How to Get Sneakers on A Release Date?

It’s been a year, and you still couldn’t get your hands on the sneakers that you wanted so badly. Does this sound relatable to you? If it does, then you’re at the right place! Today, we’ll talk about how to get sneakers on a release date, and you’ll be sparing yourself from waiting a lifetime for a sneaker if you stick to us till the end. 

When new sneakers are released, they aren’t released in every store. Then again, you might not be able to find them online as there will be bots buying all the shoes at once. 

So, how to get sneakers on a release date? Let’s find out!

How to Get Sneakers on A Release Date?

get sneakers on release date

Even though there will be a lot of obstacles no matter how you want to get your sneakers, it’s possible, and you can get your favorite one if you’re sincere enough. Today, we’ll talk about some tips and tricks that may help you get your hands on your favorite sneakers on their release date.

How to Get Sneakers on A Release Date from Stores?

Now, this won’t be possible for everyone to do, as sneakers won’t reach every store on a release date. So, how can you know whether a shoe store near you will have it or not? 

Well, fortunately, there are lots of different sources from where you can collect this information. There are different apps, web pages, and even stores that will tell you where the shoes will land first on their release date. 

Now, the ideal time to start researching on a shoe will be right when you hear of it! Yes, the first thing and the only thing that you should be absolutely certain of is the release date of the shoe that you’re targeting. 

There are different apps like J23 and Kicks on Fire that will tell you all about the release dates of new sneakers, old sneakers, and you’ll get a full catalog of sneakers. However, these aren’t comprehensive, and they are more like specialized apps. 

For example, J23 is an app that will provide information about Jordans only. You can know everything there is to know about Jordans from J23. Then again, Kicks on Fire is more comprehensive as it will provide information about all sorts of sneakers, but they deal mostly with Adidas sneakers. 

As you can see, it’s nearly impossible to find a perfect app that’ll provide information about new sneaker releases. Then again, some of these aren’t free. For example, J23 costs about $2, but it’s a one-time purchase. 

Other than the apps, you can also resort to different web pages. There’s one popular web page called Foot Locker, and it provides all the available information about the release date of a shoe, and it will also tell you where the shoes will be available on their release date. This means you’ll know which shops the shoes will be available for purchase. 

Now, you won’t get this information a month before the launch. Instead, we recommend you collect the release date first, and then you must wait. The best time to start researching the next things is just a week before the launch. 

If the launch is on Friday, you better start researching on the Saturday prior to that Friday. At this time, you must look into the availability and where that sneaker will be available. Once you get to know this, you should focus on being there at the right time. 

Another thing that you may consider is getting the raffles. The raffles are usually given out five or six days before the release date, and it’s worth keeping an eye on them. You can enter your raffle number on an amazing website called Sheikh Shoes. 

What we really recommend is getting a wristband. If the shoe is much sought after, you’ll face a long line of people on the release date. To cut the mob down and to make sure that the sincere people get the products first, some shops offer wristbands. If you wear these wristbands, you’ll be able to get in front of the line and get the sneaker you’re looking for. 

You should call the local store the day before the release date, and you need to ask them about that shoe. Ask them whether they’re giving out any wristbands. Usually, the store won’t tell you about this if you don’t ask, so make sure you do that!

Another important thing to do is requesting the store employees to announce if a particular size goes out of stock. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for hours in a long line only to find that the size that fits you is out of stock. 

How to Get Sneakers on A Release Date Online?

The official stores of the manufacturer are a great place for getting your desired shoe online. These stores usually prepare well before a release, and they try their best to make sure everyone gets one for themselves, which is always nice. 

However, these websites can go down if the release is very popular, and there’s always the issue with bots. These bots are very pesky, and there’s no way you can overrun them. 

So, we also recommend you checking out other sellers such as Footlocker, as they usually get a good stock during the release. 

However, we highly recommend you stick to these sites only. There are different other sites that charge extra for getting the shoe for you, but there are a lot of instances where people got scammed through these sites. These criminals always get away through some loophole, and you’ll only end up losing tons of money. 


Getting a shoe on the release date can be a hassle. If the shoe is worth the hassle for you, we highly recommend trying out the mentioned ways. Then again, it’s a shoe and just a luxury item. You can get it later anyway, so if you can wait, do that instead!

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