How to Fix Scratched Shoes

Every day we walk for hours and hours to fulfill our tasks, earn our livelihood and make connections with people all around us. Shoes are always our companions. As we put our whole weight on to the pair of shoes, they are bound to get scratches in the long run. But with simple yet effective tricks you can easily rejuvenate the pair of shoes to their original state.  Scratched Shoes

Types of Scratches

There are some distinct types of scratches shoes can get. It depends on how much damage the scratch has done to the shoes. That’s why, before fixing the shoes, it’s better to get a rudimentary idea about the scratches. Scratched Shoes 

  • Material Transfer Scratches

This type of scratches are temporary. Suppose you are walking down the streets and suddenly someone stepped over your shoes. You will most likely get a few mild scratches or marks. It’s not something to worry about as this is the easiest one to get rid of.

  • Abrasive Scratches

This is where things get a bit problematic. This type of scratches damages the surface of the shoes. Therefore, making it much harder to remove. Also, the scratch stays for a long time and can be easily visible by the naked eye.

  • Deep Cuts or Severe Scratches

The shoes are heavily damaged in this case. Deep holes and cuts can be seen. This is probably the worst-case scenario for any shoes. Normal polishing or scratch removal creams don’t work. It needs extra care with a rejuvenating cream with much more power and potency.

Methods of Fixing Scratched Shoes

Scratches or scuffs are inevitable. Most scratches can be easily repaired with just a bit of sapphire shoe polish. But there are a variety of scuffs and scratches as we’ve mentioned before. Therefore it’s essential to know which method to use by looking at the severity of the scratch.

First Line of Defence

For simple scratches like material transfer scratches, it’s best not to get too complicated. Most scratches and scuffs can be fixed by just doing a couple of things.

  • Polishing

Polishing is the most effective way to deal with scratches. Not just for simple scratches, it can also eliminate the rough ones too. There are many effective shoe polishes on the market. To name a few, you can try out the Saphir Pommadier Shoe polish. It has a high concentration and also provides waterproof polishing for every use.  Scratched Shoes

  • Shoe Brushes

This is one of the easiest things you can try out. If you have some debris or grits on your shoes, you can gently rub them off with a shoe brush. If the scratches seem to be immovable, apply more force. It will surely do the trick.

  • Baking Soda

This is a method for those who like to make their stuff at home. You can buy baking soda from the store and mix it with normal water. After mixing it for a couple of minutes, you get a highly concentrated paste. You can apply this paste to your shoes to remove scratches or scuffs of any kind. You can also try it out with toothpaste instead of baking soda.

For Rough Scratches

For rough scratches and deep cuts, you need to use something that just doesn’t offer to recolor but also renovate the surfaces.

  • Renovating creams

For abrasive cuts and scratches, you need something to fill the holes. There are certain renovating creams in the market like the Saphir renovating cream that does wonders. It has pigment and resin combined to remove those scratches and fill the holes in no time. You can also use it to fix decoloration issues.

  • Conditioning

Conditioning leather shoes increases their flexibility and durability drastically. It can repair abrasive scratches and make the shoes look brand new. You can find excellent conditioning creams in the market.

Also if you are a craftsman and want to make your cream at home, you can easily do that. Mix coconut oil with beeswax for a couple of minutes and then warm it. You will get a fine conditioning cream in no time.

  • Using Sandpapers

The most horrendous thing about scratches is that it destroys the original shiny color of the leather shoes. They look dull and lose most of their appeal. After you’ve used the methods we described, you can use sandpapers to give it a finishing touch.

Rubbing the shoes with sandpaper makes the surface of the shoes even and removes unnecessary loose leathers.

Household Tools to Fix Scratched Leather Shoes

There are many tools around our house that we find unnecessary. We tend to throw them out. But some of them can be used to fix scratched leather shoes.

  • Toothbrush

This is an essential thing in our daily life. If you have an extra piece of a toothbrush, you can use it to remove minor scratches. Just rub the area of the scratch with the toothbrush intensively and see the magic happen.

  • Pencil Eraser

Erasers are not only useful for removing unnecessary marks on the papers but also a great tool to eliminate nasty scratches. Similar to the toothbrush, rub the eraser around the scratched shoe to get maximum result. Scratched Shoes

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the most basic skincare products every house has. It keeps our skin moisturized and healthy. What we don’t realize about it is that it’s also an amazing thing to use against scratches. It hides the scratches and brings out a natural look to the shoes.

  • Unused Clothes

We all have unnecessary clothes that we don’t use. You can easily utilize them to fix scratches in leather shoes. Cut the clothes into small pieces and use them individually for different shoes. It’s an effective and convenient way to solving this problem.

What Not to Use?

Well, till now we talked about the methods and tools that can be used to mitigate the scratch problem. But we have to be cautious about certain things. Not all products or creams are good for the shoes.

They do more harm than good. That’s why, before thinking of putting ointments and creams with zero knowledge of what they can do to the shoe, it’s best to get some ins and outs about them.

  • Nail Polish Remover

Perhaps the most misjudged product on our list to be considered as a remedy to shoe scratches and scuffs. It contains harmful chemicals such as acetone and ethyl acetate.

Acetone not only destroys the surface of the shoe but also damages the color components vigorously. The shoe in turn looks pale and brittle. Cracks start to occur and ultimately result in the complete ruination of the shoes.

  • Alcohol

We all know alcohols are bad for our health. It destroys our kidneys and lungs. Doctors prescribe not to take alcohol even in the slightest amount. But what the doctors don’t prescribe is that trying not to use it on shoes too.

Alcohol is a strong reacting chemical. If you rub it on the surface of the shoe, it will completely ruin it. Sure, it will get rid of the scratches and scruffs but in the meantime, it will destroy the overall components of the shoe.

  • Dish Soap

To remove scratches and scuffs you need delicate care. Shoes are susceptible to a lot of reagents. They can easily lose their appeal if cleaned roughly. That’s why using dish soaps to get rid of scratches on leather shoes is not a good idea. They are way too rough for shoes and high heat can disfigure their original shape and size.

  • Chemicals

It’s best not to experiment on shoes. If you do not know what the chemicals do or how they are made, it would be better to eschew them. Most chemicals are powerful and react quickly to the components of the scratches. Therefore, before using any chemicals, read thoroughly about their functions.

When to Get Rid of the Shoe?

As heartbreaking it may be but all things must come to an end. Shoes do not possess any magical regeneration ability to stay in perfect shape for a long period. After a certain time, the shoes reach their worst state.

When the holes are irrevocable and the gloss is completely gone, it’s best to get rid of the shoe entirely rather than spending money on trying to fix it.

Final Thoughts

Leather shoes are not invincible. From time to time, they will get scratches and damages that make them look dull and out of date. But don’t worry. You can use tons of methods and tools to fix them in no time.

You can make them look like they are just bought from the store. Therefore, before throwing your shoes out next time because of scratches, make sure to take a look at our article on how to fix scratches on leather shoes.

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