How to Lace Sneakers without Tying

Those of you who are beginners when it comes to lacing sneakers are familiar with only one style of lacing sneakers. But actual sneakerheads know different ways to style their sneaker laces, even without tying them! Lacing sneakers vary from person to person and their preferences. For example, if you are an athlete who is about to run a marathon then you would lace your sneakers for maximum agility. In this way, different people lace their sneakers for different reasons. We have compiled a list of ways to lace sneakers without tying them.

Ways to Lace Sneakers without Tying Them

Lace without tying

Sneakers are an integral apparel to complete any outfit. They never go out of style. Besides that, sneakers are very comfortable as well. They provide comfort and the perfect amount of aestheticism to any outfit. What more can anyone want? 

Well, a lot of people are not familiar with how re-lacing their sneakers can bring out different styles for their day to day get up. Most sneakers are already laced. But you will notice how a few of them will have some sloppy lace work. The laces are uneven or they are pulled too tightly. 

But, don’t worry! You can always lace them again in unique methods. There are a few techniques which do not require tying even. So, here are ways to lace sneakers without tying them. For trying out these lacing methods all you need is a pair of sneakers and a few extra laces if they are necessary.  

1. The Classic

i) Firstly make sure your laces are even. Undo the laces of your boxed sneakers and check if both of the ends are equal. This step is very important to get the perfect classic look.

ii) After checking whether both of the ends are equal, you are ready to lace them. You will start with the diagonal pattern up until you reach the second set of eyelets. 

iii) And then start with the criss cross style lacing method. In this style, the first lace goes over and down each eyelet rather than coming through the eyelet. This pattern should be followed throughout the entire process. Make sure to remember that the right side is always under and the left side is always over. 

iv) This method is not that complicated but if you do it wrong once then you have to redo it from scratch. So, consistency is the key to perfecting “The Classic”. This style is very comfortable and perfect for regular outings. 

2.  Loop Back Pattern: 

i) For those who are looking for a different style to spice up their lace work, the loop back pattern would be perfect for you. In this pattern, the loops go up both the sides of the shoes. 

ii) At first, create a loop on one side of the shoe. Then put the other lace through the loop and pull it back to the next eyelet. Then loop them together and pull them evenly. It will form a cross pattern in the middle of the tongue. 

iii) This method is a unique way of lacing shoes. It has a weave like pattern and is very different from the diagonal and over pattern or the classic. 

3) Straight Pattern: 

i) This pattern is slightly tricky but it looks very aesthetic. Most of the lacework is under the eyelets so it is pretty hard to remain consistent throughout the entire process. 

ii) At first even out both of the ends of the lace. Then bring out the lace of the right side underneath the third eyelet panel from the first. And then bring out the lace of the left side underneath the second eyelet panel. 

iii) The right side indicates the hidden lacework and left side indicates the lacing across the tongue. This pattern needs to be followed until the top portion is reached. 

iv) The lacing might seem a bit hard at first but the end product will make it seem worth it. The look is very simple and is perfect for casual outings. 

4) The Aesthetic Look: 

i) Bring out both of the laces from the sneakers first. Even out the laces and lace up the first two eyelets. 

ii) Weave the laces as you go up. Put it in and bring out the lace from the eyelets. This pattern should be followed throughout the entire process of lacing. The laces should be faced upwards the whole time and always be consistent. 

iv) This lacework is slightly tricky so if you are not focused and consistent, you might end up ruining it. This pattern is followed until the loop in the tongue is reached. The tongue loop is skipped entirely for a neater look. 

v) After reaching the final eyelet, instead of going through the top of the eyelet, it has to be brought from the bottom on both of the sides.

Choose One According to Your Need

Apart from purpose, a few people would change according to their outfits. Lacework of the sneakers are an intricate detail that needs to be done very carefully with utmost focus. If you get it wrong in the middle of lacing then you will have to start again from scratch. 

So, in order to perfect it the first time, always remain consistent. There are various unique patterns to make your sneakers look more appealing. Our personal favorites are “The Classic” and “The Straight Pattern”. “The Classic” is a versatile pattern which can fit in amongst any kind of outfit whereas “The Straight Pattern” is for casual outing and get-togethers. They may seem tricky at first but after a while you will get the hang of it.

Final Words 

Each of these unique methods portrays a different aesthetic look. Besides increasing the appeal of the sneakers, most people tie differently for various purposes. Like for running you would prefer tight laces rather than casual loose lace work. So, the lace work ultimately depends on the purpose. 

We hope that this article will help you pick the best ways to lace sneakers without tying.

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