low-grade leather shoes.

The design of your shoe might be a factor

If you are wearing a whole cut shoe or plain toe shoe it is more prone to have creases in comparison to full or semi cap toe shoes. The reason is simply that the whole cut shoe is formed of one full leather and the other one is made of by stitching different leather on different parts. The different leathers have different tension ranges which act as a minimizing factor of creases on semi cap toe shoes.

Making process of the shoe

A machine-made shoe will have more early creases than a handmade one. Because the temperature of the machine can jinx the intrinsic properties of different leathers on different parts of the shoe. This is why handmade shoes are expensive.  

Hacks to get creases out of leather shoes:

There are hundreds of hacks to get creases out of leather shoes on the internet to prevent creases on your leather shoes. But the truth is none can prevent it. Here we will present you with some of the experimented ones which will help to get creases out of leather shoes.

1. Use a shoe tree: 

While storing your shoes you should always use a shoe tree. If you do not have one, find the right size shoe tree for your leather pair. A cedar shoe tree can absorb the moist from your sweat and can keep the shoes in form.

Buy cedar shoe tree from here!

If the creases on your shoes are minor then keeping the shoes in a shoe tree for a week can help the leather to regain its shape.   

2. Restore your leather pair:

One can restore the look of the leather shoes by following some simple steps.   

  • At first dust off the shoes properly after removing the lace  
  • Then keep them in water for 10 minutes.  
  • Bring them out of the tub and let them dry for a couple of minutes in the sun. 
  • When there’s no water dripping from the shoe place a sturdy shoe tree in it which will help the leather to stretch.  
  • Condition the shoe properly with a good leather conditioner. Buy leather conditioner from here! 
  • If there are fine lines or scratches along the creases, take a colored shoe cream to conceal it fully. Buy multiple colors shoe cream from here! 
  • You can use wax polish to bring back the mirror shine.

3. Just as your crinkled clothes, you can iron your crinkled shoe too:

This is an easy hack if the creases are just on top of the shoe. The steps are as follows:  

  • Fill in the shoes with paper tightly. 
  • Damp the shoe with a napkin.
  • Take a cloth and wet it. 
  • Put it on the top of the shoe.  
  • Take the iron and set the heat at about 80F.  
  • Start ironing on the wet cloth cautiously in a circular motion. Pressing on one portion for more time can burn the leather. 
  • In this process, the steam from the wet cloth helps the leather to stretch. This process works best on sneakers.  

To get a better understanding, check this video!

4. Blow away the creases with a blow dryer:

This is a safer version of the iron hack and can be used on suede shoes as well.   

  • Stretch the shoe well enough by filling it in with papers or with the help of a shoe tree.
  • Massage a good leather conditioning oil properly on the shoes. The more conditioned it will be, the better the creases will stretch.
  • Don’t worry if the conditioning oil is not around you. You can pick coconut oil, baby oil, or using lemon essential oil can give you the best result. But, do not use olive oil.  
  • Take the blow dryer and set it in the maximum heat. 
  • Hold it at a 30-degree angle away from the shoe and start giving heat in a circular motion.  
  • Voila! No more creases on your shoes. This hack works like a magic before any important event.  

5. Remove the factory finish with acetone:

In most of the shoes, the added factory finish is responsible to form creases on the leather shoes. One can remove the factory finish from the shoes but it is a tedious process. Follow the steps cautiously to have creases out from the shoes which come from factory finish:  

  • This process is easier to do on black shoes. On brown or other color shoes, this experiment can damage the original color. 
  • At first, take off the laces and put the shoe tree inside.  
  • Take acetone and butyl gloves. Butyl doesn’t melt coming in contact with acetone.  
  • Then put some acetone on an old piece of rug and start polishing the shoe with acetone.  
  • The leather absorbs the acetone and the factory finish starts to come off.  
  • You’ll get the bare shining leather with a healthier outlook at the end of this process.

N.B: You have to use this method very carefully. People using contact lenses can’t do this because the acetone vaporized in the air can melt lenses inside the eyes.

6. Fixing the creases with rubbing alcohol: Good or bad?

Though research says one shouldn’t use rubbing alcohol to fix broken makeup products, nothing is yet said about using it on leather. So we can consider it as a safe option to use on leather. You can follow the steps:   

  • You’ll need to insert a shoe tree in this process too. I think now you have made your mind to get one for your precious pair. 
  • Take a spray bottle and mix an equal portion of rubbing alcohol and water. 
  • Then spray the mixture evenly on the shoe. 
  • Let it dry for a couple of minutes.  
  • Massage conditioning oil for removing the creases perfectly.

Guidelines to prolong the wear out of your leather shoe:

Do not just invest in good shoes, invest in other accessories as well. A good brush, shoe tree, leather conditioner, etc. will help the shoes to stay in form for a long time.  

  • Store the shoes properly after dusting off the dirt and oiling the leather.  
  • Keep it at an optimum temperature, not too hot or not too cold.  
  • You can wrap the shoe with acid-free butter paper before putting them on racks.  
  • It is better to store shoes in the shoebox that comes with the shoe.


You can follow every guideline on  hacks to get creases out of leather shoes above yet creases will reappear. Think of the leather, like your skin. You maintain basic skincare, you add on anti-aging ingredients but wrinkles do come after a certain age. In the same way, leather will crease. It is recommendable that one does not try out the iron and blow dryer experiment more often.

The heat can damage the leather or using these methods frequently can stretch out the shoe more than your size. Using the shoe rack and conditioning oil can be the most convenient and safer method to get off creases out of your leather shoes.  

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