How Often You Should Change Your Tennis Shoes

Some of you may be too attached to your favorite pair of tennis shoes. The ones you purchased after saving money for months, or the one you got an autograph signed from your favorite tennis player.

You cannot keep on wearing them forever. Just like replace your old batteries, old motor engine, your devices and any other accessories, you need to replace your tennis shoes too. To be honest there is no exact expiry date for tennis shoes. 

You cannot also find out when they will get worn out by using any scientific calculation, algorithms or reactions before using them. Just like different digital devices have different lifespans, so do tennis shoes. Each tennis shoe is designed differently to serve different individual purposes.

But there happen to be few ways you can figure out when it is the right time for you to let go of them. In this article, we have discussed how often you should change your tennis shoes.

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Understand longevity of tennis shoes from their features

  • If you tennis shoes are lightweight they would not have extra support in them such as additional pad and tends to get damaged easily. 
  • Heavier tennis shoes on the other hand much more stable, cushioned and sturdier. Thus they last for a longer time.
  • If you shoe has less traction, then you will feel soreness in your toes and in your ankles. Your kicks and jumps will also not feel the same as time passes by.
  • The court type on which you regularly play tennis is also a factor. Tennis shoes that are not best for hard clay surfaces will wear out soon. 
  • Tennis shoes that have a tough, durable, wide and thick mid soles will provide traction, and cause such tennis shoes to last longer than the others.

Signs to look for in your tennis shoes 

Most people wait till their tennis shoes look rusty, worn out, dirty and unwearable before they are replaced. But your tennis shoes may be damaged before these signs are completely visible.

Wearing worn out shoes may also cause damage to our feet and bring inconsistencies to our performances. Here are some signs that will help you to identify is you should change your tennis shoes:-

  • When the sole tread pattern of your shoes are worn down. Some tennis shoes have vibrant colors and designs that makes it hard to understand whether the soles are damaged. So tough and inspect carefully.
  • When the heels are damaged or broken on one side. As the entire pressure of our body is exerted on our heels, so pieces of shoe’s heel may come apart. 
  • When wrinkles appear on one or few sides, or at the bottom of our tennis shoes. When the cushioning or foam breakdown due to friction, you will start noticing wrinkles or bruises. Midsoles are present to absorb shock waves, mild compression and other pressure during physical activity. 
  • If the midsole layer of shoe is made of EVA materials and starts to develop creases, you need to replace your tennis shoes. This midsole compression is very common and occurs in most tennis shoes as the first signs of wear and effect effects.
  • The upper parts of the tennis shoes are cracked or broken around the ankle area.
  • It is good to check your shoes regularly. Wear and tear signs may also depend on weather. Tennis shoes made of leather can occur much faster than in summer time than during winter months. 

If you are practicing tennis regularly

If you are wearing the same tennis shoes to the court every day, then you might have to change them faster than others. While you are practicing tennis, you have to make many lateral movements, jumps and run in all directions, come back & fourth and what not. You tennis shoes, even if they are made of thick soles will last for a years or more. 

If you running regularly

We are sure most of you know, but in case you do not, marathon runner have different shoes than most regular runners. If you run every day as a part of warm up session before your tennis practice wearing the same tennis shoes, your shoes will not last for than 6 -8 months. Tennis shoes are not manufactured for running. However you can almost run 350 – 500 miles wearing them. 

Aging Process of tennis shoes 

Tennis shoes are often glued together. After they are assembled and manufactured their aging process starts from then. Keeping tennis shoes on the shelf of stores and even if they are kept in your cupboards locked up, your shoes are still aging. This is mostly known as shelf life.

The glue used to attach your shoes dries out overtime. The air pockets from your tennis shoes are cushioning are slowly dissipating. After you walk in them the processes seems to accelerate. 

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Rotate your tennis shoes

It is advisable to rotate your tennis shoes. If you wear one single pair of tennis shoes every day or more than 4 times a week, they will get damaged way faster than their regular shelf life. If you do not want to throw of your favorite tennis shoe pairs fast, make sure to rotate and wear.

Try to wear at least 2 – 3 different pair of shoes every week. Do not wear the same shoes consecutively. Clean your shoes routinely and store them properly. Your shoes will last longer and you will now have to replace them after a year.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article you should know how often you should change your tennis shoes. You cannot keep wearing tennis shoes forever. Let go of the old ones and make room for other new collections.

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