How Long Do Tennis Shoes Last


Tennis shoes are amazing! These shoes can double as shoes for almost any sports activity. You can wear these shoes to running, working out, playing soccer and other sports, or even wear them casually with your regular outfits. 

Tennis shoes are extra comfortable and offer lots of traction while running and walking. And not to mention- the second best tool for a tennis player (after their tennis racket of course). 

But, like all things good, these shoes have an expiration date as well. Unlike most things, these shoes do not come with a specific expiration limit, there are certain signs that show that your shoes should not be used anymore. 

In this article, we will dive into the factors that determine your tennis shoe’s longevity and tell you how long they will last. But first, let’s have a look at the signs that your shoes are losing lifespan. 

Signs of Decreasing Lifespan of Tennis Shoes

There are certain things that you will notice to be able to tell whether your shoes have time or not. There is a saying that goes something along the lines of- if you wait till you are thirsty to drink water, you are already dehydrated and it’s too late at this point. 

Similarly, if you wait till you see visible deterioration in your tennis shoes, you’ve already been using them past their expiration date. Soon as you start noticing more soreness in your ankles, heels, toes, knees or even lower back, your shoes are starting to go bad.

If your tennis shoes are not providing you the comfort or traction that it should, that is a sign that you should stop wearing those shoes.

If your shoes are not squeaking any longer on a hard court, and if they aren’t providing the desired traction, or your feeling foot and ankle are getting more sore than usual after playing, then you should change your tennis shoes. Your shoes have clearly seen better days and are now starting to expire

How Long Do Tennis Shoes Last

Tennis shoes can last up to a year or two depending on how frequently and aggressively you use them. The longevity depends a lot on what type of player you are. Let’s say, a serious baseliner that hits hard courts more than once a week is sure to damage his or her shoes more than a casual doubles clay-court player. 

Basically, the frequency of you playing can determine whether you should get a new pair every couple of months or once a year. If you are a hard court player who plays more regularly and beats the hell out of their shoes, your shoes might last about 2-3 months tops. If you are lucky, it might last you up to 4 months.

But if you play occasionally, your shoes are prone to less damage and might last you from anywhere between a year and a couple of years. It all comes down to how much your sneakers go through when you are on the court. 

As for changing your pair of tennis shoes, a general rule of thumb is to change your shoes about 45 to 60 hours before the midsole is worn out. 

How to make Tennis Shoes Last Longer

Since tennis shoes do not have a specific expiry date, you can actually extend the longevity of your shoes by many folds if you do the following things.

Own More than One Pair

Owning more than one pair of tennis shoes can be a pretty wise choice. If you play with just one pair of shoes at a time, that particular pair of shoes carry all the weight of your matches. But if you rotate and switch between multiple pairs, you can divide the stress between/among them, so all your shoes last longer.

Let them Dry Up

You shoes are sure to get wet, whether it is unexpected rain or your sweat gets them soaked. When that happens, it is essential that you dry the shoes out to keep them in their best shape. Stuff some old newspaper inside the wet shoes to let them dry faster, or leave them out in the air for a few days before playing tennis in them again.

Letting your shoes stay wet accelerates their deterioration process, which is why this step is essential to follow.

Clean them regularly and take care of them

Sometimes from playing in dusty and/or muddy courts, your shoes get really dirty. Dirt can be pretty abrasive to your shoe’s upper, which can cause it to wear out prematurely. So it is very important to clean your tennis shoes regularly. 

Final Words

Although that does not exactly answer your question about how long do these types of shoes last, it should have been able to give you the general idea of how the longevity of tennis shoes work. 

You need to first think how frequently you play or want to play tennis to be able to determine how long your shoes will exactly last. It is impossible to tell the exact lifespan, but an average duration would be 4 to 6 months. You might think your shoes would last way longer than that, possibly up to a few years, but if you are a tennis player, you know your shoes are bound to deteriorate at some point. 

So depending on your frequency and aggressiveness during matches, your tennis shoes will last a certain amount of time. 

Follow our tips and advice for increasing the longevity and lifespan of your pair of tennis shoes. We hope you had a fun time reading this article and found it informative. 

We hope we were able to satisfy you with our answer. That’s all for this article, we will be seeing you on the next one. Have a nice day!

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