How to Deodorize Your Shoes?

Learn to Deodorize Your Shoes: Did you know that your shoes are the best breeding ground for thousands of bacteria? All these bacteria produce smelly odors that can get very awkward and annoying. Many people think if they run too much-wearing shoes, or walking in wet shoes are the prime reasons their feet smell so bad; bad enough to make them want to get up from their positions and run towards the bathroom to clean their feet.

If you too think that a dirty pair or wet feet are the reason behind bad shoe odors, you are wrong! The truth is even people who are very hygienic can give off awfully bad odor from their shoes.  

To help you with your odor problems we have listed down all the points how you can keep our feet odor-free. Read our article to know how to deodorize your shoes properly and how you can easily slide your feet from your shoes and stay relaxed in confidence, without any odors coming out from them.

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Why do your feet smell in the first place?


San Diego Podiatric Medical Society has stated that within a person’s pair of feet approximately 250,000 sweat glands are present that excrete a lot of sweat per day. As a result, our feet stay sweaty most of the time.  Even if you clean your feet often, as our feet keep moving all day, hence our sweat glands are highly active. You may think why the smell? Your sweat gets evaporated and dried very fast right? 

Mechanism of action:

Well, that is true, but when you are wearing shoes the sweat from your feet cannot get dried easily, sealing all the moisture and resulting in a breeding ground for the bacteria that reside in your feet. These bacteria breed, multiply in numbers, spreads from your feet to your socks and then produce a foul stinking pungent smell causing you to feel embarrassed in front of people. 

Even after you take off your shoes and dry your feet in the air, again when you put your shoes back on after a while, the smell doesn’t disappear it reappears right? This is because the bacteria also release pungent foul-smelling toxins, these toxins are absorbed by your shoes and causing your shoes to reek of bad odor even after you have dried and washed your feet. What a troublesome matter! 

How to deodorize your shoes?

We have listed down few of the most effective deodorizers for removing smelly odors from your feet and those that will keep your feet fresh and moisture free even after a long day.

3. Shoe disinfectant & deodorizer 

There are several shoe deodorizers in the market. Some of them work well, and some even work better than most other. We recommend you try ‘Shoe Disinfectant & Deodorizer’. This deodorizer works very fast – within 20 seconds. It is very effective in kills molds, and other MRSA bacteria and even fungus. The deodorizer gives of a lovely smell, something the sort of a lovely fruity fragrance. This deodorant has also been tested to remove pungent odors and have also managed to remove odors of cheese.  

2. Rocket Pure Natural deodorizer Spray

This deodorizer is highly effective, and can keep off bad nasty odor from your feet as long as 24 hours. You can spray it once on your feet and head off to work, and rest assured your feet will not smell bad for the rest of the day. ‘Rocket Pure Natural deodorizer spray’ is made of more than a dozen natural chemical ingredients. 

These natural compounds are all extracted using alcohol from sugar cane, citrus fruits, and cedar wood in pure form, to inhibit microorganism growth in your feet. It also helps by moisturizing your feet. The deodorizer smells fresh and vibrant every time you spray in your feet. 

3. GearHalo Sports Deodorizer Pods

This deodorizer not only helps to absorb moisture from your feet but also can help to get rid of any overpowering smell coming from your feet. This deodorizer is perfect for summer months, especially when you walk or run too much and your feet tend to sweat profusely, as these deodorizer pods are activated in heat they are perfect for warm conditions.   

Tricks to keep your shoes odor-free

Using Baking Soda

Putting baking soda in your shoes and leaving them overnight can be very effective. Baking soda is highly alkaline and can eliminate any kinds of bacteria residing in your shoes. You can also put baking soda in your socks and dip in water for a night, wash it the day after; this will keep your shoes and socks odor-free for perhaps a week. You can carry out this process in the weekends or once every week. 

Sprinkling salt

If you prefer wearing shoes without socks, sprinkling salt in your shoes would a good remedy for eliminating odor. Salt helps to soak up moisture and act as a reliable deodorizer

Essential Oils

If you are not comfortable with either of the two options mentioned above you can always try using essential oils. Essential oils come in different flavors and types, the best would be eucalyptus, tree oil or clove essential oil on your shoes to act as a deodorizer. In case you do not want to put essential oil in your feet, you can put few drops in a piece of cloth and leave it in your shoes overnight

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article you should have an idea about all ways how you can deodorize your shoes and keep them fresh and odorless. Try them out and kick your smelly odor filled feet goodbye.

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