How to Keep Away Gym Shoes from Smelling?

How to Keep away gym shoes from smelling is the everyday life question we encounter. Whether you are having a casual outing, jogging, a business trip or a heavy training session in the gym, smelly shoes will catch up with you at the end of the day. Sometimes it starts in the middle of the day and puts you in a very awkward situation.

Some people do not know how to deal with it and as a result, they wear that smelly shoe the next day, intensifying its smell more. As a result, their stylish shoes end up in the trash quickly, leading to global pollution.

If we follow some easy steps, we can easily beat shoe smells and keep them brand new. For that we must first understand what causes our shoes smell bad. We will specifically discuss gym shoes.

Why Do Shoes Smell?

The main reason for our shoes to smell after a few days of use is because of sweat. It is no surprise because our feet are covered all day with socks and shoes; as a result our feet are not ventilated properly. Each of our feet has 250,000 sweat glands.

The sweat produced by these glands all day and the warmth make it a perfect spot for bacteria to emerge. These bacteria are very smelly. These bacteria travel from your feet to your socks and shoes. And like other bacteria, they increase their numbers and make more smelly bacteria. That is how your shoes get smelly.

There is nothing to be ashamed of smelly shoes. Everyone has it. Even the most prestigious sportsman and businessman have to deal with shoe odor. However, the only thing you can do about it is to be smart and a smart person takes effective measurements to get rid of shoe smells.

So, here are some solutions to shoe smell you can use as a smart person.

Solutions to Smelly Shoes

  • Keeping Your Feet Clean

The first and simplest thing you can do to fight shoe odor is to clean your feet regularly. You can use various types of products like anti-bacterial spray. But the simplest way to clean your feet is to wash them daily with soap or soak them in hot water with Epsom salt. This will effectively kill all the bacteria in your feet and get rid of their smell. In addition, it will relax your feet muscles.

  • Washing Your Shoes Regularly

Alongside washing your feet regularly, you can also wash your shoes. But don’t use hot water and detergents. It may harm the materials of the shoes and you will have to throw them away. The best way to clean your shoes is hand wash them with cold water. You can use a little bit of disinfectants to effectively kill all the smelly bacteria. In addition it will clean your shoes off dirt. Also wash your socks.

If you want to wash them in your washing machine, use the hand wash settings. And before that, remove all the shoelaces so it won’t get tangled.

After washing, it is best to hang them for air-dry. If you use heat for drying, it may melt the glue in the shoes. Some shoes may contain plastic clothes, which are vulnerable to heat. So it’s best to air dry your shoes.

  • Use Sweat-Wicking Socks

The main reason for shoe odor is sweat. So, if we stop sweat from reaching the shoe, we can eliminate shoe smells. One of the easiest ways of doing it is to wear socks that take away the sweat from your feet and shoes. You can wear socks made of coolmax materials. Unlike cotton, coolmax is designed to keep your feet dry by taking away moisture from the skin.

  • Rub Alcohol

Alcohol is a very effective way of killing bacteria and it will also clean off the smell from your shoes. Gently pour and rub the rubbing alcohol on your shoes. It is a great way of cleaning your shoes without washing them.

  • Use Baby Powder

If you are worried about smelly shoes in the middle of the day, then you can pour some baby powder inside your shoes. Also rub some powder in your feet. Powders are good at eliminating smell. They basically eat the smells.

  • Use Deodorants

Just like baby powder, you can also apply deodorants on your feet before wearing your shoes. It may not keep your feet dry, but it will surely kill the bacteria and thus, eliminating the smells.

However, you should be careful while using deodorants. Long usage of deodorants might show allergic reactions.

  • Use Black Teabags

You can put used teabags in your shoes for the night. The tannins inside the teabags will kill the bacteria. The process takes about two to three hours. So, you can do it in the middle of the day. Also it is a great way of recycling your teabags as a shoe deodorizer.

  • Dry Your Shoes after Every Use

Rather than keeping your shoes in your gym bag, you should give it air for drying. After returning home from the gym, put off your shoes, take out the insoles and let them dry. You can use dry paper towels or shoe savers to fasten the drying process.

  • Store Your Shoes in a Cold and Dry Place

Do not store your shoes in your gym bag after workout. Rather store them in a dry and cold place. If possible, freeze them. The scientific explanation is that freezing will stop the bacteria from multiplying itself and it will also kill it. And killing the bacteria will eliminate shoe odor.

These are some easy solutions for keeping your gym shoes from smelling. You can also use these methods to eliminate smells from your running, sports and casual shoes.

Final Thoughts

Shoe smell is a common problem that every people face. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Rather, we should be smart about it and think of creative ways on how to keep away gym shoes from smelling for our personal life.

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