How to Get Foot Fungus Out of Shoes

Foot odor is one of the most common issues amongst people in their 40s. Sometimes, this affects people even earlier. This may simply be a case of bad hygiene or shoes being dirty. However, it can be a sign of something much viler instead. Let us discuss the symptoms first, and then talk about how we can get foot fungus out of shoes.

The Symptoms

The smell is only the beginning of symptoms. Foot fungus can also make your feet feel sweaty and sticky. Moreover, even after multiple washes of both your feet and foot wear, the issue may stay. This can be a instant, easy solution at first. Sometimes however, the issue may become recurring, and that is when you should talk to a podiatrist. 

Possible Causes

Foot fungus can occur due to a wide array of reasons. Footwear is like breeding ground for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Usually speaking, this happens out of just bad foot hygiene. Warm and un-sanitized footwear is a prime reason for this. In drier environments, it is difficult for such fungi to grow. This is often a reason why some people use powder inside their shoes to keep them dry and clean.

Aside foot fungus, toe fungus is also an extremely common issue. You can find your toes to have slowly deformed over time. They would smell off a strong odor. Again, the cause for this is similar as general foot fungus. But you’ll be happy to know that nail fungus is usually much easy to get rid of than foot fungus. 

The Issues

The most obvious issues that these situations bring is the discomfort. The smell can be horrendous if left untreated for too long. It can end up being an issue for not only you, but those around you too.

Family members you go back to on a daily basis will probably not appreciate the smell. Cleaning both the shoes and your feet will also seem like a very annoying process. Not washing the shoes is not an option, of course. Because it will only lead to the smell getting worse for your feet. As we already mentioned, simply cleaning your feet is never really a solution.

Now let us talk about what the possible solutions to this issue are.


Disinfectants and cleaning agents available at the pharmacy work quite well for simpler cases. They will get rid of the existing smell. They will also get rid of spores, bacteria and infections that are existing there, removing the smell in the process.

In case you are cleaning sports shoes, such as those used in tennis, do not use your hands for the cleaning process. While washing with hands is convenient, this footwear tends to be harder and tougher. This is why the best way to go is to use a washing machine with hot water and laundry detergent. It would be best to use antifungal laundry detergent if that is available.

Products to Use

Let us talk about some of the specific products that we recommend you to use to get foot fungus out of shoes.

Baking Soda with Vinegar

Baking soda will be able to absorb the smell that exists in your shoes. So firstly, you can sprinkle some of that into each of the shoes. It can also make the fungal spores decrease in their activity, or slow them down. Next, get some vinegar, preferably apple cider – and spray it. Spread it into each of the interior of your shoes with a spray container for maximum reach.

The vinegar smell can be unpleasant – but it does not last. It ends up going away as soon as the shoes have dried up.

This combination of baking soda and vinegar are quite popular for a foot fungus remedy for shoes. In addition, it is a very cheap and easy solution to this problem. 

Disinfectant/Antibacterial spray

It is in the name. Foot fungus will continue to spread bacteria across your shoes. To get rid of the smell, the simplest thing to do is to kill all the existing bacteria. These sprays are widely available in the market.

As an added bonus, disinfectants and antibacterial sprays are also antiperspirant in some cases. They also have a strong fragrant smell, which counteracts to the problem at hand.


This is a risky approach to take. Since shoes are something that makes direct contact with your skin in most cases. Generally speaking, bleach will absolutely get rid of all kinds of bacteria and foot fungus that exist in your shoes. But in the process, it can also end up hurting your skin.

Important: In case you do choose to go down this route, let your shoes dry up first. Under no circumstances should you wear them while they are still drenched in bleach. 

Foot powder

Antifungal powder is available commonly in pharmacies. They are one of the most commonly used products amongst people infected with foot fungus. Athlete’s foot remedies popularly consist of them too.

They are very effective due to how they get rid of the reproducing factor of fungi. To get the best results, it should be applied at least twice a day, and three times at most. Also, try consulting a physician before actually going for this.

How to Keep Foot Fungus Away

To keep nail fungi away, cut your nails regularly. Moreover, make sure that your nail clippers are clean before you cut them. The best way to do this is to dip the clippers in boiling hot water for a few minutes.

To get rid of foot fungi in general, maintain good hygiene for your feet. Change your socks and shoes regularly. Refrain yourself from wearing the same ones for too many days without washing. This will end up causing positive results. Most likely ensuring that the foot fungus does not come back again!

In Conclusion

In case you have been struggling with any of the issues we have talked about here, we hope our article has been able to help you in the process. Consult a physician in case the foot fungus is still not going away from your shoes.

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