How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Tennis Shoes

Learn to get mildew smell out of shoes: Tennis is an amazing sport. It is fun to watch, easy to play, but takes a long time to finish. Some of you may play tennis as a professional sport and some as a recreational one. But did you know that tennis shoes are just as essential for the player as their racket?

You need to have the perfect pair of tennis shoes that are neat, lightweight and highly flexible. But the problem many people face with tennis shoes is mildew. 

Those of you play regularly must be accustomed or aware of what mildew is and how awfully bad it smells. The mildew odor coming out of your tennis shoes can he smelt from yards away. The smell is strong enough to even distract a player from giving his best at his game. There are a certain ways how you can get rid of mildew smell out of your tennis shoes. To find out all the tricks and tips, stay tuned with us!

What is mildew and how it produces foul odor from your tennis shoes?

Mildew is not a bacterium, rather it is a fungus. It is a special fungus that infects and proliferates in a warm but dark environment. The environment has to be most enough for it to thrive. Since we wear tennis shoes for a long period of time, our feet get sweaty, which produces a healthy condition for the fungus to grow?

The insoles of our tennis shoes are a big thriving ground for mildew fungus, as due to perspiration of our feet the insoles get damp and wet from sweat. Besides, if our tennis shoes get wet, muddy due to water, rain, snow or any other factors this provides the fungus to proliferate more.

Ways to remove mildew smell from your tennis shoes

Since mildew is a fungus and not bacteria, suing other odor removing techniques will not work properly. We suggest instead of trying only solo products, you try a combinational one. 

1. Combination of baking soda & hydrogen peroxide

Many of you may be aware of the fact that hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean wounds, bruises and minor cuts. But it also has many other helpful uses, including mildew odor removing properties.

On the other hand, baking soda is used by many of us to remove odor coming from our shoes. Since it is a bleaching agent and highly alkaline it can effectively kill all microorganisms. You will easily get hydrogen peroxide and baking soda from your nearby departmental store or pharmacy. 

The recipe:

In case of mildew, you cannot use both of these products alone, you need to mix these two products up and form a fungus killing spray. First of all, you need to take a spray bottle, add water to it and then 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Then add baking soda to it and shake it well.

A solution will be formed, spray the solution you just prepared onto your tennis shoes. Make sure you spray inside as well as outside your tennis shoes. Leave it for few hours, and then use water to wash away the solution & wipe your shoes clean with a towel.

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2. Combination of baking soda & vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar is a well-known and organic fungus killing chemical. Vinegar or acetic acid does not only kill fungus, but helps to eliminate other microorganism such as bacteria etc. It is also an excellent remedy for odors.  

The recipe:

So to make this combination solution, take a spray bottle, add one tbsp. of baking soda and 2 tbsp. of vinegar. You can also use white cooking vinegar instead too. Next you have to add 1/2 – 1 tbsp. of dish soap or normal liquid hand wash (whichever is present at your home). Close the strap cap and mix the spray bottle well for a few minutes. Fill rest of the bottle with cold tap water. Spray the solution into your shoes and leave it overnight. The next morning you can either clean your shoes with normal water or white vinegar.  Your shoes will smell fresh again and all fungus will be killed.

3. Treat your Athlete’s Feet fungus  

Sometimes Athlete’s foot fungal infection can be the cause of that horrible smell coming out of your tennis shoes. It is a fungal infection that starts on people’s toenails and spreads. Antibacterial creams, lotion, medicines etc. will not work to prevent athlete’s foot fungus, stop its growth or prevent that horrible mildew smell. This fungal infection may sometimes be similar to that of a bacterial infection, but the intensity would be greater.

You will feel a damp odor coming out of your tennis shoes. If you suspect such a fungal infection, it is better to go to the doctor and get checked. You cannot deal with a fungal infection on your feet with regular over the counter medicines.

4. Use grapefruit seed essential oil & apple cider vinegar

Many of you may know, essential oils have a strong ability of eliminating mildew smell. Not only shoes, grapefruit seed essential oils can even remove odor from an entire room. You need to spray essential oil in your tennis shoes and after 2 -3 hours wash your shoes off with apple cider vinegar.

You will see the mildew smell has completely vanished.  You can also spray the essential oil right before you head out, so that any odor being produced while you play tennis is well masked.

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Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article, you should have an idea what an idea how to get mildew smell out of your tennis shoes. Keep your tennis shoes clean, and enjoy the sport freely.

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