How to Keep White Sneakers Clean

Think about this. You’re at a shoe store and you see a sparkling super-white sneaker on the rack. What will you do? Buy a pair instantly? Or, cry over that you can’t buy these beautiful pairs because eventually, they’ll be dull in a matter of days? You have to throw them away as soon as one little spot ruins the pristine of the sneakers entirely. But hey, if you’re the latter ones, we are here to let you know how to keep white sneakers clean!

You can keep your sneakers white as long as you want by maintaining a strict cleaning procedure. We guarantee you of no more throwing out sneakers just because of the color. You’ll only replace it once you’ve used it till the death of the shoes. So, there are couple of ways cleaning white sneakers. We’ll share you all the tiny details – from cleaning the shoe laces to whitening the sole. You won’t miss a spot, we promise!

Table of Contents

  1. General Considerations
  2. How to Keep White Sneakers Clean
  3. Hacks to Keep White Sneakers White

General Considerations

Use a Sneaker Protector

As soon as you unbox your new pair of white shoes, we recommend spraying some sneaker protector on it. What it will do is protect your precious sneakers from dirt, any type of satins, and even liquids. In summary, it will cover your sneaker from being damaged way before it’s used. Repeat it once a week and your shoe will look forever new!

Find a Safe Storage for Them

Most of the time people store white sneakers in boxes or shoe bags in their closets. But people tend to forget that closets also contains some small dust particles. It may make your shoes dirty over time even under great storage system. So, you always have to focus on cleaning all of the dust before you put your shoes there. 

Cleanse with Water-Based Cleaner

Be gentle on the fabric. Chemical based cleaners can sometimes discolor the fabric of the sneakers. To be less harsh, you can use water-based cleaners that easily cleans all the dirt and stains from your precious shoes.

Avoid Scrubbing

A lot of people think scrubbing your shoes harder can make them cleaner. However, it’s a very common misconception. The result is actually worse than dirty shoes. The shoes get damaged! Unless it’s too much necessary we would recommend you to avoid scrubbing your white sneakers. Instead, use light, soft bristled brush and slowly clean the sneakers.

How to Keep White Sneakers Clean?

There are several ways you can keep your white sneakers clean and shiny. Here are some few tricks below on how to keep white sneakers clean:

  1. Use waterproofer or stain repellent every few weeks on the fabric (mesh or leather) and gently condition the sneakers.
  2. Add vinegar in lukewarm water and make a solution. Dip a cloth into it and wipe out all the stains on the shoes.
  3. If the stain is stubborn, get a damp cloth and dip it in a solution. The solution should consist of warm water and a little baby shampoo.
  4. Bleach is a good Sneaker cleaner. Put some bleach on the stains and the rinse it well with warm water. Remember the bleach must be diluted or else direct bleach would leave a yellow mark on the shoe.
  5. Warm water and shampoo or vinegar is one of the best cleaning solutions. Use a soft brush to clean the sneakers with this solution. Reach the hard spots well; your shoes will get a brand-new look!

Pro tip: Remember to always dry out your shoes properly after you wash them. Place a tissue paper or towel inside to absorb the water quickly. 

Hacks to Keep White Sneakers White

  1. To cover up any scratches, you can always use white nail polish. The scratches will become invisible instantly.
  2. Sometimes a small spot can ruin your white sneakers. Use a magic eraser or a shoe cleanser to wipe off those blemishes from your sneakers. If you don’t have these, simply use some vinegar water like we’ve mentioned earlier.
  3. Warm water is the best to clean white shoe laces. The dirt comes off very easily and the laces gives a new shine. You can also use stain remover on shoe laces. This way you will not require to dry them due to washing.
  4. For oil stains on white sneakers, you can use gentle shampoo solution and get rid of the marks instantly.
  5. Never store them outside in the sun. Or else, the UV light and heat will damage the fabric of your sneakers.
  6. Toothpaste is a good shoe cleaner. It helps to remove the dark patches from white shoe soles after only brushing a small amount only. Rinse it properly for the final look. 
  7. Last but not the least, a shoe whitener can always provide a new fresh outlook to your white sneakers.

Final Words

White sneakers are undoubtedly the classiest shoes. Put on your favorite tees, perhaps a denim, and a pair of these white beauties. You’ll look absolutely stunning and fashionable. However, we understand the pain of white sneakers getting ruined by getting a small dirt spot on it. That’s why we’ve provided you with all of the above solutions on how to keep white sneakers clean. Once you try these methods, we can guarantee you’ll go load some more white sneakers to the cart. Shoe cleaning has become so handy these days that your shoe will look exactly the way you bought it. 

However, remember to check the material of your sneakers first and then apply different techniques of washing. Don’t confuse leather shoes washing methods with the fabric ones. Or else, you might end up ruining up your shoes more!

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