How Much are Coach Tennis Shoes


Tennis shoes are one of the most popular shoes of this time. People are crazy over them and are willing to save money for months just to buy their favorite pair of tennis shoes. People love their flexibility, their spaciousness, their comfort, and their support. Not only its high-quality features but tennis shoes have a wide range of designs and are available in different patterns. 

Brands like Adidas, Puma, Balenciaga, and Nike have been manufacturing tennis shoes for a long time. But premium brands like Coach are also on the game of manufacturing tennis shoes.

Their quality, material, method of production and design patterns is very different from that of many of the other brands. In this article, we will be discussing how much does a coach tennis shoes costs.

Insights on the brand: Coach

Did you know the brand Coach initially started off as Manhattan Leather Bags during 1941? The brand was inspired by the design of baseball gloves and their intricate design, so they decided to produce handbags at discounts that were made using the same materials as the baseball gloves.

Coach shoes took a lot time until years later. Coach’s original collection of handbags has 12 designs in total. All of the 12 bags were made using tan, high-quality leather, supple, etc. with amazing skills of craftsmen and clever stitching. 

Those bags were loved and their designs were highly praised. After their initial success on handbags, coach decided to create handbags for a few more decades. During the early 1980s coach finally decided to extend their horizons and jump into the manufacturing of shoes. By the 1980s the brand had made many innovative designs that starting to bring Coach the fame, respect and brand status that most of the top brands possessed.  In 1988, the company began its operations in Japan, Tokyo. 

They started their shoe operations there and their market in japan was huge even for that time. Even to this date, the Japanese is still one of the coach’s leading shoe purchasers. In japan, the Coach started its shoe manufacturing during the mid-1990. Their lead shoe designer Reed Krakoff produced some fine quality shoes which were very popular. 

The craze behind coach tennis shoes

Coach’s Tennis shoes are not only of premium quality and designed by top-notch designers, but when you put them on they make you very comfortable and your feet as light as feather. Coach’s tennis shoes help people show off their style and help them to bring out each of their personalities while playing tennis.

They help players not only play a great game but also reflect their style and help them shine through. Women look very chic and elegant every time they put on their coach shoes. As if they are draped in a world of fashion, while they show their talents to the world.  

Price range of Coach Tennis shoes

  1. Coach Women’s Lowline Signature Print Jacquard cupsole shoes: – These tennis shoes are made for women. You will fall in love with it at first sight. Its pattern and design gives of a classy and elegant vibe that makes you want to wear it whatever it costs. As for its cost, it’s about $154. Not a bad pricing compared to its quality and outlook.
  2. Coach Mason Sneaker: – with a combination of grey and dark black color at its top and off white. Costs only $105. These shoes provide the perfect balance of flexibility and agility to players who love changing their positions during a tennis match. If you are an agile player who jumps and runs around the tennis court, you can check Coach Mason Sneakers out.
  3. Casual Fashion Coach Tennis shoes: – These shoes are made of high-quality leather, but its design and print gives off a totally different vibe. Its floral print, mid-soles and foam help players shine during their game. Casual Fashion Coach tennis shoes cost around $150. It is reasonable and affordable compared to most other Coach’s tennis shoes
  4. Coach City Sole Court Sneaker: – This is one of the best tennis shoes that coach has specially designed for people who love tennis. It costs $265.35 and is also considered of one the reasonable sports shoes that can be affordable my most groups of people. Its thick mid sole, along with its off-white color gives a classy and athletic vibe. Not only in tennis courts, you can also wear them at parties, wedding ceremonies and other places. These shoes fit almost every occasion; in fact they were designed to. 
  5. Coach porter: – Coach Porter tennis shoes are as amazing as its fine design and colorful print. At only $80 you can lay your hands at one of coach’s finest tennis shoes of all time. And just like the last pair of shoes, Coach Porter is also fit for any occasion and is suitable for people of any age limit.
  6.  Coach City Sole Runner sneaker:- These shoes are available for $248 and are on the $220+ shoes category. 

You will find Coach tennis shoes starting from $60 to $300. Coach wants people to get the chance to enjoy premium quality shoes. Men, women and whatever their budget maybe, they can land their hands on any of their favorite pair of tennis shoes. One thing people can rest assured that despite the price range, the quality of all tennis shoes is the same. 

Bottom Line

If you are a tennis shoe lover and have been wondering to purchase one of the coach’s tennis shoes we are sure you can very well afford to do so. Now that you have read our article, you should have an idea how much are coach tennis shoes. Get that pair that you have been waiting for so long to buy!

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