How to Get Free Sneakers

Are you going through hard times and trying to save some money? Is your condition so bad that buying new sneakers seems to be a superficial need for you right now? Or are you an athlete who wants to try out new footwear but you don’t have money?  If you are with dealing such situations, then do give us a read. Here we will talk about some tricks about how to get free sneakers. 

To get these freebies, you will just need to do some work as well as show some diligence. 

How to Get Free Sneakers

Ways to get branded shoes for free

There are several ways to get free sneakers. You can apply both online and offline to get them. In order to get them for free, you can approach shoe companies by being a product tester. 

Most famous shoe companies have a department for testing and evaluating their new products. They often send out their new shoes as part of sample testing. Through this, they can get genuine feedback and improve their service.  

Besides, you can take part in surveys too to get free sneakers.

Through testing programs

Popular companies always try to meet their customers` needs and satisfaction. For that, they always look over their customers` feedbacks. 

Mostly, they collect feedbacks through testing programs. But different companies have different rules for such programs. So, you should take a look at their rules before participating. Let`s have a look at the terms and conditions of some renowned shoe brands that they have set for the job.


If you want to get a free sneaker from Adidas, at first you will have to register. Apply for the program on their website. 

You will have to answer a simple questionnaire and give some necessary information of yours. If you are chosen, they will send you an e-mail. They will also send you the product through mail. 

You will have to run a given mileage in a given amount of time. The testing period is supposed to be 2-4 weeks long. Keep a precise log of your daily actives. At the end of the testing period you have to send the sneaker back to a given address along with answering a simple questionnaire online. 

Adidas will bear the mailing cost too. If you want another pair of new sneakers just register again as you did before. 


The rules that you need to follow to receive your free sneakers from Columbia are same as Adidas`.  

If you qualify for their sample testing, they will send you the sneaker through mail. You will be given a series of task that you will have to complete. At the end of the program, you will have to send their product back. 

And of course Columbia will bear the necessary costs.


Nike gladly sends out free shoes as long as they get great feedbacks. Not only they give sneakers for their adult customers, but have an option for kids and teenagers too. 

Parents need to fill up their kids` forms in this regard. So you can sign up for yourself as well as for your kids or siblings too. 

Again, you will have to test their product for a certain time. Make sure to give your honest feedback at the end. 

You also need to send their product back. But if Nike gets amazed by your feedback, they will send you more sneakers again. 


Reebok wants their customers to thoroughly test their products during the testing period. And your dedication is worth it. 

As usual you need to sign up for their testing program. You will get your free sneakers via mail once you get selected. 

You have to fulfill the given tasks within the given amount of time. The testing duration of Reebok is 3-6 weeks. 

Again, you have to send them the product back along with a detailed feedback. When it comes to Reebok, you need to keep in mind that you will have to bear the return cost. 

That being said, the company can convey their thanks in answer of your sincere feedback by sending you another pair as a gift. This way, you can get a brand-new pair for free. 

However, to be eligible as a product tester of Reebok, you have to be at least 18 years old. Moreover, the brand prefers to send their products to customers who are residing in United States or Alaska only.


Puma holds testing programs for their customers as well. However, their offer isn’t always available. 

To get a free pair of sneakers from the brand, you need to download their free Pumatrac App. You can get it either from Apple store or GooglePlay Store. If you get selected, they will send you their product via mail. 

And once you get the pair, you will have to use them for three weeks. Next, you will need to send your feedback by filling a simple questionnaire with the pictures, videos and surveys included. 

But what makes the testing program of Puma most amazing is that you won’t have to send the shoes back. Once you are done with your survey and feedbacks, you can get the pair for free.  

Through surveys 

Taking part in surveys can earn you points that you can redeem later for gift cards and cash. You will just have to be active to collect more points within a short time. This way, you can get your free sneakers after a couple of weeks. 

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and YouGov are some of the safe survey sites that you can look into.


Getting a pair of free sneakers is very exciting. We are living in an era where you can never get anything for free. But because of the branded companies and marketing strategies, getting free sneakers became possible. 

And since we have unveiled the techniques, you can follow them and enjoy the results. 

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