How Much Do Sneakers Weight?

Have you ever put any thought about weighing your shoes? Whenever we think about shoes material, design, color, and fittings are the only things that come into our minds.  Sneakers, which you all are familiar with, are different from most regular shoes. They are athletic running shoes, designed to bring comfort to its wearers while walking on them, and are very popular for their remarkable diversity in style, pattern, and color. 

Whenever we are traveling, especially abroad we face problems with weight of our sneakers. To us they are lightweight, easily to move around in, and we easy make the mistake of packing at least 5 to 6 pairs of sneakers for our trip. But sometimes they weigh far more than we can imagine. To solve this problem, you must know how to weight shoes! Do you know how to weigh your sneakers? If not, follow our article for all the details.

What makes up the total weight of our sneakers?

The total weight of our sneakers depends on its: 

  • Size
  • Material
  • Design
  • Features
  • Extra weight acting on it

Size: First of all, when you are buying a pair of sneakers what do you do? You definitely put it on and check if it’s the right size for you, whether it has a complimentary fitting to your leg. Do you know sneakers that are larger in size weigh more? It is obviously a natural thing, but we are sure this thought has not occurred to you before.

If your shoe size is 9 and your friend’s is 7, your sneakers have more weight than his given that both your shoes are made of the same materials; same design and contains all the same features. A large size sneaker has more surface area than one with a smaller size, hence it has more weight

 Materials: Your sneakers contain more materials than that meets your eye. Some sneakers contain more foaming than others. You may have noticed some sneakers have a thin rubber foaming while others have a thick sole that absorbs shock waves.

 Padding and cushions add more weight to the pair of sneakers. Some sneakers also have a thick hard toe-end. This is because extra materials have been used to make that end strong, hence this adds to the overall weight as well. Cotton, nylon, polyester are light materials, thus sneakers made using them are also lighter than those that are manufactured using leather and PU.   

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Do you know sneakers can have up to 5 levels of cushioning? Each level of cushion has its own purpose and provides optimum comfort and protection for people. Marathon runners have the highest level of cushioning in their running shoes. The weight of their sneakers is higher than most other sneakers of the same type.

Features: Some sneakers have laces and some are designed for slipping in. Slip in sneakers weighs a little less than regular sneakers. Their sole is lighter, it has less foam and/ or cushioning than other athletic sneakers.

Design: Design is one thing we are very picky about. Sneakers need to have a fashionable design, its pattern should stick out amidst all other sneakers, the way it is structured has an impact on its shape. If you are a student of physics how designing an object can lay an impact upon its weight. 

Extra weight acting on it: Do your sneakers have additional accessories attached to it? People love to customize their sneakers; some add pearls, beads, glitter, and even Legos. All these materials add additional weight to your pair of sneakers making them much heavier than they originally are.

Average weight of shoes

  • Most of the women’s average sneakers weigh about 2 to 2.5 pounds i.e. 908 to 1134 grams
  • Most of the men’s average sneakers weigh about 2.5 to 3 pounds i.e. 1134 to 1361 grams
  • Children’s shoes are way lighter then men’s and women’s and weighs approximately from 1 to 1.5 pound i.e. 454 to 680 grams

Different brands have different shoe weights

  • Van’s low top sneakers are extremely lightweight and flexible. The weigh about 680 grams, they weight may vary depending on its size. 
  • Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sneakers have a sophisticated design to make your feet feel light while you are wearing them. These weigh about 0.625 pounds or 300 grams. 
  • Tough built sneakers used for hiking have one of the most weights. These sneakers have more material and additional features to keep climbers on their feet, helps to enhance their stability and grip. Hiking tough built sneakers weigh about 1700 grams or 3.75 approximately.

5 of the most lightweight sneakers ever

  • Babolat Jet Mach II (men’s shoes) weighs about 313 grams or 11.07 oz
  • Babolate Jet Mach II (for women) weighs much less about 256 grams or 9.04 oz
  • Asics Solution Speed FF sneakers weigh about 341 grams or 12.03 oz
  • New balance 9964 (for women) weighs 257 grams or 9.08 oz
  • Adidas Adizero Club 2 weighs 284 grams or 10.4 oz  

These lightweight sneakers are perfect when you are traveling. They are easy to carry around and will not also charge you extra money in airports for additional weight. Many people prefer carrying shoes in shoe boxes, but shoe boxes have additional weight of 1 to 2.5 pounds. These would be extra baggage of weight while you are traveling. It is better to ditch the shoes boxes and wrap your sneakers in plastic bag and pack them in your luggage.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should know how much do sneakers weigh. So next time you are buying a shoe do not forget about all the things that make up for its entire weight.  

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