How Much Do Tennis Shoes Weigh

Usually, when we go out purchasing tennis shoes, we look for features like the fabric, sole, cushioning, comfortability, and what not. But have you ever wondered how much do tennis shoes weigh? Just like any other feature, a tennis shoe’s weight is equally important to check while making a purchase.

Suppose, your shoe’s fit you right, comfortable enough to wear, but it’s heavy. What do you think? You’ll feel heavy feet while running miles after miles. If it’s a race, then you’ll surely have to work more on your time because your shoes will slow you down.

On the other hand, lightweight shoes provide easy movements. You can transition inti any position very swiftly without feeling any hindrances. Another aspect that’s important to notice is the shoe weigh impacting your health. Don’t let your ankles pain or back hurt just because your tennis shoes aren’t the right weight. Get some more insights on how much do tennis shoes weigh. 

Table of Contents

  1. Factors Influencing Shoe Weight
  2. How Much Do Tennis Shoes Weigh?
  3. How Necessary is it to Measure Tennis Shoe Weight?
  4. Clothes and Shoes Adding up to Your Body Weight
  5. Remember Some Tips

Factors Influencing Shoe Weight

Tennis Shoes

A tennis shoe can weigh for several reasons. The fabric, cushioning, materials used etc. can enhance the weight of a normal tennis shoe to a greater extent. Because each company make distinctive shoes, not all of the tennis shoes weigh the same. Now, let’s think what factors influence heavy tennis shoes. It’ll help us to determine the light ones by reflecting the opposite. 

First comes size. If a tennis shoe is bigger than the other, it’ll definitely weigh much than the smaller shoe. Now, imagine a small shoe but with heavy fabric and materials, put on some extra padding. The shoe might feel soft in wear but we can ensure you it’ll be a heavy weight. The type of cushioning also matters a lot when it comes to weight measurement. 

However, companies try to make lightweight tennis shoes for providing ease in movement. You can also get relief from all the back and leg pain by using a tennis shoe that aligns perfectly with your weight. 

How Much Do Tennis Shoes Weigh?

Now, coming back to our ultimate question, how much do Tennis Shoes weigh. On average, a men’s tennis shoe weighs below 9.5 ounces or 269 grams. As women have lighter body muscle and bones, the weight are less than the man’s average tennis shoe weight.

So, you can see a difference in the shoe weight between the two genders. Similarly, you also have to choose a shoe that’ll match your body weight. However, the weight differs for the purpose of the pairs too. Suppose, you’re an athlete who uses tennis shoes for regular high mileage running, your shoe weight will be a little higher than the average.

For males, the weight is above 10 ounces and for females it’s above 9 ounces. If you’re seeking a shoe for versatile purpose, pick up one between 9-10 ounces for male and 7.5-9 ounces for female. 

As you can see, heavier shoes don’t always mean bad for the body, nor the light ones are the best. You have to select the right weight depending on your requirement. 

How Necessary is it to Measure Tennis Shoe Weight?

It depends. If you are a runner who’s preparing yourself up for a race, you better choose a pair that lightweight. Mostly cushioning is the main factor why shoes get heavier. The more padding, the heavier it gets. We already discussed which weight is suitable for which purpose. So, you have to determine first for what activities you’re using tennis shoes. 

Let’s look at some examples. The super speedy Usain Bolt used to wear a 140 grams tennis shoe to set a world record in a 100m race. Eliud Kipchoge’s shoe weighed 195 grams in his 2:00:25 marathon. 

Again, if you’re someone who’s up for just regular walking and styling shoes with outfits, you don’t need to focus on the weight too much. You can only count on the comfort of the shoe and see if it fits you right. So, you’re the one who can tell if it’s actually significant enough for you to measure your tennis shoe weight.

Clothes and Shoes Adding up to Your Body Weight

People are crazy about finding out their actual weight and maintaining a decent health. It’s believed that man can easily drop down 2.5 pounds or 1.13 kilograms from a scale. In this case, the women clothing and shoes add less in number, a rough estimation of 2 pounds or 0.9 kilograms. It’s fairly not too much that can impact the body unless someone really has some bodily issues. 

Remember Some Tips

Before some marketing campaigns blew up your mind let us suggest some true facts and tips about buying a tennis shoe. Well, we’ll focus here about the weight of the shoes because this article is all about giving you information on shoe weight. So, let’s get straight into the point! 

Always try to buy your tennis shoe according to your feet. If you’re at a physical store, put the shoes on and see how it feels. Think about the purpose of the shoe and choose weighted shoes carefully. However, if you’re shopping online, make sure you get to know all the details about the shoe correctly. Match with your feet and draw a connection in your head. Consider the shape of your feet, your bio-mechanics, and most importantly your running routine in this case. 

Therefore, as much as the shoe style and functionality matters, consider the weight of tennis shoes with as much importance too. 

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