How to Get Creases Out of Shoes

Don’t you hate it when your brand-new shoes get wrinkly after a few wears? The creases take away the fresh professional look and makes your shoes look old. This happens more for leather shoes because of the material construction. Whenever you walk, the front of your shoes bend within each step. This causes creases on top of your shoe surface. Also, larger shoe size is one of the reasons why shoes get wrinkly. In this article, we will talk about how to get creases out of shoes.

To solve this problem, we have thought of some fantastic techniques that will get the creases out of your shoes. Test the following methods to see the results!

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Why Do Shoes Get Creased Often?

Whether you are wearing a high-quality shoe or an average one, you’ll see creases build on your shoes over time. Perhaps, the high-quality ones have lesser creases but it is evident. So, you might wonder – what’s the reason behind these creases?

The reason relies on the material and your walking style. You will see leather shoes getting wrinkled most of the time. The reason is when we walk with these shoes on, our feet tend to bend with each step. The bending causes creases on the front part of the shoes. On the other hand, if your feet are smaller than your shoe size, you’ll experience creases. The more room the shoe gets, the more it bends and creates wrinkles. 

However, you won’t have to worry about shoe creases anymore. Here are several techniques on how to get creases out of shoes just for you!
How to Get Creases Out of Shoes

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A Complete Guideline to Remove Creases Out of Shoes

Use an Iron and Cotton Cloth

At first, take some crumpled-up newspaper and stuff it inside your shoes. A few pieces of stiff cardboard will also do some help. You have to pack your shoes enough tight so that the shoes can have a shape. It will help to smoothen the creases.

Take a dampen small towel and fold it into double. Now, lay it gently on the shoes. It will act as a protector from the shoes getting exposed to direct heat. Try to wring out water from the towel as much as you can, especially suede shoes. 

Setting the iron between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, iron the towel gently. Remember, the towel must be on the shoes while ironing. Lift the towel once in a while and to check the progress. Keeping ironing until the wrinkles are completely gone. Remember, you should never put too much heat or else it will damage the construction of the shoes.

After you are done, you should leave the newspaper or cardboard as it was for a while. It will help in retaining the shape of the shoes. 

Use a Heat Gun or a Blow Dryer

This technique is effective if you are in a hurry. Perhaps, you don’t have access to an iron. A quick solution is to use a heat gun or a blow dryer and a shoe tree. 

Firstly, apply some shoe tree on your shoes and let it stretch the leather to fullest. Then, take your blow dryer and start heating the creasing area maintaining a 3 to 6 inches distance. Don’t heat the same place for too long otherwise the extra heat will damage your shoes immediately. 

With the rising temperature of the shoes, rub the shoe creases against the shoe tree. It will help to retain the shoe shape in no time. At the end, apply some good quality shoe polish on your shoes. They will shine brighter like a fresh pair. 

Try Rubbing Alcohol on Shoes

If you are having hard times following the previous methods, let us introduce you to a simpler tactic. Rubbing alcohol can relax the shoe surface and save them from the wrinkly damage. Let us tell you how.

In the beginning, take an empty bottle and fill it with a 1:1 ratio of rubbing alcohol and water. Spray the solution on the creasing area and massage it thoroughly. Leave the shoes aside to dry completely. At the end, apply some good quality shoe polish on the shoes to give it a shiny effect. 

Caution: Don’t use too much rubbing alcohol on the body of leather shoes. It may make the leather dry and lose its impression. 

Apply Leather Conditioner or Oil

Finally, we will talk about the easiest method on how to get creases out of shoes. If you worry about applying too much heat or rubbing alcohol to your shoes, you can use leather conditioner or leather oil to straighten those shoe wrinkles.

This process will require no heat or alcohol. So, it’s comparatively safe and easier than the previous methods. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pour down a few drops of leather oil or conditioner on the creasing area of the shoes. We will recommend first testing the oil or conditioner to a small inconspicuous spot. If it doesn’t damage any shoe polish or color, then you are good to go. 

Massage gently yet thoroughly over the creases on the leather shoes. With a fine massage, you will see the creases finally disappearing. It will also condition the leather deeply.

How to Get Creases Out of Shoes

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Final Thoughts

Leather shoes are the ones that creased easily. Even if you buy a good quality pair, you’ll still see some wrinkles after using it for a certain time. Now, it’s obviously heartbreaking if you spend a lot on your favorite shoes but can’t wear it much. That’s why we prepared this guideline on how to get creases out of shoes only for you. By applying one of the aforementioned methods you’ll be able to straighten up those wrinkles and give your old shoes a new, fresh look. Also, you can use a shoe polish and shoe tree to provide your shoes with a professional finish.

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