How to Clean the Bottom of Sneakers


Sneakers are bound to get dirty. It’s like an inevitable thing that you cannot control by any means. No matter how clean you think the surface you walk in is, the bottom of your sneakers will eventually get pretty dusty and dirty. 

Sometimes they might be more than dirty. No, we don’t mean torn or ruined, we are still talking about dirt, but the stubborn kind. This kind of dirt is very hard to clean and can take pretty long to be completely clean. 

If you are trying to clean the sole of your sneakers but failing to clean them properly, you are in the right place. In this article we will show you exactly how you can clean the bottom of your sneakers and make them good as new. 

We will also give you ideas for using various tools and ingredients while cleaning the bottom of your shoes. So if that sounds interesting to you, let’s have a look at how to clean the bottom of sneakers!

Sneakers Sloes

Things to Use for Cleaning

There are a number of substances and tools that you can use to clean the bottom of your kicks. Some of these may come off as pretty unconventional and possibly even weird, but bear with us, these are rather effective in getting the job better than others. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can use to clean the bottom of your shoes.


This one is sort of a no-brainer as we all know bleach is something that can get rid of any form of dirt and impurities from pretty much anything. Using bleach can be pretty effective in cleaning those stubborn bottoms of your shoes. 

However, we recommend you be careful while using the bleach and try to only clean your white sneaker’s bottoms with bleach. Since bleach has discoloring properties, it can ruin the color of your sneakers. So if you want to clean the bottom of colorful sneakers, make sure the bleach doesn’t reach anywhere outside the bottom. 


When we said unconventional, we meant this. We associate toothpaste with only cleaning our teeth, but toothpaste can also be used to clean other things, for instance, sneakers. 

White Vinegar

Also, an unconventional cleaning reagent that you can use to clean your shoe’s sole. You can dip your pair of sneakers in some white vinegar and let it sit for a while. Then you can just wipe it off and it’s pretty much clean.

Nail Polish Remover

Who knew nail polish remover would be able to clean sneakers! Well, it does, and it works like magic! You can use some nail polish remover to the sneaker soles that are discolored due to dust accumulation and make them as clean as new again. 

How to Clean the Bottom of Sneakers

There are some steps you should follow while cleaning the bottom of your sneakers. Let’s see how exactly you are going to clean those bad boys.

Step 1

First of all, grab your pair of sneakers and take a close look at it. How bad is the dirt? How much cleaning is it going to require? You need to check whether your shoes were completely massacred in dirt or just has bit of dust at the bottom. Once you have got those noted, go over to step 2.

Step 2

If your sneaker’s bottoms are completely covered in mud, or worse- mud that has been dried out, then you better get the power wash hose. Get rid of the excess mud or dirt to have a much cleaner sole. If it’s not that bad and just covered in a little bit of dust, skip to step 4. 

Step 3

Once you’ve gotten rid of the chunks of dry mud off of your sneakers, it’s time to clean them to make them look as good as new. 

Grab your preferred cleaning reagent and use it to clean the bottom of your shoes. 

Step 4

Get a brush, maybe an old tooth brush that no one uses anymore, and use it to clean the bottom of your shoes. Put some of the cleaning reagent, which you are using to clean the shoes, on the toothbrush and clean it. 

Scrub the bottom nicely to get rid of all the dirt that is still accumulated on it. Make sure to reach every inch of the sole and clean out all the mud and dirt stuck in the bottom of your shoes. 

Step 5

After cleaning the bottom properly with either bleach, toothpaste, white vinegar or nail polish remover, wash it off with water and then wipe it with a paper towel or tissue paper. The bottom of your shoes should be much cleaner now. 

Final Words

So that’s all you have to do in order to clean the bottom of your sneakers. Follow all the steps and tips that we gave you and you should be able to precisely clean the bottoms of your shoes. 

If the shoes are too stubborn to clean and they take too much power to get rid of the dirt and waste, use a powerful hose to completely eliminate all sorts of waste particles no matter how stubborn they are.

Make sure to wipe the bottom with wet wipes as well for some extra squeaky clean shoes. If you want to whiten the soles of your shoes, be sure to use bleach so that it looks just as good as new.

We hope you had a fun time reading this article and learned something new today. Be sure to follow our tips while cleaning the bottom of your shoes and clean them properly. 

We hope this article was informative enough for you. That’s all for this article about how to clean the bottom of your shoes! 

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