How to Keep Sneakers from Creasing

Everyone prefers their sneakers to look brand new. Creasing makes them look all worn out and old. The worst part of creased shoes is that the top part pushes down on the toes which create a painful experience. Apart from this, creased sneakers get dirty easily. The folds get filled with dirt and debris and it becomes very hard to clean them.  Today, we’ll find out how to keep sneakers from creasing.

The Problem with Sneakers

Sneakers crease after a few years which are huge bummers. They look all worn out once they start creasing. Sneakers are the most comfortable and flexible footwear so they tend to bend while walking. The upper material of the sneakers bends slightly while walking or running. When the top portion is straightened again, it forms creases. 

The folds inside the creases create a lot of problems. Dirt and debris gets accumulated in the folds and as a result it becomes hard to clean it. Creases are almost inevitable. No matter what material your sneakers are made of, leather or synthetic fabric, they are bound to crease after a few years. But we can always prevent creasing using the right materials. 

Why Does It Happen?

The wrong sized sneakers are mostly responsible for creasing. Removing creases is nearly impossible so it is better to prevent them. Creases are the worst nightmare for every sneakerhead. Creasing makes it exceptionally hard to clean the sneakers as well. 

However, there is a reason behind this. By experimenting, it has been observed that flexible materials tend to crease less while walking. So, the creasing of shoes slightly depends on the material they are made of. But that does not mean that elastic sneakers can never crease. No, this is a misconception. The more elastic the material is, the lesser creases are made. That means that the creases are still there but they are less noticeable. 

How to Prevent it?

Since there is no ultimate life hack of stopping creases, all you can do is minimize the damage. So, for damage control we have compiled a list of effective ways to keep sneakers from creasing. 

1. By Using a Shoe Horn:

The part that creases a lot is probably the heel of the sneakers. Now to prevent it, firstly in case of sneakers, select the one with a rigid plastic heel counter. 

Secondly, the most effective way of reducing creases in the heel region is by using a shoe horn. This is a very cost effective method of reducing crease. All you need to do is use a shoe horn while putting on your sneakers. 

Shoe horns prevent the crushing of heels and prevents any external pressure upon the heel region. This method will definitely increase the longevity of your sneakers.

2. By Choosing the Right Size

Putting on the wrong size is mainly responsible for shoe creasing. Because if you are wearing the wrong sized sneaker, then the space between the upper portion and your toes will be disproportionate. Hence if you are wearing a few sizes larger than the space will be more. So, creases will be formed at the weakest points. 

On the other hand, if you are wearing the right fit, there will be the right amount of space between your toes and sneakers. Hence, the creasing will be minimized to a great extent. 

To check whether your sneakers are of the right size, put your index finger in your heel region. If your finger fits perfectly without forcing it or without having too much space around it, then it is the right fit. The right size is very important to avoid creases. 

3. Inserting Foam:

The secret to maintaining sneakers and making them always look brand new is inserting foam. Small foams can be inserted into the toe boxes in order to prevent creasing. 

The best brand for small foam is ForceFields. ForceFields are designed to stay in place and provide utmost comfort to the users. It provides the most comfortable fit while being inside the sneakers. You won’t have any trouble walking or running. 

ForceFields are available in a variety of sizes for your convenience. So, it doesn’t matter what size sneakers you wear. Because you will always find the most comfortable fit for your sneakers using ForceFields. They are highly effective in preventing creases. And you won’t even notice any kind of discomfort. 

4. Keep Your Sneakers Dry

Another effective way of preventing creasing is keeping your sneakers dry. After a few wears, if they get wet then when they are dried up again, you will notice some creases on the surface of the sneakers. 

This type of creasing is very hard to get rid of. So the best way is to prevent it. Try waterproofing your sneakers. In this way, they can stay dry during the rainy season.

Applying shoe repellents may darken the fabric of your sneakers. So, the best way to protect your sneakers would be to wear shoe covers. You will notice a significant difference between your old worn out wet sneakers and the sneakers which have been kept dry.  

Bottom Line

Creases are what makes your sneakers look old and worn out. Everyone would definitely prefer their sneakers to always look brand new. 

A sneakerhead would go to any extent to maintain their precious sneakers. It doesn’t take much effort to prevent creasing. All you need to do is be aware of how sneakers crease and what products to use. Getting the right sneakers and waterproofing it will have a great impact on them. 

So, to avoid the hassle preventing creasing is the best option. You could use a shoe horn, insert foam or waterproof your sneakers to prevent this mess. We have elaborately discussed the ways of preventing creasing effectively. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to keep your sneakers from creasing.    

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