How to Get Sneakers for Cheap

Sneakers are a weakness for many of us. It is a passion, an obsession to land our hands to the most unique design, with the best color combinations and designs. Not only are sneakers the most comfortable, flexible, easy-to-wear shoes in the world, but also one of the most expensive ones.

Sneakers are available in a lot of different price ranges, but most of them are on the upper margin line. The price range of some sneakers like Air Jordans Classic has reached as high as $2000. A Canadian entrepreneur bought a unique pair of special edition Nike Waffle Racing Flat called “Moon shoes” for $437, 500. 

These prices may seem insane to most of us, but to sneaker lovers, they are worth it. Sneakers have turned up the hype so much that they are even referred to as “status symbols”. for the majority of people, a pair of sneakers more than $200 would be a great deal and unaffordable.

To help all of you out our article is all about places and how to get sneakers for cheap. It is okay to have a hobby; many of us give up on our dreamy pairs for financial reasons. Rest assured getting your hands on a good quality cheap pair of sneakers is much easier to what you can imagine.    

What to Do to Buy Sneakers for Cheap?

1. Look for discounts

Do you know most of the major sneaker brands like Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Nike and many others have special discounts for certain classes of people. Teachers, students, senior citizens and military officers are the ones that can receive 10 to 20% discounts from these brands. If you fall into these 4 categories of people, just take your student ID card, badge or National ID card and show them at their original branches to receive the discounts.

You might also be surprised to know a lot of high ranked brands like Club Monaco & Kate Spade also fall into this category. To make it easy for you we have listed down which brands give discounts to which group of people.

  • For students: TopShop, Club Monaco & Nike offer discounts to students only.
  • Military officials: Bass pro shops, Foot locker
  • Senior citizen: Kohl’s, Dressbarn
  • Teachers: Banana Republic, J Crew

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2. Attend In-store markdowns 

For multiple reasons and marketing policies, most of the large sneaker stores limit their premium quality sought-after release sneaker designs to online. But there are plenty of local retail shops that have in-store markdowns on sneaker pairs. These store need to make space for the new sneaker pairs that are getting released, as some sneakers are released almost every week.

So they reduce prices, of the older designs. By older designs we do not mean those that have been in store for years, but perhaps last 2-3 months.

 The pair of sneakers that was initially $200 in the first week can drop down to $100, $85 or even to $60 after 2-4 months. But these reduction in prices also varies depending on the location of each of the retail stores. Spotted an amazing pair of sneakers that your eyes fell upon and you fell in love? Wait for a few months and then perhaps you can purchase it in half or even a lower price rate.

3. Wait for clearance sales

When a retail shop or a brand is facing problems in their business or decides to shift their store to a different location they often entertain their customers with discounts and clearance sales. Some of them give liquidation sales as well to clear inventory.

Some stores give off as much as 80% clearance sales from clothes to sneakers. Keep an eye out for such clearance sales; you might as well land on your favorite pair of sneakers for a way cheap price. Some brands give off their high-end designer sneakers at discounted prices, so do not try to miss such opportunities. Brands and stores that give clearance sales happen to make beforehand announcements in social media too.  

4. Keep an eye on eBay

For some lucky sneaker lovers eBay can be as valuable as a gold mine. eBay is well known for selling branded latest collection sneakers. eBay might not be the best site for marketing sneakers below retail, but there are certain you can find their out about their amazing deals. You can start by searching for misspelling variations or shoe names of the type of sneaker you are looking for.

This would yield a large number of results, even the ones others have not come across yet. Did you know many retail shop owners buy sneakers from eBay at a reasonable rate in large quantities? Those shops when sell the exact pair of sneakers increase their price two to three-fold. Sometimes eBay sell customers high-quality designer sneakers at a low price just to get rid of that pair. The more they sell, the more new products they can set up for auction and for enthusiastic customers.

5. Store your favorite sneaker store’s Friends & family circle

Almost every popular sneaker store host friends and family sales, such as Saks Fifth Avenue. If you are good at socializing and networking become a member of your favorite sneaker store’s friends and family circle and get all the benefits. The discounts start from 20 to 30% off the normal retail store price.  

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Bottom Line

Now that you have read our informative article about ‘How to buy sneakers for cheap’ we hope you have grasped an overall idea on what to do and where to buy cheap sneakers from. We hope you manage to get the sneaker pair you always wanted to have for a cheap price. 

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