How to Hydro Dip Shoes?

Hydro Dip is now a trending way of customizing your possessions. It is a very simple way of bringing in a new personality to products. It is a very simple process. It is one sort of DIY project and we all know how satisfying it is to work on DIY projects and show them off to your friends and neighbors. Mainly that is why hydro dipping is so popular. If you search the internet, you will find a whole lot of projects that people have done with hydro dipping. Some have hydro dipped their motorcycle, some their entire car to create a unique design. Some decided to stick with easy and small projects and hydro dipped their smartphones, watches, headphones, helmet, keyboards, mouse and more. One of the most popular hydro dipping projects is hydro dipping your shoes. Mainly sneakers! Check out the article below to kn ow how to hydro dip shoes easily..

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Hydro dipping your sneakers

Now there is no need to say anything about your sneakers. We all love them. We have them. Even if the price is too high, we pay for them because we just cannot resist the attraction these sneakers create in us.

Sneakers are like a middle-ground for casual shoes and high-end fashion shoes. They are both stylish and durable enough to be worn regularly for a long time.

Sneakers come in great design. Some feature pattern designs that have an aesthetic feeling. Some have movie-themed designs. And some are all about the dynamics with a plain singular color. Recently, white color sneakers are receiving much popularity. It’s because they are attention grabbers. But the other reason for it is that the white sneakers are perfect for hydro dipping.

Any color can lit up well in a white-colored canvas. That is why white sneakers/ shoes make a perfect candidate for hydro dipping. But how do you hydro dip a shoe? It is not that complicated. Let us walk you through the process of hydro dipping your shoes.

Steps of hydro dipping your shoes

Different shoes are made differently. Some are made with leather, some with clothes, and some with synthetic materials. As you can tell, they need different methods for hydro dipping. But experts only suggest hydro dip shoes that are made with clothes. So sneakers and slip-on fit the profile well.

So now let us see the steps of hydro-dipping your shoes.

Equipment required:  

  • A pair of shoes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Spray paint
  • Water-proofing coat
  • Gas mask
How to Hydro Dip Shoes?

Photo By: Irene Kredenets


  1. Pick a shoe

The first step is to pick up a shoe that you want to hydro dip. We would recommend you pick white-colored shoes. The color and pattern will lit up perfectly on it. But you can also pick other colors. If you are planning on your pattern to be drawn on a black surface, then pick a pair of black shoes. It all depends on your imagination. But keep in mind that you must pick one with plain color and more surface area for the color to sit on.

  1. Pick up paints

Now based on your imagination, pick up some colors. You are free to choose any number of colors. You can hydro dip your shoe using two colors or seven colors. Just make sure they are spray paints.

  1. Tape it

Now that you have picked up a shoe and colors, it’s time to get it ready for being hydro dipped. Pick up the tape and apply it on the parts of the shoes that you don’t want to hydro dip. Such parts could be the sole, ribbons, brand tag, etc. Tape them all well so that the paint won’t reach there.

  1. Prepare the bucket

Now we have the shoes ready to be hydro dipped. It is time to prepare the paint. But before that, we need to prepare the bucket. Small or big, just pick an appropriate size for the shoe to be dipped. Clean the bucket and then fill it with enough water to dip the shoe completely.

  1. Create a pattern with paint

Now we have the bucket ready to prepare the paint. Pick up your spray paint cans and spray them on the water surface. Create a pattern with just the flow of spraying different colors. Or you can change the pattern by using a toothpick. Spray and create your desired pattern. But make sure to wear a face mask, because toxic gas may be used in the paint.

  1. Dip the shoe

Now it’s time for the most important part, the dipping. Hold the shoe upside down, the upper part of the shoe facing the ground. Now pick a spot on the pattern where you want to dip it. Before that wear waterproof gloves. Now dip the shoe directly. Do not move it left or right, just dip it directly down the water and completely submerge it Now wait for 10 to 30 seconds.

Also, remember not to double-dip. It will ruin the pattern.

  1. Pull out the shoes

After waiting for half a minute, it is time to pull out the shoe. Before pulling out, use your other hand to move away from the remaining paintings on the water surface. After that pull out the shoe directly and keep it on a plane surface by making the upper part face the sky.

  1. Dry and untape

Now it is time for drying. Do not use heat or any other means. Just leave it in a place for air drying. After a couple of hours, check on the shoes to see if they are completely dry. Do not start the untapping process if it is not completely dry.

  1. Apply water-proofing coat

After untapping, spray some waterproofing coat on it. This will create a safeguard for the paints and they will last longer.

So this is how you hydro dip a shoe properly. Just make sure that you are giving your 100% attention in step 6 because that is the part where most people mess up. And do not double-dip unless you have a plan of double-dipping.


Now you know how to hydro dip your shoe properly. So what are you waiting for! Grab a few spray paints and your sneakers and get creative.

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