How to Clean White Leather Shoes?

White leather shoes have been on the fashion list since a very long time. They pair up great with any outfit. Not to mention, how sleek look it gives to any age. However, most of the people fear wearing their favorite white leathers as white shoes is prone to getting stained easily. Has it ever occurred to you the same as well? Well, we think some cleaning tactics can save you from the trouble! Take a look how to clean white leather shoes in the easiest way possible.

We provided a full guideline below to show you how to clean white leather shoes at home. You won’t need any fancy cleaners. Some ingredients from your daily usage will make your shoes just like a fresh pair! 

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How to Clean White Leather Shoes

White leather shoes are likely to get dirty very quickly. Even if you don’t walk on muddy roads, your white leather shoes can get dusty. Don’t worry! It’s pretty easy to clean white leather shoes. Follow the guidelines below to learn how to clean white leather shoes:

Step 01: Collect all the Cleaning Materials

First thing is first. You must ensure you have all the materials you are going to use for cleaning those leather shoes. Depending upon the stain types, you might need some alternative products. We will talk about those ingredients in the later sections. 

The mandatory elements you will require are a piece of cloth or a brush, a good conditioner, a nice microfiber towel, a shoe whitener and of course warm water. 

Step 02: Clean the Shoelaces

Separate the shoelaces to give them a deep clean. You can see that the shoelaces are made from different material than the leather shoes. Therefore, they would require separate type of washing technique.

Mostly, shoelaces are made from cotton fabrics. So, it’s pretty easier to clean them. Fill a small bowl with warm water. Put a few drops of liquid soap in it and mix it well. You can also use detergent. Keep the soaked in shoelaces aside for 10 minutes. The soapy water will lift the dirt. Then, scrub the dirt nicely and run down some water to finally clean the shoelaces.

Well, in case your shoelaces are torn or fraying, we recommend buying a new fresh set. It will match well with your clean white leather shoes. Also, you can get a brand-new look in the most inexpensive way possible.

Step 03: Clean Up the Stains

Now, it’s time to clean up those dirty shoes! Take a piece of microfiber cloth and wipe out the smudges from your shoes. By doing this regularly, your leather shoes will be less dirty. However, you can also use a commercial leather cleaner for deep cleaning. If that sounds a lot of expense to you, then you can always go for DIY cleaning methods. They are almost just as effective as the commercial cleaners. So, let us tell you how to clean white leather shoes at home.   

Your white leather shoes can face numerous types of stains that might be hard to get rid of by just scrubbing with water. Different types of dirt need different solutions. We present you here a few common stain removal technics which will save you in any situation.

Ink Stains

Sometimes you can ruin your white leather shoes even with only a single drop of ink. It won’t come off with only water or detergent. Hence, you need to be creative here. Surprisingly, nail polish remover works great in removing ink stains. You can also use rubbing alcohol as an alternative. 

So, take a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol or nail polish remover. Now, blot it on the stain area. Never rub it on the stain or else, the ink will spread. Once the shoe is clear, clean the area with warm water and liquid dish soap. Lastly, wipe the wet area with a clean, damp cloth.

Oil or Grease

Sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch if your shoes are stained with oil or grease. Gently rub the spot. Keep it for overnight or few hours. As the soda or starch completely absorbs the oil, you need to wipe off the powder with a small, soft cloth.

Other Stains

For any other types of stains, toothpaste is like a universal stain remover for white leather shoes. At first, you will have to make the stained area wet using a damp cloth. You don’t need to soak the area, only dampening will be fine. Now, take a small amount of non-gel toothpaste and dab it on the stain. Get an old, soft toothbrush and scrub away the stain. After the stain is removed, wipe the whole area with a clean cloth. At the end, dry the shoes using a towel.  

Another good universal solution is lemon juice and cream of tartar. Take a 1:1 ratio of the two ingredients and mix them into a paste form. Apply to the stain gently. Let it rest for approximately 30 minutes. Now, take a damp sponge and remove the paste from the surface. 

Step 04: Make Them Look Brand New

As we are done with the cleaning process, now we will go a little extra on the look. Apply leather conditioner to the shoe surface for avoiding cracking and drying out problems. You can also use leather conditioner to prevent your shoes from getting stained easily. Also, the conditioner will provide a shiny look to your shoes.

How to Clean White Leather Shoes?

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Final Verdict

This is how to clean white leather shoes at home. We hope you find this article useful. We love these methods very much as they cost almost nothing and the ingredients are common in every household. By applying these techniques, not only your shoes will shine like a fresh, brand-new shoe but also last long. So, don’t worry wearing those favorite white leather pairs anymore! You can always revive them each time you wear.

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