How to Dry Wet Sneakers?

Learn to dry wet sneakers: Your sneakers are one of your best stylish features as the shoes you wear lets people see how well you dress. For people who like to collect sneakers, it may feel like it is a part of your lifeline but with so many shoes in your collection, you might experience some difficulties in maintaining them for long-term use.

 A proper wash is needed to get rid of the stench of sweat and smelly feet and to get rid of the dirt staining the protective layers at the toes. But the problem with sneakers is that they, like many shoes, absorb a lot of water and often take a lot of time to dry. 

You may have already planned out your outfit for a certain day but you can’t wear them if you have wet sneakers. So if you need to dry your sneakers for that special occasion then take a look at the following so that you can learn what you need to do to quickly dry your sneakers.

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The Dryer

If you are in a bit of a hurry and need to dry your shoes quickly then one of the simplest remedies is to just toss your pair of sneakers in the dryer. Although this is a fast fix you may also experience some issues with this method as sneakers are heavier than clothes and the tumbling around may generate a lot of noise. To get rid of the noise you could try throwing in a few towels in the dryer as the soft fabric is likely to dampen the tumbling.

 There is also a risk of your sneakers shrinking too fast after a dry and the heat is also an issue. The rubber on the soles and the plastic on the laces may start to melt if the temperature is too high so to deal with this problem you should set the heat to a low or medium temperature. Setting the heat to a lower level also has a bonus effect in reducing the sound made when drying your sneakers.

A Table Fan

Depending on the material of your shoes this method may or may not be as effective as you are expecting but as sneakers are made from cloth you will find a quick solution by using a table fan. 

All you need to do is to thoroughly wash your sneakers to get rid of the dirt and grime in all the corners. The next step is to find a strong base that can hold both the weight of the fan and your shoes so a table or the floor may also work as a support.

You want your sneakers to be as close to the fans as possible because that way the air will be able to better dry your sneakers. You could try attaching some detachable hooks on the frame of the table fan and then hang the sneakers on there for a faster dry.

But as water is likely to drip on the surface your table fan is standing on you need to lay down a towel or newspaper that can absorb all the water. This method works best when you remove all the individual parts of the sneakers such as the soles and then leave them out to dry separately.

Newspaper Makes An Easy Solution

The newspaper has been made to last for a short while; this is because they can be used for recycling into other materials or for other uses. As you are likely to have a bulk amount of newspapers lying around in your homes you can use them to dry your sneakers multiple times.

To properly dry your shoes with newspaper some modifying is required as you need to eliminate the pages with dark images as the ink may bleed through the wetness of your sneakers and may end up staining your sneakers. 

To make sure your shoes dry fast, fill them to the sole with balls of rolled newspaper to absorb all the moisture inside your sneakers. Then wrap the whole sneakers around with a newspaper and then tie it up. Leave it out in a well-ventilated location in your home and then remove the newspaper after a few minutes. Keep doing this until your sneakers are completely dry.

A Shoe Dryer

If you are looking for a quick way to dry your sneakers then give this machine a try. It has been designed to quickly dry your shoes without any risk of a mess from water spillage. 

If you have particularly small or large size feet then don’t fret as it is available in different sizes for different types of shoes although it only has two tubes for drying meaning you can only dry one pair of shoes at a time.

To make sure your sneakers dry faster you should separate all parts including the soles and laces and then place them on the tubes. Some dryers also have the option to dry your shoes inside instead of on tubes. Place your shoes in such a way so that the toes are in an elevated position so that they dry more thoroughly and much faster.

You can also dry gloves or your motorbike helmets with this dryer.

Final Thoughts

No one likes the feel of wet shoes. It’s soggy and cold and your feet feel like you are standing on something squishy with every step you take. We all hate waiting. That’s why with the solutions listed above we want to provide you with a faster way to dry your sneakers. But faster doesn’t always mean safer as you want to avoid causing any damage to your most expensive and favorite brand of sneakers so as long as you are careful you can have a pair of quick-dry sneakers just in time for your outdoor occasions.

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